Application of Research Methodology

Conflicts and disagreements in the workplace are common phenomena in every organization, and to maintain a healthy environment in the workplace, they should be effectively solved. Firstly, the issue should be fairly evaluated and with a solid evidence base of credible sources. Therefore, to perform the quality analysis of the case, it is obligatory to craft the specific questions, identify the appropriate research methods and conduct an evaluation without any personal biases.

The issue requires more in-depth analysis, and to achieve a better comprehension of the conflict, it is crucial to get answers to specific questions. The first question that should be asked is, did David have other weighty reasons other than pregnancy for not renewing the contract? If so, what are the reasons, and what could potentially cause this decision? It is also necessary to review Margaret’s role in the conflict for objectivity. Did her actions or attitude contribute to the intention to stop working with her? Could she have problems or conflicts that influenced the opinion of the regional manager? However, the most critical question is how both sides of the encounter can solve the problem and find a compromise in the current position? The fair and objective resolution of the issue should be a priority throughout the conflict.

Several potential research methods will help get a deeper understanding of the issue and gather reliable information on the topic. The first approach used in the research includes secondary data. This type implies the findings of the already existing works and studies created by other researchers and professionals (Sociological research, n.d.). Some examples of the sources include articles in magazines, scholarly journals, newspapers, or books that contain the information about the required theme. Such research methods have many benefits, and one of them includes the possibility of saving a significant amount of time and financial costs. It is a valuable opportunity to learn from the experience and analysis of the other specialists and learn from their findings. Moreover, dealing with the others’ works reveals new interpretations and perceptions of the topic that the original author did not initially imply.

In addition, to support the findings made during the research of secondary data, it is helpful to use the case study method. The choice and analysis of a single case of some event and situation may clarify certain aspects of the current issue and highlight details that could go unnoticed. Implementing solutions of the case study to the existing problem and comparing both situations with each other may open the new outlooks on the conflict and contribute to the deeper comprehension.

However, there are also several disadvantages to both research methods. Despite all the possibilities that the case study approach might bring, it also can be limiting for the research. Since only one context is discussed, it is unlikely to get the general picture of the main topic and insights into the majority of the factors within the theme (Sociological research, n.d.). This is why it cannot be used as a primary source, but it can be relatively effective as a secondary.

There are also challenges connected with the secondary data that may cause complications during the research. Sometimes, it is hard to get the information that is supposed to be public from the online or physical origins due to the restrictions or limitations associated with the access. Moreover, the credibility of the sources can be tough to measure, and it creates the risk of applying unreliable data to the research (Sociological research, n.d.). Specific facts can also be challenging to check and even evidence of their reliability and legitimacy. Occasionally, the resources are presented in a form that is unsuitable for the particular research. For example, the internet blog contains general information about the topic. Still, it is written by an unknown author with obscure references, which is unsuitable for the scholarly work that should have credible sources. In addition to this, secondary materials might lack the specific details or statistics necessary for the job and contain only several aspects of the theme, excluding the other sides.

To review the issue objectively and rationally possible, it is crucial to detect and eliminate all personal biases. The human factor will always play a particular role in any case, and the main goal is not to make any judgments or conclusions affected by the preconceived notions. Since the primary objective is to provide a value-neutral assessment, the best option will be to review the situations of both parties in the conflict and identify their strengths and weaknesses in the situation. Using secondary sources and case studies, it is crucial to get a broader perception of the issue and consider all the moments and perspectives that contribute to creating a neutral outlook on the whole picture.

Overall, the solution to the disagreement requires some actions to make the process more objective and transparent. The first step is to answer the more detailed question that will help identify additional aspects of the case that could be unnoticed in the beginning. Then, to support the claims, it is helpful to use secondary data and case study research methods for the information and pieces of evidence. Throughout the case, it is necessary to stay unbiased and not include any personal prejudices in the observation of the conflict to make a fair conclusion in the end.


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