What Motivates Me as an Employee


Due to employees’ hard work, the efficient and high-quality work performed at the workplace should be attributed entirely to the employees. There is no such thing as a successful firm that does not rely on the efforts of its employees. People go to work in order to generate sufficient revenue to meet their basic needs. They do it in order to receive something in exchange, typically money. Employers have to go beyond and above to increase employee productivity by acknowledging and motivating their accomplishments at work. It is true even though companies pay employees to complete scheduled duties. Providing incentives and awards to employees in a business is beneficial since it motivates them to work harder and be more productive. Therefore, this essay aims to discover what drives employees, how firms can most effectively utilize motivational variables, and the value of these elements in terms of employee productivity.

What Motivates Me

On a more personal level, five primary variables encourage me to exert tremendous effort at my place of employment. Working with a team and coworkers that are competitive and focused on results motivates me to maintain my forward momentum to attain the best possible outcomes. Since I have a deep-seated motivation to succeed in anything I do, I am acutely aware of the amount of effort I devote to my work. I put in a lot of effort throughout the day to ensure that my employer receives the value it expects for the money the employer pays me. Being praised and rewarded for my efforts boosts my motivation to work since it confirms that I am moving in the correct direction. My desire to contribute significantly to the business drives me to put in the extra effort. I stand out because I have the satisfaction of knowing that my contributions have a positive impact on the organization. In conclusion, the desire to develop professionally drives me to work to acquire experience in my area of expertise.

Rewards an Employer can Provide that will make Me Give Extra Effort at Work

Motivating employees through the provision of prizes makes them happy, which is something that most businesses want. Happy employees tend to be more productive, and improved morale can be attributed to the contributions of happy employees. When the morale of an organization’s employees is strong, there is less employee turnover, and the company has a greater chance of being successful and meeting its revenue goals. There is a direct association between rewards and employees’ happiness. Eighty-six percent of workers stated that they feel happier and prouder when they are acknowledged at work, and 85 percent stated that they feel happier with their jobs when they are rewarded for their hard work (Shkoler & Kimura, 2020). When employees were satisfied at work, they reported being happier at home as well, according to a substantial majority (70%) of those surveyed. Since it significantly impacts employees’ abilities to execute their jobs successfully and prevents issues with presentism, which refers to not functioning to their maximum capacity when they are at work, employee satisfaction at home is a critical factor to consider.

One of the perks businesses are required to provide for their staff members is to pay for the transportation expenses of their employees. Since they do not have to take money out of their pockets to cover transportation costs, it encourages them to go to work. When employers pay for their workers’ commuter expenses, it not only helps them get to work on time but also saves them time and boosts their productivity.

The monotony of being at work for days on end can be broken up for employees by providing paid time off so that they have the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. The paid time off allows employees to evaluate their work and identify areas in which they may do better, allowing them to progress in those areas (Shkoler & Kimura, 2020). In addition, paid time off allows workers to address personal concerns while still retaining the security of a paycheck, allowing them better compartmentalize work-related issues from other aspects of their lives.

It is the responsibility of employers to provide their staff with medical coverage benefits. It is a powerful motivator for employees. It encourages them to be constant in their job and devote extra effort to production to maintain the cover. When an individual’s health is covered by their employer, they are protected from the cost of illness or injury since health is an essential component of every person.

According to Maslow’s theory, there comes a time in every person’s life when they want a sense of belonging. Employees need to have the impression that they are an integral part of the company or that their views may be heard. This kind of need can take on two manifestations: one satisfied within and another satisfied outside (Alrawahi et al., 2020). These include having high self-esteem, accomplishing goals, respecting oneself, being recognized by others, having a good reputation, and having a prestigious social position.

How to Motivate Co-Workers

It is crucial to motivate coworkers since it is necessary for all employees to be on the same page in order to accomplish the most critical goals of the organization. One way to encourage coworkers is to have a dialogue with them about the significance of a certain job and then to challenge those coworkers to think critically about the direst consequences resulting from the job being unavailable. Coworkers can be inspired if they are encouraged to create objectives for themselves, such as giving back to the community by participating in activities that develop the community, which will urge them to work even harder to attain their goals.

Happy Employee Make Productive Employee Summary

The Happy Employee Makes Productive Employee article offers some insightful recommendations on motivating workers who are paid the minimum wage. Making alterations on a more minute scale, such as referring to employees as associates rather than workers, could pave the way for broader adjustments, such as doing away with time clocks and paying everyone on a salary basis. It is possible to successfully motivate employees by putting more than 8,400 of their proposals for changes into action and by financially compensating them for submitting ideas (Greg, 2016). Both of these strategies are successful. In a broad sense, the article offers some helpful recommendations on motivating workers who are paid the minimum wage. However, it is crucial to remember that each person is unique, and the things that excite one employee cannot motivate another employee at all. It is something that should be kept in mind at all times. In order to come up with appropriate awards, it is necessary to be aware of the things that inspire each employee on a personal level.


Motivation is a psychological force that affects human behavior and induces action, goal-setting, and achievement. The definition of motivation in the workplace is something that energizes individuals to bring devotion, excitement, high energy level, and creativity to the organization. Employee motivation generates a desire among workers to perform at their best. Employers should stimulate people in the workplace by praising their efforts and making them feel valued. Employers should prioritize comprehending motivation to comprehend the aspects that motivate people to perform at a better level and improve the overall performance of their departments.


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