Best Built Casinos: Company Analysis

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Best Built Casinos Construction Company is famous for building luxury casinos in the United States. In the current times, the casino industry is seeing some changes because the economy is fluctuating and in turn, this is affecting the construction companies. This instability demands an update in the building procedures, which influences the deals and agreements between the building company and the casino owners.

Best Built Casinos is a private employer, family-owned, which is involved in building high-level casinos in the United States. Since casinos are private places where anyone who is “misbehaving” may be kicked out and all the property is considered the property of the casino and closely monitored, Best Built Casinos is a construction company that must closely follow the requirements set by the casino owner. In the casino, there are hidden cameras, special rooms and specific design that allows for the best control of the visitors and employees. The construction workers must be closely familiar with the layout plans and the placement of all the required specifics of the casino. The number of employees at Best Build Casinos is 2000 workers, plus 1000 of those who work by season. Part of the workers is college students and the other ones are professionals. As the building industry is very intricate, it includes several unions: Operating Engineers, Teamsters and Steelworkers. Their work is very specialized and so they are a valuable workforce (“Employment Law”, 2008). The number of employees determines how fast and how efficient a project is built. Usually, the owner of a casino would want a high-quality job done, so the number of employees would guarantee that in the shortest amount of time this is accomplished. As often there is a limited time to finish the building, the organization and skill level must be very high. The decisions made before the start of the project must be made in a hectic environment but with the best outcome. The employees at our organization are very united and understanding. As everyone is involved in this industry, it is known how demanding and strenuous it is, so a very connected and mutually respective and understanding relationship between employees is necessary for the best result.

At the same time there are several nuances pertaining to the existing employment relationships. In reality, there are two types of relationships. One is between the company owner (employer) and the employees and the other one is between different divisions of workers within the construction industry. For example, there have been cases where the architects have made reports or plans that were somewhat different from those required by the client. As a result the building company based its work on these plans and had to be deducted pay to fix the mistakes made. The building company then sued the architects, as it was not its and builders’ fault that the plans given to them were wrong. The building company won the case, as the court confirmed that there is a special relationship that exists between the architect and the builders, where the builders heavily rely on the plans and are in no way knowledgeable of the architecture or responsible for any mistakes made in the architectural plans (Cushman, 2004). The relationship between the employer and employees in the building company is more personal. In the recent years the employees have received more rights and better treatment due to the hardships of the profession. Often there are long working hours, high workloads and job insecurity. There were situations where workers would establish a well-aligned work team with certain people and then the employer would separate this team and send people to different locations. This would cause unnecessary stress for the team that was separated, as well as delays in the formation of the next team. Currently, construction workers receive better wages, are protected to be unfairly dismissed, have statutory sick and maternity pay, protection from unlawful deductions and paid holidays. So, considering the current situation on the market, the employer has to be careful in the treatment of his workers. Understandably, some people have to be let go, as the employer is also unable to pay their salary from his own pocket. There has to be a re-organization in the workload and the priority in the contracts received. Some people might be sent on vacation but keep their jobs, to provide for their return when the situation stabilizes. The priority must be given to senior employees, as they are the ones with the most rights. In case there is any unfair treatment there is a possibility for legal action from the employees (Dainty, 2007). This is the kind of thing that must be avoided, as both the employee and the employer will suffer. The money spent on the legal processes would be better spent if the treatment stays honest and fair.

The construction industry is very specific in comparison to other professions. People who work in construction are responsible and strong men and women, who expect fair treatment and so it is important for everyone involved to keep that fact in mind when making any decisions.


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