Client Relationship Plan: Sand and Sky

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The beauty industry has been one of the most popular business areas for many years. Women around the world take care of themselves and try to meet the standards of society. In particular, this is facilitated by the development of the Internet and social networks that promote specific appearance rules. In addition, a significant number of advertisements reinforce the industry’s impact on women. Beautiful images and interesting slogans make the purchase of cosmetics and self-care products even more attractive. Notably, the beauty products business is popular and widespread (Luongo, 2019). Nevertheless, it is profitable to develop it and open new stores due to the height of demand.

One of the best quality Australian companies in this area is Sand and Sky. This organisation is engaged in the production of skin care products for the face and body. The essential features of the goods are naturalness and quality. In addition, the company pays great attention to branding, with an emphasis on pleasant smells and beautiful colours. This makes Sand and Sky products attractive to customers and assumes that they will be relevant worldwide. Nowadays, many women strive to use quality products, which will drive demand.

International Market

The selected international market is the market of the Russian Federation. This choice is due to the fact that this country is densely populated and multinational. This makes it possible to test different ways of influencing consumers. In addition, women in this country have recently begun to pay greater attention to quality care products. Consequently, they do not yet have a clear idea of ​​the variety of products available. On the other hand, they are quite open to everything new, so Sand and Sky have a great chance of success in this country with proper marketing.

An important aspect of trade in Russia is a money issue. Undoubtedly, Sand and Sky products are quite expensive, and when converted into rubbles, they become goods of the luxury segment. Therefore, it is worth revising the pricing policy or paying attention to regular promotions. It is also vital to focus on marketing to make the company’s products “visible.” Undoubtedly, it can require high costs at the beginning because the simultaneous use of various marketing channels is indeed expensive. These include, for example, targeted ads, printed banners, flyers, emails, and other ways to reach customers. However, thanks to these means, buyers will pay attention to the brand and make a choice in favour of quality.

Australian Market

Compared to the Russian market, the Australian market for skin care products is much more developed. First, the natural diversity of the country plays a role. It allows companies to create quality products from natural ingredients. In particular, this affects demand, as Australian buyers are interested in the naturalness of the products used. Second, the development of the Australian economy is a significant factor. On the one hand, it allows companies to spend more money on cosmetics production; on the other hand, it makes buyers more solvent. Thus, Australian consumers are eager to buy quality goods. They are willing to spend a significant amount of money on this because they care about their health.

It is essential to note some closeness of the Australian market caused by the territorial factor. Due to the difficulties of importing products from abroad, Australians were forced to develop their production. This contributed to the development of a serious approach in any business. The beauty industry is no exception; therefore, Australia’s care products are popular and in-demand among the country’s population.

Communication Strategy

One of the crucial steps in entering a new country market is initial marketing. To effectively advertise a product, marketers need to think through every detail. In the case of Sand and Sky, it is crucial to consider several company benefits. First, it is the naturalness of the product and organic ingredients. Now people are interested in useful products, so they will be attracted by this quality (Rowser, 2019). Second, it is the production place: Australian goods will become something new and unusual for Russians, which will attract their interest. Third, it is the tone of voice: Sand and Sky usually shows customer care and aesthetics of the product. Consequently, people will enjoy interacting with the brand, which will increase the likelihood of a purchase.

It is necessary to take time to develop the brand on social media. In particular, Instagram will be one of the most productive tools, as it helps communicate with the audience. Consequently, the company’s Instagram account will have to contain information about the products and useful and entertaining activities for consumers. This will give them more engagement with the brand, which will affect their purchasing power. The company’s website also needs to be developed with the help of targeted advertising. It will be effective to offer to send useful information to website visitors by email. This is an opportunity to collect consumer contacts for further interaction.

Terms and Resources

It will take at least six months to launch the brand in Russia effectively. First, it is necessary to assemble a team of native Russian speakers. They will run a business in the country and adequately serve advertising material to consumers. The next step is to create a marketing strategy and translate all the necessary marketing materials. In total, all these actions can take up to 3 months. After that, the brand needs to start interacting with retail stores to distribute products. For this, funds must be allocated to create trial products to offer them in stores. This is an effective way to show the brand’s best qualities: shop managers should try it before selling. Moreover, polite and careful communication with managers will make them more loyal to the company.

In addition, the costs of production and transportation of goods to shops will be required. At the same time, it is necessary to develop electronic sales. Nowadays, many people buy products online, so it is crucial to pay special attention to this. In addition to the website and social networks, the company will need to find warehouses for storing goods. Their number depends on the level of sales development. However, in any case, this will speed up delivery, which will increase customer loyalty and reduce shipping costs.

Network Contacts

The necessary information about customers to communicate with them is names and emails. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, the most relevant ways to collect contacts are related to the Internet’s use. These include collecting email addresses on the company’s website and communicating with consumers on social media. By marking active users, the company’s marketers will be able to communicate personally with them or send them regular mailings. Such mailings can include exciting articles or even secret offers and discounts. Thus, customers will feel special and will become more loyal to the brand.

Another essential networking method is to create a group of the most critical and active customers. This can be done in different ways: by selling discount cards, filling out questionnaires, or as part of master classes on beauty products. For instance, it is possible to conduct interesting interactive lectures related to skin care, which is a crucial topic for women. Such communication methods allow the company to collect contacts of people interested in Sand and Sky products. They are initially loyal to the company; therefore, it will be much easier to bring them to the purchase.


The beauty industry is growing daily; hence, it is necessary to use the opportunity to develop within its framework. Australian Sand and Sky products have many benefits to help do this. These include quality, naturalness, and aesthetic appeal of the brand. One of the ways of international development of the company is sales in the Russian market. Despite the high prices, the people of this country are interested in unique and high-quality products. It takes significant time to enter this market as well as marketing efforts and new product manufacturing. It is essential to pay attention to customer loyalty by communicating with them on social networks and offline. The company needs to partner with retailers, but online sales can be one of the most effective distribution channels. Thanks to an integrated and attentive approach, Sand and Sky can become famous and in-demand on the Russian market.

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