Biography of a Hospitality Leader Jake Morrison


What makes a successful leader these days? Previously, when people heard the word leader, they immediately imagined an influential political, religious, or military activist who was destined to lead. However, today the word ‘leader’ tends to have a broader meaning and can be implemented within any field of human activity. Nowadays, leadership is one of the primary concerns in the sphere of business, especially in companies that aim to provide high-quality customer service. Effective leadership in service implies outlining the goals and envisioning them into reality and inspiring others to follow. One of the well-recognized hospitality leaders in my surroundings is Jake Morrison, who keeps on supplying his clients with the best service.

Under the definition of leadership in customer service, people assume the ability to provide high-quality service and assure employees’ motivation. Regardless of what the business is, there are always obstacles and challenges. According to Harbuláková (2018), among such problems are “continually increasing competition, declining economy, and shifts in customer preferences and behaviors” (p. 27). This statement implies that in order to satisfy the client’s needs, the leader should be able to work with limited resources. Thus, the leadership style influences not only customer satisfaction but also the organizational environment. The purpose of this paper is to narrate the experience of Jake Morrison, examine his leadership tips, and what we can learn from him.


Jake Morrison was born in the family of Michael L. Morrison, the founder of his own hotel chain in the state. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received a bachelor’s degree in science. Nevertheless, since a young age, Jake was passionate about business and management, experiencing a variety of occupations at the local restaurant chain. Jake was employed as a full-time worker in 1993, and years later, he decided to change a pace and took control of his father’s first hotel. He drew a lot of management lessons from his parents’ friend Mr. Laurence, who taught young Morrison to always ask for others’ opinions on the subject.

1995 was a significant year in his career as Mr. Morrison became the company’s vice president and later a president. Being a young father and running his own hotel was complicated for him in his twenties, but he always managed to keep a sober balance between work and home. Later he started planning and visualizing the future, thus, commenced shifting the hoteling business in the 2000s to create a franchise.

His strategic actions allowed the company to precipitate its growth, occupy leadership positions, and establish him as a chief executive officer in 2003. Mr. Morrison always abided by the rule stating the importance of treating employees as further such attitude reflects upon customers. In 2006 Jake Morrison became a chairman of the board. After his father died in 2007, Mr. Morrison became the rightful owner of the chain consisting of around 50 separate hotels in the state of Pennsylvania. Nowadays, he continually travels around the state and stays in his own hotels to give lectures and seminars on service quality improvement, communicate with the staff, and inspire them to keep on providing the best customer service in the state.

What We Can Learn from Jake Morrison

Undoubtedly, Mr. Morrison’s relationship with his staff is the pledge of his success as a leader. Only efficient communication with the crew increases the chances of quick problem-solving and establishing high-quality customer service provision. Mr. Morrison’s planning and envisioning are to aspire as only a detailed layout will help to achieve set goals. Moreover, the way he built the hotel empire represents his hard work and commitment, which is appreciated in the hospitality industry.


Some crucial factors need to be considered to conduct in-depth interviews. First of all, it is essential to ensure the respondent feels comfortable (Harbuláková, 2018). Moreover, to assure the participants’ safety, it is unnecessary to ask them for personal information (name, origin, age). The interview was conducted among people working in the sphere of hospitability. The pattern of questions is the following:

  1. What are the crucial components that distinguish a good leader in the hospitality industry?
  2. Can you name specific streaks a hospitality leader should have?
  3. Looking to the future, how do you believe the hospitality industry will change in terms of leadership?

Respondent #1

To my mind, leadership is more than mere staff managing. A good leader, either restaurant or hotel manager, does his best to provide the best service by the elaborate administration and by motivating his personnel. Undoubtedly, they must be aware of social commitment, engagement, and hospitability. The leader’s most significant streaks are adaptability, patience, creativity, authority. I guess the future will establish a more long-time structured leading without the constant change of the head.

Respondent #2

The essential components of a successful hospitality leader can be both innate and acquired. I assume that the first thing is to be service-orientated, which means to be always ready to serve a customer. Moreover, communication skills are the top priority when it comes to encouraging his employees, creating a personal connection, and providing support. I think that amongst the particular steaks must be confidence, attitude, and etiquette, let alone hospitableness. Indeed, the future looks forward to leaders who are ready to communicate and manage people without personal reactions effectively. I mean, successful leaders will always communicate with their employees without sweet talks and empty promises, especially when there is a problem to be solved.

Some other interviews were taken from the research paper of HarbulĂĄkovĂĄ.

Respondent #3

The features that differentiate a leader in the hospitality business are pleasing the customer, having healthy working relations, and having a positive approach. Among the personal qualities, the interviewee determined “expertise and Specialty in a given field, professionality, purposefulness, diligence, and the ability to work and communicate with people” (Harbuláková, 2018, p. 89). As for the future, the respondent presupposed, holding all the operations within the hospitality industry via computer systems.

Respondent #4

The responder mentioned that a practical approach to problem-solving and focusing on people’s needs are the primary components that distinguish a hospitality leader. Next, the interview stated that character affects leadership too, so he said that a good leader must “be genuine, organized, empathic, strong, fair” (Harbuláková, 2018, p. 83). As for future predictions, the responder emphasized the importance of the creative attraction of new workers for being able to handle the constant competition.


To sum everything up, it is crucial to state that the hospitality industry is in full growth these days, and only successful leaders manage to build a prosperous business. The interviews demonstrate that people working in a hospitability environment see the leader as a confident, authoritative, people-oriented, and encouraging person. Jake Morrison is one of such people who proved that planning, building a secure connection with the personnel, motivating them, and being fully engaged in the industry can ensure one’s leadership.


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