Business Communication and Its Types

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Communication is a human venture, the process of conveying or exchanging the ideas and the information constitute communication in general. Communication consists of different types oral and written, and visual communication, anyhow the communication is it is only the effectiveness of the communication it matters through the necessary feedback and the adequate response to the stimuli. There is also nullified effect as the result of lack of communication. The Use of communication are splendid they are for information, commemoration, persuade and interpretation.

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The communication in the organization is much essential in different ways. It contributes to the success of the organization. It should be designed in such a manner that it should create pact with the employees and also to help them to think beyond the usual arena. The pros and cons in the entire system should be interpreted in a vivid manner so as to avoid chaos and embarrassment. There are different of kinds of organizational changes. The unclear organizational plans may threaten the change process.

Lack of communication can affect the different changes in different ways. The change is an ongoing process the change can never have saturation point. It is quite difficult for the people to grasp the new changes according to the arising trends. The organizational norms and the changes are to be conveyed in a specific manner so as to avoid frustration where the employees may think themselves inadaptable to the new culture and also face much agony to obtain the fruitful results.

The change process is mainly to improvise the organization and built up the excellent performance than before. But the lack of communication creates an adverse effect on the organization, the main aim of the organization is the success full implementation of the process but if the communication is what it lacks then it will be a serious effect.

The lack of communication may lead to the inflexibility in the work condition it may also lead to the hatred towards the work. So the treatment of the change should be in the proper way and it has to be communicated in a wise manner. The agencies of work may play a major role in the case of lack of communication they may also relate to the different kind of uneasiness, which may lead to the mess of the current situation.

The communication is considered to be the lifeblood of the organization the improper means of communicating may lead to the wastage of time where the communication done for the one particular may be different when compared with actual one. It may also lead to the wastage of the resources as well as the precious time.

The little communication has always the risk on the forth coming events or happenings, It may also lead to the different kind of the misinterpretation among the employees or the persons, it may also lead to the manipulation of the work and ultimately it can be of nullified effect to the organization.

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Types of communication

The communication are divided mainly in two types, they are the internal communication and the external communication.

Internal communication

The internal communication are the communication are those which are conveyed within the organization, the internal communication are divided again accordingly on the basis of the directions which are the upward direction, downward direction and the horizontal directions.

Upward communication

The upward communication are those where the direction of the arrow is upwards, where the employees communicate with the superiors, the communication can be in such a manner the employees give the superiors much respect.

The downward communication is which the superiors give command or memo to the sub ordinates in the organization.

The horizontal communication are those, which the employees of the same tier communicate with each other, this way of the communication is much informal, mainly the grape wine of communication are in this process.

External communication

The external communication are the communication where the business communicate to the outsiders like the vendors, retailers, wholesalers and the clients, this is a very large communication in the business.

Importance of business communication

Good communication will guarantee that all these people and firms recognize the note sent. They will also be extra probable to react positively to the message if it shows to be sound and fair to both the receiver and the firm.

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Communication is not just speaking, writing or gesticulating. It’s more than the transmission of information. Something else has to occur for the communication to be complete. The other party in the communication process has to engage their brain and receive the message. There are some points to remember when considering the various methods of communication and some hazards to be aware of when dealing with business relationships. (Effective business communication, n.d, para.7).

Business communication is the one of the vital ingredient of the organization that need developed. And also sender must communicate accurately to the receiver then only communication will become most effective. Cross-cultural communication should be cautiously retained and both companies have to keep a joint understanding among them to keep away from the problems by means of the proper communications. Poor and unsuccessful communication leads lots of mismanagement in the overall functioning of the organization. And also at the same time this will leads lots of barriers in the organization. The capability to converse efficiently is an indispensable quality of a entrepreneur. A human being may be bright but he may not be competent to get his communication across to others. Ideas are normally widespread but the capability to convey these ideas to the any of the other person is very much significant. So that we can say that communication is the most significant as well as the life blood of a trade organization. In reality victorious communication is the bed rock of view and pleasing affiliation among the superiors and sub ordinates, among the employees and the administration, among the consumers and the seller’s superior and well-organized scheme of communication permits in enhanced harmonization and well-organized control.

Pay attention to your voice. Tone, inflection, volume and pitch are all areas to consider. Most people don’t need to develop their speaking voice, but there are many who do not understand how to use it effectively. The simplest way is to compare the voice to a piece of music – it is the voice that is the instrument of interpretation of the spoken word. (Effective business communication, n.d, para.11).

Business communication is significant in any realm. This cannot be unseen in nowadays worldwide business environment. All the company inhabitants desire novel peoples that have physically powerful communication skills to produce their corporation. In present days business environment is changing frequently so that good communication must be maintained to overcome all troubles.

Benefit of business communication

Business Communication is extremely much significant in continued existence of company. Proper business communication in the organization helps the organization to cope with all the environmental changes. So that it will helps the organization to earn to more as well as increase the productivity as well. People in the organization may communicate either internally or externally. Efficient communication is significant in individual and specialized settings. Being capable to communicate successfully saves time by avoiding the necessitate for numerous conversations. An efficient conversationalist is more probable to acquire awareness from his listener, for the reason that the listener be acquainted with the communicated data will be brief and helpful to them.

Some times if the new employers are entering in to the organization some times they may not be aware of the polices, principles and attitudes of the company. These situations communications helps to overcome these troubles certain extent. Communication is seen as inter relational procedures which needs in thoughtful of equally verbal and non verbal facets.We can see the various barriers in the organization all these troubles must be properly handled. Communication is a one of the mainly significant characteristic of business existence. Each day, business people have to discuss or communicate by way of citizens at different levels of the business or by way of citizens external to the firm. Communication in the organization we can see in many ways. Beside the benefit of the business communication it’s also having various disadvantages too. Language, noise etc will lead various disadvantages in the organization.

Barriers to effective communication

Problems with communication can arise with every stage of communication process. For our understanding we will term them as barriers to effective communication. Communication barriers can be arising due to the fault on sender or on receiver or on both. All hard work must be made to ensure that these barriers removed to achieve effective communication. These barriers can occur in verbal and written communication.

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What is miscommunication?

Communication exists between all entities of existence. Atoms communicate, trees communicate, animal communicate and humans too.

Miscommunication is a ruined form of communication. What is to be communicated does not get communicated and an obstructed form of the message is transmitted” (Business Communication, n.d, p.45).

Different levels of miscommunication

  • At the sender’s level in
    • Formulating/organizing thought, ideas message.
    • Encoding the message.
  • At the receiving level in
    • Receiving the message.
    • Decoding the received message.
    • Considerate/interpreting the message.

At the transmission level where sound occurs.

  • At the response/feedback levels that is the essential condition for the end of the entire process.

Types of barriers

Barriers of communication can be classified as follows

  1. Semantic or Language barriers: Semantic barriers are those barriers which are connected to language. It is the study of words or their meanings. The chief semantic or language related barriers are as follows:
  • Wrongly expressed message:
  • defective translation
  • unqualified assumptions
  • use of technical language
  1. Organizational barriers: Organizational structure deeply affects the capability of the employees as much as communication is concerned. Following are the major organizational barrier in the way of communication:-
  • Organizational policies.
  • Organizational rules.
  • Quality relationship.
  • Complexity in organizational structure.
  • Organizational services.
  1. Personal barriers: Personal barriers are directly connected with the sender and the receiver. These are divided into two parts that is
  • Barriers related to superior.
  • Barriers related to subordinate.
  1. Emotional or perceptional barriers: The meaning of communication depends on the mental condition of sender and receiver. A mentally disturbed party can be barrier in communication. Following are the main emotional barriers in the way of communication.
  • Premature evaluation.
  • Emotional attitude.
  • Poor retention of information.
  1. Physical barriers: Physical barriers are those barriers which are caused due to the nature of the environment. For example, the natural barrier which exist, if staff are situated in different buildings or on different sites. Following are the physical barriers
  • Environmental trouble: traffic nuisances, loud speakers, unnecessary noise.
  • Physical health: ability to collect when not well.
  • Poor hearing: Born deaf, lost hearing due to accident, excess use of earphones.
  1. Cultural barriers: The world is prepared up of various cultures. A cultural barrier arises when two individuals in an organization join various religions, states or countries. There are many other factors of cultural barrier like age, social position, mental difference or thinking behavior, economic status, political views, values and rules, ethics or standards, motives and priorities.


From the above discussions it is clear that the business communication is the vital factor and how they contribute for the success of the organization, and how they are being beneficial to the organization for the success.

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