DogVacay and Rover: Innovative Dog Caring Companies

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Modern problems in different spheres of human lives require innovative solutions. Dogs are no longer only guardians or accessories for people; they often become valued family members. At the same time, busy work schedules and the need to travel do not always allow pet owners to care for their animals properly. DogVacay and Rover companies are innovative businesses that enable customers to leave their dogs in the responsible organization for any amount of time from several hours to months. They carefully select their employees, maintain high standards of service, and support the friendly atmosphere within the company.

Dog Vacay provides a dog sitting option that can be booked and paid online, continuous customer support, and daily reports with the pets’ photos. Rover focuses on walking services as some of the busy pet owners may not have time for outdoor activities. Both companies select employees based on their experience with animals, recommendations, personal interviews, and desire to take the position (DogVacay, 1).

Creativity is an essential part of dog caring services as they have to be presented in a diverse and attractive way. The website,, has a neat design and pleasant icons that look modern and minimalistic. Both services include playing with the dogs, so the employees have to be able to interest each animal with an appropriate game or activity. Clients may also ask for a certain distance covered during the walk to support the dog’s muscle tone.

The fast growth of the pet industry and technology allowed numerous start-ups to offer their services to dog owners. At the same time, the competition pushes businesses toward creativity as they need to attract more customers (Kestenbaum, 2).

Dogs are live creatures with distinguishable characters, and employees have to think quickly when working with them. That is the reason Dog Vacay and Rover provide ongoing pet care education and support team help around the clock (DogVacay, 1). A positive atmosphere in the organization allows employees to find solutions in stressful situations, for example, if a dog injures itself or starts acting aggressively. Companies also include insurance to both pet owners and workers, which decreases the level of anxiety in business. Besides, people who communicate with dogs experience less stress than those who do not (Grajfoner et al., 3, p.1). Thus, Dog Vacay and Rover provide anti-anxiety therapy as a part of the work contract.

Ideal Characteristics and Background of the Workers

The ideal employees for a company selling pet services should meet several requirements. First, the work candidates need to have experience with dog sitting and walking as this would be the central part of their jobs. Even the support group is expected to know the practical aspects of caring for pets. Second, since both services are connected to online platforms, the employees have to be confident when using technology, including taking and uploading digital photos.

Additional skills with filming videos and producing well-written reports would be helpful in providing good service as well. Third, the workers have to be open-minded and proactive about the problems since their decisions may affect the life and health of the client’s dog. Overall positivity and politeness are timeless desired characteristics in any customer service business.

Ideal workers for DogVacay and Rover should be passionate about animals and willing not only to monitor the physical state of the pets but become their friends and companions for whatever number of hours needed. Internet resources provide numerous choices for games and other activities for dogs of different sizes and characters. Pets can feel human emotions and respond accordingly; they may react positively to a friendly attitude toward them (Albuquerque et al., 4).

Sporty and generally active workers will have fewer problems controlling big and muscular dogs. As walking the pets may require going through parks and forests, employees should be confident in natural surroundings in different weather types. Forecasts and previous experience would prepare them for outdoor dog sitting. Honesty and responsibility are not new qualities for an ideal worker in any industry, but they are nevertheless crucial for good service.

Each dog is different in physical abilities, and emotional characteristics, so diverse experience in communicating with canines would be helpful when working for DogVacay and Rover. Problem-solving, for example, treating various illnesses or behavioral problems, makes employees prepared for unusual and stressful situations regarding pets. Any courses in canine psychology, anatomy, or nutrition give an advantage to the worker. Ability to learn fast and analyze the environment quickly would make reacting to unexpected factors more efficient. The most important characteristics are a positive attitude toward dogs and a desire to make their time away from the owners exciting and safe.

DogVacay and Rover provide schedule flexibility and opportunity to work in the preferred environment for the employees. They also support technology usage as a way to apply, accept the order, report the progress, and receive the payment. There are no strict limitations to activities as long as they are beneficial for the dogs. All these characteristics and friendly atmosphere foster creativity and innovation among the employees.

In conclusion, pet industries adopt modern technologies and a supportive atmosphere to provide friendly and convenient services for dog owners. DogVacay and Rover focus on caring for canines when their owners are away or busy with continuous informative support and photo reports. These companies created a positive environment for both employees and clients. Since the ordering and payment can be made online, these services for dogs are quick and convenient.


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