Health and Wellness Management for Employees

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Setting goals is the first step towards their achievement, which is why it is crucial to determine what the destination is and which actions will help reach it. The 5-year goal that I have set for myself is to obtain a master’s degree or Ph.D. in Health and Wellness Management. My academic performance directly shapes the future career that I am willing to pursue, which is why it is critical to concentrate my efforts and attention on studying and having a certification of my knowledge. Health and Wellness Management is the field in which I plan to work for the rest of my life, not only because of my background but also because I would like to assist people in my community, particularly the vulnerable demographics. Children and the elderly need effective health assistance, and I would like to be the person who can help them, primarily because I have encountered situations in which such services were much needed.

The 10-year goal that is directly linked to the 5-year one is acquiring a job related to Health and Wellness management. I would like to help improve my community through health initiatives geared toward children and elders. While being a useful member of my community is my ultimate objective, I would also like to work for private corporations and companies in terms of consulting and managing health and wellness programs. Thus, such organizations would request me to construct and implement specific guidelines or interventions to improve the well-being of the employees.


The five-year goal, which is to have a master’s degree or Ph.D. in Health and Wellness Management, requires several objectives to be accomplished for successful graduation. First, I am planning to maintain a healthy body and mind, which is essential to my being consistent with my studies. Being in contact with a chemical product at my job led to adverse effects on my lungs, resulting in eosinophil asthma. The treatment involves taking steroids, which cause me to gain weight. I still have breathing problems, and I have been trying to come up with a plan for workouts and building my strength back. Since an objective that will help me achieve the primary goal is to be healthy, I have to be cautious with the decisions that I make regarding my well-being. I plan to have a workout plan that suits my needs and does not overwhelm me, which may involve walking and swimming since both my family and I were often doing these activities.

The 10-year goal, specifically working in the Health and Wellness field in my community and for private organizations, requires me to build a trustworthy and respectful bond with the vulnerable people in my community. This will help them trust me and my judgment when it comes to certain health-related interventions and initiatives. This goal can be achieved through a reflection on my past. Being from Sierra Leone and losing two children and multiple other family members as a result of the civil war has made me compassionate to those in need. Not only do I understand the difficulties that vulnerable demographics go through, but I have had direct experiences of being in situations that seemed too complicated to deal with. As a result, such traumas allow me to build connections with those in need of help, which I plan to do as a health and wellness provider.


Being a community health director is a job directly linked to community wellness and health project management. The community health director has multiple responsibilities, including monitoring the progress of health initiatives, remaining aware of the problems that are to be addressed, and working with program funders and other organizations with similar objectives. The average salary listed for this particular position is somewhere between $90,000 and $190,000, depending on experience, the area, and the spectrum of services (Health and Wellness Management Career Outlook, 2022). It is essential to point out that being a community health director requires extensive knowledge and a prior history of jobs in the field, such as wellness program consultant, coordinator, and manager. The job implies a close relationship with community members and a desire to help those in need, which is why this position is not only challenging but also rewarding in terms of the positive impact on people.

Another job within the category is the position of employee health service manager. An employee health service manager is to ensure that all the people who operate in a particular work setting are compliant with wellness-related regulations. For example, this position implies that health records are in order, employees participate in corporate health programs, risks for infections are mitigated, and work-related traumas are adequately addressed. Relevant sources mention a salary of approximately $93,000-$145,000 for employee health service managers (Health and Wellness Management Career Outlook, 2022). Since this work is not community-based, the wage depends on the company itself, the number of people who work for the organization, and the overall business model.


While I do have a major in Public Health, one obstacle can be my lack of experience in the field in terms of work. I am a certified advanced web designer after taking Computer Science/Web Development last semester at the BMCC. Currently, I am taking medical billing and coding, as well as bookkeeping online classes at Ashworth College. However, advanced computer experience may be a bonus for the job that I would like to have in the future due to the fast technological advancements in the medical field. Researchers specifically mention the importance of constructing advanced databases and building algorithms for analyzing them as a critical aspect of public health (Popkova & Sergi, 2022). Thus, my academic and professional skills enhance my abilities to manage wellness-related projects and be efficient with my responsibilities as a Health and Wellness manager. Moreover, the obstacle of not having direct experience with providing such services can be mitigated by linking current circumstances with my past. My family was health-conscious and traditional medicine helped them avoid doctor visits until the day they were killed. The background and heritage that I have will only benefit my future career in public health, minimizing obstacles and narrowing the distance between me and the members of the community I will help.


Achieving the aforementioned goals will enhance my life on multiple levels. Firstly, I will be able to honor my parent’s concern with health-related subjects and continue their legacy by helping others. Secondly, I will be able to work in a field that I find enjoyable and useful in a broader sense. Last but not least, I will have the opportunity to help vulnerable people and address issues that are to be confronted. The health of my community will directly depend on my work, and I will be honored to have that responsibility and provide the best services possible.


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