Job Relevant Skills Possessed by Bilingual Workers

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Organizations can implement various steps to compensate bilingual workers’ skills. This move is necessary when such skills are relevant to the job. The first step is hiring bilingual workers who have the potential to drive performance. The firm can go-ahead to develop a powerful compensation framework that empowers every bilingual worker. Individuals who possess specific bilingual skills should be compensated using financial rewards, promotions, or better working conditions. The firm can also implement powerful measures to encourage individuals from different cultural backgrounds to work together. This move will encourage them to share ideas, embrace the best practices, and support the organization’s rituals.

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Job-relevant skills possessed by bilingual workers can be improved through the use of evidence-based training programs. The concept of teamwork should be embraced whereby more individuals from different cultures are encouraged to focus on the same goals. Spanish speakers should also be involved in every activity. The approach will result in interaction and collaboration. When the skills of bilingual workers are compensated, more individuals will be willing to support the implemented organizational culture and reduce the chances of discrimination. Consequently, the firm will reduce the level of resistance to every Spanish speaker. These steps will eventually promote bilingualism in the organization and drive business performance.

The history of America shows conclusively that many minority groups have encountered numerous challenges such as discrimination and inequality. This has also been the case for many servicemen and military officers. These officers support the country’s defense and military agendas. Unfortunately, discrimination has remained a major challenge affecting many people of color in the U.S. military. Statistics indicate that over 27 percent of Hispanic and African American officers report cases of racial discrimination. The military in the United States has been observed to discriminate against individuals based on several hereditary conditions. This malpractice continues to affect the well-being of more minorities or people of color in the country.

For several decades, America has been embracing the ideas of equality and racial cohesion. Similar practices have been embraced in the U.S. military. Most of the officers in the military are usually expected to respect one another and promote equality. However, the military has failed to strike a balance between equality and professionalism. This fact explains why more officers have reduced chances of getting new promotions. The provision of resources has always been biased. Additionally, the Veterans Assistance policy has been characterized by inequalities. These ironies should therefore be addressed to support the welfare of every person of color in the U.S. military.

It is agreeable that many people in the United States continue to perceive Asian Americans as a “model minority”. This kind of perception can have both individual and organizational consequences. To begin with, more Asian Americans will be treated unfairly by competitors in the same working environment or industry. This is the case because more people believe that the model minority group can achieve a higher level of economic, financial, and social development. Whenever hiring individuals, the members of the race might be sidelined because of this kind of perception. Individuals can face discrimination in their respective communities.

The issue can also have organizational consequences for many Asian Americans. For instance, Asian Americans working in different organizations might not be able to get promotions or salary increments. Asian Americans in different institutions such as universities might also face discrimination and prejudice. The problem goes further to affect organizations owned by Asian Americans. For example, the organizations might be scrutinized before being approved to operate in the country. It is, therefore, necessary for the government to implement powerful measures that have the potential to address this kind of perception. By so doing, more Asian Americans will find it easier to realize their goals in the country.

The infamous case of Homer Plessy can be used to describe the nature of race relationships in the United States. Plessy’s appearance became a major source of debate during the case. That being the case, the invisibility of a person’s ethnicity or race can play a big role in their experiences or treatment. This is the case because more people in society examine and interact with other people based on their physical appearances. A person who appears black will have increased chances of being discriminated against. The invisibility of someone’s race can dictate how he or she is treated in the community.

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This discussion shows conclusively that ethnicity is a powerful aspect of social construction. It is undeniable that a person who passes as black will be discriminated against while another one who appears white will get some privileges. Although the discrimination experienced in the United States has reduced significantly within the past two decades, the agreeable fact is that privileges will only be available to the greatest number of white American citizens. This is a clear indication that the issues faced by Homer Plessy several decades ago continue to define the lives of many minority groups across the country today.

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