Human Resource and Communication Management Plan


The following HR and communication management plan covers the most essential steps required for the advancement of the project. The first part of the plan outlines the five types of human resources, their number, and key responsibilities. The RACI matrix provides a detailed WBS plan regarding the HR aspect of the company’s search for a new software vendor. Each activity is assigned particular resources with their degree of accountability/ role explained. Further, the plan goes into detail regarding resource acquisition, time management, performance assessment, and rewards. Lastly, a communication table is given that covers the many types of meetings that the company needs to arrange to make sure that every team member stays up to date, and the project is on track.

Project Team, Roles, and Responsibilities

For the present project, five resource types will be needed, including a project manager, product manager, quality manager, technology manager, and a company representative. The responsibilities and the number of resources for every type a described in Table 1 below.

Resource Name and Type Number of Resources Responsibilities
Project Manager 1 Managing the project and controlling all aspects of the project
Product Manager 1 Guiding the success of a product and leading a cross-functional team for its further development and improvement
Quality Manager 1 Determining and agreeing on in-house quality management procedures; setting in-house standards and ensuring compliance with regulations
Technology Manager 1 Assessing the company’s needs and implementing new technological infrastructures
Company Representative 1 Speaking on the company’s behalf, advocating its needs, and facilitating negotiations

Table 1, Project Team.

Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed Matrix (RACI)

In order to acquire a better appreciation of responsibilities of resource types listed in Table 1, it is beneficial to utilize RACI matrix. The matrix allows all the stakeholders to understand the exact roles of personnel in all the tasks included in work breakdown structure (WBS). Table 2 presented below can be used for quick reference to ensure that all the members of project team are aware of their role in every task.

WBS Coding Activity Name Project Manager Resource Product Manager Resource Quality Manager Resource Technology Manager Resource Company Representative
1. Organization Assessment 1.1. Determining the company’s needs and setting new goals A R R C I
1.2. Collecting information on previous software A R R C I
2. Search for Favorable Options 2.1. Defining search criteria A R R C I
2.2. Reducing the pool of candidates to five-six best picks A C C C R
2.2. Background check A C C C R
3. Meeting the Vendors 3.1. Putting together a presentation that would walk the candidates through the work processes A R C C R
3.2. Negotiations A R R R R

Table 2, RACI Matrix.

  • R: Responsible for completing the work
  • A: Accountable for ensuring task completion/sign off
  • C: Consulted before any decisions are made
  • I: Informed of when an action/decision has been made

Staffing Management Plan

The staffing plan includes a description of an acquisition plan, a resource calendar, training needs, performance reviews, recognitions, and rewards. Acquisition plan describes the recruitment needs, the resource calendar show which resources will be used during the entire project to estimate how many hours they will need during the three-week period created in Microsoft Project. The section also covers what training activities are needed, includes the procedure for performance assessments, and demonstrates how high performance will be rewarded.

Acquisition Plan

The current project needs the following human resources who will preferably be recruited from within the company:

  1. project manager – oversees the work and takes responsibility for the project;
  2. quality manager – ensures compliance with the company’s standards;
  3. company representative – advocates the company’s needs;
  4. technology manager – does the design modelling and assesses how the new software will be incorporated into the current infrastructure;
  5. product manager – guides the development of the new project.

Resource Calendar

Resource Calendar.
Table 3. Resource Calendar.

Training Needs

As Manoj stated during the meeting, those who will be involved in doing the design modelling will need training to become more familiar with the new encryption protocols and software. As per his request, training sessions need to be cost- and time-efficient. Namely, it means that mentors should gather as many people as possible to communicate the new information. Apart from insights into the technological innovations, some team members also need an update on the internal information. For instance, as the team conducts an extensive analysis of the company’s needs, representatives need to be informed so that they could use the new facts when negotiating. Another idea for human resource training is to hone their communication skills. When choosing a vendor, the human factor still plays a significant role and cannot be dismissed.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are conducted in two forms: reports and oral/ written personal feedback. Reports are submitted and distributed during weekly, biweekly, and monthly meetings. They are more formal in structure and contain objective data on the progress and deliverables. Reports are reviewed by managers and stakeholders who later decide on the further course of action. Personal feedback is typically given face-to-face but may also be in the form of an email. A team member receives information on his or her performance and a few suggestions about exactly what they could change to help to advance the project.

Recognition and Rewards

Once the project is completed on time and the regulators accept the proposed RFPs, the chief throws a big party. In the meantime, employees are rewarded in less spectacular but nevertheless meaningful ways. Those who show the most commitment to the project’s deliverables may enjoy more flexible working hours as long as it does not interfere with the project’s agenda. Apart from that, managers and team members receive free tickets to events that match their interests so that they maintain a healthy work-life balance. In order to enhance employees’ engagement, the method of gamification may be introduced in which the whole process is presented in the form of a game and deliverables are seen as accomplishments.

Communication Plan

Communication Matrix

Briefly describe what the matrix covers and how it should be used. Fully and completely fill out the matrix template for each communication type.

Communication Type Objective of Communication Medium Frequency Audience Owner Deliverable Format
Kickoff Meeting Introduce team members to each other; introduce the team to the project and explain the charter Face to face Once Project Sponsor, Project Team, Stakeholders Project Manager Presentation deck and meeting notes Example:
Presentation deck provided in soft copy for all participants
Meeting with the Project Team Track the progress; receive feedback and suggestions from team members; update the agenda in case it does not fit the course that the project has taken; update the time management plan for the same reason. Face to face, conference calls Once a week Project Manager, Project Team Project Manager Meeting notes, updated agenda, updated time management plan
Technical Design Meetings Tracking the progress; receiving feedback and suggestions from the technical team; discussing the open backlog of work Face to face, conference calls, communication via collaboration software Upon request Project Manager, Project Team, Technical Team Project Manager Meeting notes, technical updates
Project Status Meeting Defining the current status of the project and evaluating whether it meets the team’s and stakeholders’ expectations Face-to-face, conference calls Monthly Product Manager, Project Manager, Stakeholders Product Manager (Tami Langford) Meeting notes, updates to the agenda, updated powerPoint Presentation
Status Report Submitting a status report highlighting which things are on track or off track, what the negative variables are, and what can be undertaken to rectify the situation Email Biweekly Project Manager, Stakeholders, Regional Representatives Project Manager Status evaluation based on the data provided; possible changes to the agenda
Update with Tami and the Technical Team Track the progress and coordinate efforts with some other projects that Tami is working on Email, face to face, or conference call depending on the availability of participants Weekly Project Manager, Product Manager, Technical Team Project Manager Status evaluation based on the data provided; possible changes to the agenda
Regulator Update Meeting Demonstrating PowerPoint presentation to communicate the progress Conference call Monthly Project Manager, Product Mana Product Manager PowerPoint Presentation; changes to the agenda if needed
Review meeting Reviewing the team’s findings and introducing the vendor to the organizational system Face to face meeting Once Project Manager, Product Manager, Technology Manager Technology Manager Full presentation for the vendor; evaluation of the vendor’s compatibility and their willingness to work on the project

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