Leadership Attributes of Phil Jackson

Leadership includes conceptualizing, planning, obtaining resources, and identifying and correcting mistakes. Leadership is about encouraging individuals to work collaboratively and cooperatively with one another and, in certain instances, with other teams to accomplish a goal. For the past few decades, the world has seen many leaders with exemplary leadership and management skills.

Effective leadership is about executing the needs of the people that they lead for successful operations, whether in a company, institution, or state. Quality leadership is about working to achieve personal goals, but it is obligated to work and inspire other people, ensuring meeting the set goals and objectives. Influential leaders should portray excellent leadership traits and qualities and act as role models to the people they lead.

Background of Phil Jackson

He was born September 17, 1945, in Montana state, United States. He is a previously professional athlete, a coach with excellent basketball skills, and an iconic executive in the United States. He led his team to a stunning 11 National Basketball Association (NBA) competition using an unconventional modern training and coaching approach rooted in the philosophy of the Eastern sports culture (Evans, 2019). He studied his High School in Dakota. Since his parent was very religious, his only option was in sports, and he started building a passion for basketball, which was his only way to the outside world, and he had to explore it.

Due to his outstanding performance as a senior for the University of North Dakota squad, and was named an All-American and awarded in the 1969 basketball association draft (Evans, 2019). He had complications of back pain, and at some point, in his life, he was confused between a mixture of different cultures over some time. He pushed himself and played beyond his physical limits, winning several NBA awards. The qualities he exhibited were critical; in allowing him to become an excellent coach, player, assistant coach, and later President of the NBA associations.

The Exemplary leadership qualities of Phil Jackson

He always showed compassion for players, regardless of how difficult they seem, which aided in strengthening their connections. A few nice words may help break down boundaries and make every player feel included as part of the team. Good relationships foster a spirit of teamwork and boost the individualism for the players to push hard and achieved their goals, not for personal interests but the benefits of the entire team. Concentrate on teamwork, not the outcome (“Chicago Bulls History,” n.d.).

Every manager wants their team to win, yet winning requires coaching. Rather than obsessing on tactics, Jackson says he “liked to focus my emphasis on whether the athletes were moving in a lively manner.” Allow each person to use their inherent talents to push the boundaries. He is known to coach some of the best Basketball players of all time, such as Kobe Bryant.

He is genuine, and he empowered other team members as an athlete and as a coach. Jackson is a proponent of a triangle offense, a strategy in basketball that is comparable to how businesses promote creativity and innovation (“Chicago Bulls History,” n.d.). While retaining a feeling of order, the triangle empowered players and assigned them a crucial role. He combined this strategy and his skills in football to come up with new skills that were necessary for his success while as a player and a coach.

He believes in setting achievable personal goals and advises every player to discover their own identity. His obligation was not to provide all the answers to every player but allowed them to find out who they were. It means that he was a team player who wanted to determine the potential of every player. With all these different qualities, he demonstrated a high level of competence in his leadership qualities. Lately, as the President of the New York Knicks, he has already portrayed good leadership attributes (Karia & Assari, 2019). He has been able to hire qualified and appropriate players and coaches who have displayed excellent skills in the field. He won several awards, including coaching and playing for some of the best basketball teams in the whole world.

Some many lessons players and coaches would want to be like Phil Jackson can learn from his leadership attributes. The first lesson is that everyone is unique and special in his particular way. The ability to determine oneself is a good strategy for achieving better results. Personal identification will unlock the great potential of a player, a coach, or a manager (“Chicago Bulls History,” n.d.). Another lesson from him could be the fact that working as a team is critical in every organization. Setting achievable personal goals is a good strategy; however, working together will even lead to better results and the entire team’s benefit. He has also created an idea for many individuals to formulate strategies to ensure success in every game by making the best possible conditions.

In conclusion, Phil Jackson has been an effective leader and a good manager who has demonstrated a high level of competence in his leadership skills and attributes. His talents have been evident throughout the years he served as a coach and as the President of the New York Knicks. Today he remains an icon for many individuals seeking to become excellent and influential leaders in sports, culture, and political fields.


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