Newmont Mining Corporation’s Analysis of Securities


The aim of this paper is to give an analysis of a company in the industry sector. This paper has chosen to discuss Newmont Mining Corporation and will give an analysis of the company. This paper will discuss the other companies that Newmont Mining Corporation competes with. The market capitalization will be discussed and compared to Newmont Company. The strategies of this company will be discussed, and they will be used to show how they have helped in the growth of the company. The company’s share price will be discussed, and this paper will give its reasons whether this is the right time to buy them or not. The analysts’ views will also be discussed in this paper.


Newmont Mining Corporation is a gold mining company that is based in Colorado. It is rated as the largest producer of gold in the world. The company has interests in Nevada, Australia, Ghana, New Zealand, Peru, and Indonesia. The company is also involved in smaller ventures in countries like Bolivia, Canada, and Mexico.

The company has holdings in Battle Mountain company, the Franco Nevada Corporation, and also in Normandy Mining. Newmont Mining Corporation also has several joint ventures. The company produces 5.9 million ounces of gold per year. In the American continent, the production of gold accounts for about seventy percent of the company’s total production. The company has a staff of about fifteen thousand people. The firm also deals with copper and silver.

The company restructuring started in 1987. This started with paying thirty-three dollars per share to the shareholders, which led to the company accumulating a total debt of two billion dollars. The gold firm saw it fit to slash the debts by embracing a program of divestment that revolved around the major sectors. The company also moved its headquarters to Denver from New York. Newmont Mining Corporation has had a strategy of acquisition and Mergers. The company merged with a company called Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corporation which enabled them to form the largest producer of gold in North America. Newmont also merged with Battle Mountain Gold Company in the year 2001. The company also acquired Normandy Mining Limited and also Franco Nevada Mining Corporation Limited in the year 2002.

The company has had revenue growth of twenty-four point three percent. The company faces competition from other gold mining companies, which include AngloGold Ashanti Limited, Barrick Gold Corporation, and Gold Fields Limited. Barrick Gold Corporation is the topmost company in terms of market capitalization. It has a market capitalization of forty-five billion dollars. The second company is Goldcorp which has a market capitalization of around thirty-two billion dollars. Newmont comes third with a market capitalization of twenty-nine billion dollars.

It is the view of this paper that the stock prices of this company are overvalued since the price of gold is very low. After the recent financial meltdown, people have cut on buying gold, and therefore the company’s share should be a bit lower. The share is trading at an average of fifty-nine dollars which is a bit high. However, the prices are likely to go up since Newmont has a great potential for growth, and therefore, it will be a stock to watch in the coming year.

The company’s share price over the past year has been doing well. There is a price change of thirty-three percent, showing that there has been a marginal increase in terms of prices. The company has also been moving a large number of shares. The average volume for three months is 8,446,600. The company itself has seen its earnings grow by thirty-four percent. The management effectiveness has also seen the return to assets go up by 11.71%, while the return to equity has risen by 18.06%

Analysts have in the past three months highlighted that there is no reason to sell the shares, and investors have been urged to hold. I am in support of this since there is not much activity on this share. There have been no investors who are willing to buy or sell for the last three months. The growth estimates for this year are expected to be lower than the industry’s average. Newmont is expected to have a growth of eight percent in the coming year, while the industry’s growth is expected to be at forty percent.


This paper has discussed the Newmont Mining Corporation in terms of what it does and where it is located. The strategies that this company has used in order for it to prosper have been discussed in this paper. The competitors of this company have been named and discussed in terms of their market capitalization. The company’s share price has been discussed, and this paper has given its stand on whether the share is overvalued or undervalued. The analysts’ views have also been discussed in this paper. The company’s performance has also been explained, showing how it has performed and also predicts its growth in the near future.

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