Online Safety Training Programs

Safety training is vital for any employee in any organization since it provides them with information regarding certain conditions at their workplace. Offline safety training is becoming less popular since most classes include theory, which can be learned via special websites. Nowadays, multiple platforms for such courses help one acquire essential tips about organizational safety. Therefore, this paper will analyze three safety course webs and determine which one best suits the specified case.

The first online platform is SafetySkills, an excellent option for training employees. It is a competency-based online security training and management solution designed for use in a variety of industries. Regardless of the size of the workforce, updating the most relevant training information for everyone can be daunting. This program alleviates the user experience with modern tracking and reporting features available to anyone. The learning management system (LMS) enables employers or other people to compile reports for a different users and allows one to send reports via email to anyone, even if they are not engaged in the courses. Such features facilitate information collection during any internal or external security audit. The types of computer-based training (CBT) used are online tests, tutorials, simulations, and practice exercises.

The primary benefit SafetySkills offers a variety of industries and courses for them. It has unique manufacturing, construction, oil and gas industry, hotel business, and others. What is more, the courses comply with the requirements in the field of personnel compliance and occupational health and safety and meet the standards of OSHA, DoT, and EPA. The other advantage is that users can have chats, create reports, and track their progress. The enterprise solution allows users to upload their own courses and company materials and develop, manage, and track offline events. The major benefit of this program is in its accessibility in a different language, which allows foreign employees to learn the safety basics efficiently. On the other hand, SafetySkills demands additional software acquisition if a user wants to add particular types of files into the system. Users also claim that the program is a bit overpriced compared to other educational platforms on the market.

Another widespread platform is eSafety which is typically compared to the first one. This program uses a scalable Learning Management System (LMS) to provide training materials and aims to ensure that its courses are high quality as safety impacts all company levels. It uses simulations, practice exercises, and digital presentations as CBTs. It encompasses a wide range of safety courses, from accident investigation training to storm and water pollution prevention.

The platform’s major pro is that its videos and tests are filled with much necessary safety information regardless of the field. It has well-developed reporting and compliance features, as well as custom functions applied to tests and other assignments. Moreover, the platform’s support team is increasingly responsive and can help answer questions any time of the day, add participants, and manage one’s training courses. eSafety incredibly alleviates the user experience by addressing the requirements of the courses. The users state that it is easy to utilize, and the platform’s default library suggests a great variety of reading materials. However, it is not compatible with mobile devices, which makes it complicated to use, while the price remains off the scale. In addition, some customers report the scarcity of documentation references. Finally, some functions, for instance, the alerts, are not described or explained.

The third platform is Vivid Learning Systems or HSI, which provides people with safety training courses for a wide range of professions. It has simple cloud software so that any user can get the required data from any place. Primarily, it is beneficial that the platform offers flexible hours. It is increasingly dynamic software that is easy to navigate. It is simple to add and remove the course participants and track their performance; it proves that the interface is relatively unsophisticated for any person. The price is lower than those of the abovementioned courses. On the other hand, the quality of animation needs to be improved to create a more realistic experience for the users. Moreover, the platform does not send emails to users who did not meet the deadline.

To my mind, the most suitable program for a firm of 87 people is SafetySkills because it suits any size of the organization. If the company had 200 employees, I would still recommend SafetySkills because it is easy to track group performance. In addition, it offers language settings in case the company has foreign employees. My choice would not change if the firm were in a different location because SafetySkills encompasses a range of courses in various languages. I firmly believe my choice will satisfy the organization’s training needs because the platform chosen offers a great variety of courses in various fields. In addition, it complies with national safety standards, which guarantees its efficacy in educating the personnel.

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