Recruit 4 U: Information Systems Analysis

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This paper deals with the analysis of the information systems available for usage. Here, the procedures at a recruiting company named Recruit 4 U are studied to develop system diagram and flow diagram. The internal and external factors along with the sub systems are identified and analyzed to get the information about the entire procedures carried out by Recruit 4 U while carrying out the recruiting process, satisfying both employers as well as the candidates seeking jobs.

Part 1

Recruit 4 U is an organization, which acts as an intermediate between the job seekers and the companies who requires employees. “They have grown considerably in size, have spread across the North of England, and now provide two, quite different, recruitment services, to a wide range of Employers and Candidates;

  1. Provision of temporary staff, to cover sickness/absence, maternity leave, etc.
  2. Advice and support with the recruitment of permanent staff” (The business school: assessment (2009/10) n.d.).

Recruit 4 U is a team of experienced people; they show their talent to search the right staff for the clients to improve their business and also they support the human resource in the organization. The concept behind this Recruit 4 U is shown below.

The concept behind this Recruit 4 U

They also help the job seekers to select the right jobs according to their educational level and experience. Their clients are from various fields like Information Technology, Banking, and Engineering etc. The Recruit 4 U usually does the recruitment process in a better way which satisfies the requirement of the clients.

What actually Recruit 4 U does?
Fig (1) what actually Recruit 4 U does?

They are expert in the field of recruitment of the job seekers who are in construction and civil engineering sectors. The main speciality of Recruit 4 U is that, as per the requirement of the industry, they provide specific industry recruitment services by considering the skills and knowledge of the job seekers. That is, specific industry recruitment is done by them. Recruit 4 U guarantees all the job seekers to get sincere service at the very first time of their joining. They consider people as their asset.

System Context.
Fig (2): System Context.

Recruit 4 U provides top quality permanent and temporary staffs according to the requirement of employers. The branches of this company are now spread across various parts of England. The recruitment service is of two types, based on the needs of the client. They recruit staff for temporary as well as permanent posts. In any company, employees take leave because of illness, maternity etc. At that time the company informs Recruit 4 U about the requirement of staff on a temporary basis.

In that situation they recruit people to join that company in the temporary post. They also recruit permanent staff as per requirement of clients. The major components in this organization are Manchester, Hull and Leeds (Head office). Company profile includes the authorities who select the staff for temporary and permanent posts. Job seekers have to register with Recruit 4 U; then only they can select the right employees.

The High level Systems Diagram and Detailed Information Flow Diagram of the Recruit 4 U were developed according to the internal and external factors of the company. Manchester, Hull and Leeds (Head office) are the sub systems recognized in the diagrams.

High-level Systems Diagram.
Fig (3): High-level Systems Diagram.

The company profile discusses on the various hierarchical positions inside the company that meet the mission and vision of the firm. Managing Director is the head of the company. There are three offices: Head Office at Leeds and two regional offices at Manchester and Hull. A financial manager and a head of HRM come below in the hierarchy. Office managers at the head office as well as regional offices manage the respective offices. There are separate sections for recruitment of permanent staff and temporary staff.

Marketing is based on the skill requirements and demands of the job seeking candidates as well as the employers in need of them. The employers explain about the necessities from their part and their offers which they present before the candidates. The candidates are tested for their skills and abilities through various methods. The selected candidates are recruited for the client in need. The recruitment is carried out separately for permanent and temporary posts.

There are separate wings in Recruit 4 U for permanent and temporary provisions. The external factors identified for the Recruit 4 U are economy and competitors. The recruitments, especially the permanent ones, take place only in fair economic conditions. Also, the pay scale will be lower in times of crisis situation in the economy. The competitors always try to break the market of Recruit 4 U, so the firm should always be aware of the actions of the competitors.

Detailed Information Flow Diagram.
Fig (4): Detailed Information Flow Diagram.

The Detailed Information Flow Diagram shows the various interactions and flow of communication between various subsystems and external and internal factors. The compatibility of necessities with the skills available results in favourable decisions and ultimately to the recruitment to various permanent and temporary posts.

Part 2

Information technology can be used to improve the efficiency of a subsystem in the organization’s information system. Information technology helps in the information flow in an organization. Most of the modern organizations depend on information technology. The IT professionals design the information systems according to the needs of the organizations. Information technology is essential for the improvement of an organization.

For an organization to be successful, it must be understood how the rules should be implemented and how it will improve the organization. For improving the efficiency, the subsystems must be understood properly. The subsystems in the information flow are Manchester, Hull and Leeds. IT can help to improve marketing. It can help in better management and sharing of knowledge, better flow of work, better budgeting etc. IT can help in the quick flow of data to different parts of the world which thus helps in worldwide marketing. In recruitment process, information technology can be used. It has improved the recruitment process. All the recruitment activities have become much faster.

The organizations provide information about the job vacancies in the websites. The candidates can apply online to various posts. The interview details are provided to the candidates either online or through calls, letters etc. Nowadays, even some interviews are conducted online. These online recruitments have improved the efficiency of recruitment process. Information technology can also improve a company’s profile. All the staffs in the organization can easily contact each other through the mediums like internet. The people in different branches can share their ideas with each other. The flow of information in the organization has become much easier with the development of information technology. Thus, information technology has improved the efficiency of subsystems in an organization to a great extent.

The detailed information flow diagram consists of two parts. They are the external environment and the internal environment. The external environment is those factors outside the system that influence the working of the organization and the internal environment are the factors within the system which influence the working of the organization. The external environment consists of the competitors and the economy. Competitors from other organizations affect the working of an organization to a great extent. A company will have many competitors. The competitors are those companies which perform almost similar functions.

Here, other companies which perform the process of recruitment are considered as the competitors. The competition will affect the activities in the organization both in good way and bad way. If the competitors provide better facilities, it may reduce the profit of the organization. But competition can be good because it encourages the employees to work better to make their company better than the competitors.

Competition can be in different fields: if the competitor company provides better job opportunities, the job seekers will be attracted to that company. A job seeker will be attracted to a company on the basis of salary, incentives, the status of job etc. A recruitment company should try to provide better job opportunities than their competitors. Only then, well qualified job seekers will be attracted to that recruitment company. The company should also provide both permanent and temporary job opportunities. There will be some jobseekers who are interested in temporary jobs i.e. those jobs which are for a certain period like one month, one year etc.

Some people, especially the youngsters, prefer this type of jobs because it helps them to extend their CV which will be helpful for them in future. But the salary and other benefits from these jobs will be lesser than permanent jobs. In the information flow diagram the employers refer to the companies in which there are vacancies for the jobs. They appoint the recruiting agencies for filling these vacancies. These companies will appoint only those recruiting agencies which provide them with best staff. A company will be looking for staffs that are well qualified and also well talented. People with technical experience will also have some priority.

The recruitment agency should try to select candidates who are well qualified and talented. The employers will be attracted to it only if their staff selection is good. Only if there are good employers, the recruitment agency can face the competition from its competitors. Being better than the competitors is thus very essential for the survival of an organization. The second external factor in the system is the economy. The activities of an organization depend on the economy in which it is working. The developed economies will have better job opportunities than the developing and underdeveloped economies. Now recession has affected the entire world.

So the number of jobs in all the economies is less. The companies prefer temporary staff in the place of permanent staff. Thus, permanent jobs are less in the economies. Companies prefer temporary staff because they can make them do more work with less salary. In such cases the recruitment agency can undertake recruitment process of only temporary staff. Recruitment of permanent staff will be very less in these situations.

The internal environment part of the Detailed Information System consists of three sub systems – Manchester, Hull and Leeds (Head office). In today’s competitive business world, the availability of skilled candidates is essential for the development of a company and the Recruit 4 U is one of the best companies providing recruitment services. The main objective of this agency is to provide efficient and qualified employees to the employers and most of the national companies appoint this agency for recruitment of staffs in their companies. So the candidates will a get opportunity as there is extensive diversity of job vacancies.

They also provide both temporary and permanent staffs according to the need of the employers and job seekers. Before providing job to a candidate, first they acquire the bio-data and check whether the registered candidate is fitting for the suitable vacancies and if he is suitable, he will be selected for the job. Since they do recruitments after clear understanding of the needs of the candidates and the employers, they can provide the most accurate and suitable job for the candidates and appropriate candidates for the employers. In case of temporary employment the marketing helps the candidates in variety of ways.

For temporary posts, mainly talented candidates will be selected which helps them in acquiring job with high salary and additional income by working overtime. It also helps in expanding their skill by working in temporary posts in different companies in different parts of the world. In the case of permanent employment, they provide suitable and best job for the candidates and they will also give full details of the job before joining in a company. They also promise to give transport facility, payment for working on holidays and also the give the freedom to select jobs of their choice.

Next is the company profile, the head of the company is the managing director who has the power to direct and give orders to other staffs under him. The other staffs have the responsibility to obey his orders and there is one personal assistant for the managing director whose main duty is to remind the MD about all his functions. Below the managing director, there is Finance Manager, head of HRM and Office Manager. The finance manager controls all financial matters. He has two clerks working under him. Head of Human Resource Management does the final interview of the staff who will decide whether a candidate should be selected or not.

The office manager does the entire administrative work with the assistance of two clerks. The recruitment of temporary staff is done by Head of Temporary Staff Provision (TSP) and there are two senior TSP advisors and three junior TSP advisors under the Head of the TSP. The recruitment of permanent staff is done by the Head of Permanent Staff Recruitment (PSR) and he is assisted by a Senior PSR Advisor and a Junior PSR Advisor. The Head of PSR not only does the recruitment of permanent staff but his duty is also to supervise starting from recruitment to the welfare of the staffs.

The next important process is the recruitment, that is, the recruitment of candidates for the employers. If a company needs, Recruit 4 U will provide efficient and experienced temporary and permanent staff to the employers. A temporary candidate is needed to cover for illness, absence, maternity leave of employees in a company. This agency will provide skilled, efficient and experienced candidate for the temporary post and the posting will be only for a short period of time. The permanent staff will be selected after interview and if the company is satisfied. As the agency will provide candidates only after the clear understanding of the need of the employer company, they can provide the most appropriate candidates to the employers.

The candidates seeking job through Recruit 4 U will be provided with high standard and appropriate job according to the candidates’ wish. Before placement, the candidate is required to attend many tests and interviews. The interview of the candidates for temporary posts is conducted by the TSP Advisors and selection is done by the head of the TSP. And the interview of the candidates for permanent posts is conducted by the PSR Advisors and selection is done by the head of the PSR.

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