Social Media and Intelligent Systems in Today’s Business

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It is definitely not a secret that modern individuals live in an era of growth and innovation. Various technological developments in contemporary society play a huge role in the lives of people and the operations of businesses. For instance, social media gives a unique opportunity to reach diverse audiences all over the world while artificial intelligence helps to bring innovations and ease essential specific essential processes. For this reason, it is believed that companies and organizations should gain additional knowledge about the ways they can utilize these resources for the benefit of their performance and working outcomes. By doing this, they can discover even more advantages and learn to implement everyday procedures. Therefore, the following paper will describe different uses of social media and intelligent systems in organizations for the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage.

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Social Media

One of the most obvious uses of social media in business is marketing. Effective usage of the Internet and appropriate marketing techniques have the power to make a specific brand stand out from the crowd, deliver a unique value proposition, and, as a result, bring benefits to the customers. When businesses actively utilize social media for advertising purposes they can reach and interest a larger number of individuals.

In addition, social media can be used in order to find out what people need and what they feel about a certain business. Every organization has to work on improving itself and contributing to the positive experience of its customers. Thus, understanding their desires and preferences and learning more about the opinions they hold about the brand is essential. In this way, professionals can receive important insights and make some significant changes to operational processes.

Social media can also be used by businesses in order to grow and become popular. For example, if a small business is looking for growth, increased revenue, and a better reputation, social media should be its main tool (Pourkhani et al., 2019). What is more, various techniques of representation of social accounts can help businesses to become recognized and well-known in specific communities or even countries. However, this advantage can also be identified as a risk for businesses. Due to the fact that all cultures have specific perceptions, it might be hard to establish appropriate campaigns for all countries and explain the value and necessity of specific products or services to the customers.

Moreover, the improvement of competitive advantage is impossible without knowing the competitors themselves. Social media gives businesses an amazing possibility to not only improve their own image and representation but also understand the strengths and weaknesses of other businesses on the market (Pourkhani et al., 2019). As a result, by comparing the processes and services of other brands, companies can use this information to make modifications to their working models and strategies.

Intelligent Systems

Intelligent systems are another essential component that can bring a lot of benefits to businesses that want to receive a competitive advantage. One of the advantages is the ability to enforce process automation. This phenomenon can help companies to transfer data quickly and securely, prevent the appearance of operational challenges, and deliver information to the customers more efficiently (Tarafdar et al., 2019). Therefore, by using process automation, businesses can stand out from the crowd of others that use traditional working techniques.

Another advantage of intelligent systems is a unique opportunity to use specific algorithms in order to detect patterns in data and understand their meaning. As a result, professionals can receive such essential information as customers’ preferences, credit card frauds, insurance claims frauds, and quality and safety problems (Tarafdar et al., 2019). Thus, intellectual systems are largely responsible for the prevention of issues.

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Additionally, intellectual systems give an opportunity to establish a stronger and more personal connection with the customers. This is achieved by the creation of personalized messages and advertisements based on the personal information and preferences of individuals. When a person received a message or an email with their name and sees the products that he or she would like to use, they automatically start to trust and like the brand more. On the other hand, this feature can be considered a disadvantage. If businesses start abusing this opportunity and connect with customers only through robots, there is a huge likelihood that the established connection will be lost and people will feel that the business is fully artificial.

Last but not least, intellectual systems gift businesses with the ability to help and support their customers at any time of the day. Chatbots and other intelligent programs can answer all the questions immediately by using customers’ native languages without spending additional time on research (Corea, 2019). Hence, intellectual systems make the whole process less time-consuming, offering a competitive advantage to businesses.


Overall, social media and intellectual systems are essential parts of any business that wants to receive a competitive advantage and succeed. They can be used for different purposes and bring a number of benefits to the operational process. Therefore, the presented paper discussed the possible uses of social media and intelligent systems for the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage.


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