SWOT Analysis: Heart of Florida Health Center

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This paper will demonstrate the SWOT analysis of the effectiveness of the work of the Heart of Florida Health Center. This institution aims to provide accessible and qualified medical services for the population, so everyone who struggles with financial issues can afford to take care of their health safely and reliably.

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis


The Heart of Florida has a few strengths that give it a significant advantage in the market. First of all, as Heart of Florida Health Center. (2021) states it is a Federally Qualified health center, which means that they stick to exceptionally high-quality standards and provide patients with safe and effective medical care. Another necessary strength is their system of payment for medical services. The Heart of Florida uses a sliding fee scale to ensure patients without insurance or with a small amount of money might cover the expenses with a fee discount. Considering the person’s income, the center can charge them individually to afford medical services regardless of income.

How can the strengths be maximized?

The Heart of Florida can maximize its strengths by investing in the equipment and development of all the necessary facilities. Medical staff can attend special courses to be trained to get a higher qualification and grow as specialists. To attract more people to the center, The Heart of Florida can collaborate with other health centers to help low-income and poor populations. For example, providing health care for prisoners or refugees can inform people of the possibility of getting accessible medical care through word of mouth.


Despite their accessibility, they lack 24-hour crisis services. In an emergency, people cannot get extra help or psychological support, and they have to look for it in other places. Although they are not monitoring the requests and appointments 24/7, only after some time do clients get a response. Another thing is that not all of their centers have all the services, and before coming to the institution or making an appointment, the patient should clarify if the specific health care takes place in the center they choose. The center in the Redick does not have a pediatric medicine, and if it were the closest spot for the patient, they still would have to go to another place further from home. Moreover, not all the centers have pharmacies inside their building which can cause several inconveniences for patients because, after the appointment, they will have to go to another place to get prescribed medications.

How can weaknesses be improved?

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The best solution could be implementing an all-day call center and a hotline for emergencies and urgent situations. Since their target audience is people with low income, it would be expensive to turn to the regular medical institution or get phycological help from the hospitals in case of critical situations. Medical workers have to realize the importance of the night shift and the DNP in particular. Doctors of nursing practice have to be the first to get ready to help and comfort patients. In addition, The Heart of Florida may ensure that all their centers can provide patients with all the medical services that they have in general so people can get to the closest institutions to their house and get the help they need. Likewise, each center should have a pharmacy on its territory and get people an opportunity to have all the things in one place.


The Heart of Florida is constantly growing and expanding. There are already eight centers, and they still can open more. The number of people with an average and even below average income can significantly prevail among the whole population; thus, expanding the influence can increase their profit and attract more people. Since DNP interacts with people directly and can be aware of the organizational and financial issues, it helps collect data and analyze patients’ needs and how it can help develop opportunities.

How can opportunities be seized?

They can develop a strategy with solid argumentation take a course on the massive cooperation with different funds to sponsor new centers. Although they aim to help fewer privileged segments of the population, it could increase the revenue to target people with more comprehensive insurance. Even though they would represent a small percentage of the patients, each center would earn more money.


There are several threats to The Heart of Florida, and. one of them is possible changes in the federal government. According to the Free Clinics. (2021) “All charges for services rendered are discounted on a sliding fee scale according to your household income based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines, which are updated annually by the federal government”. It means that the amount of payment they get from patients depends on the government’s regulations, and it can also increase and decrease. Another threat is very little support from the local community. The percentage of the revenue from the locals is only 1,65% by the 2019 annual audit as Heart of Florida Health Center (2020) claims that is a small number compared to the low-income pool, whose contribution is 3,18%. Therefore, the organization should pay close attention to that matter.

How can threats be neutralized?

In case of changes in the Federal Poverty Guidelines, The Heart of Florida should set a fixed price on some positions in their services, such as check-ins. Therefore, regardless of the prices will rise or fall, they can have a bare minimum price for this. Thereby this measure can provide the organization with financial reimbursement in case of unpredictable changes. To attract the local population, they can develop a marketing strategy, especially for the local community. The community can be a constant source of financial support and eventually become regular clients.

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