Telespazio Company’s Performance Appraisal

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The growth and development of any organization are significantly determined by how well its employees dedicate themselves to achieving its mission and vision. Therefore, this calls for collective participation from the executive, managerial and subordinate employees. As a result, organizations should incorporate requisite techniques that increase employee commitment within the business enterprises in context.

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Hence this explains the reason why most organizations implement performance appraisals. Performance appraisals play the specific role of ascertaining that employees remain vigilant while at work because their performance will be identified and rewarded. On the same note, performance appraisals help determine the reluctant employees and find ways to motivate them to improve their performance. However, it is salient to note that performance appraisal’s effectiveness is heavily influenced by the nature of the business model used by a given company. Performance appraisals can be customized to befit the characteristics of a given organization by utilizing a case study of a multinational corporation known as Telespazio.

The assessment of employees within Telespazio has been customized to ensure consistent growth and development. Telespazio has an international presence meaning integrating diverse national cultures that need to be considered. Variations in national cultures alter basic operations, meaning that the human resource department at Telespazio will need to be considerate about the nuanced interpretations that tend to bring out differences in how business operations are carried out. For instance, it is apparent in the case study that it was easy to implement its strategy in Argentina. Still, it was more intricate to do the same in Germany and France because of differences in the organization’s management techniques adopted by these countries. Therefore, the performance appraisal methodology applied at Telespazio focuses on the quality of service delivered after a certain period.

Employees of Telespazio are encouraged to set their objectives under the guidance of their department manager. These objectives should be submitted to executive offices by the first quarter of every fiscal year. The process of performance appraisal focuses on interviews as a crucial part. Interview sessions help managers interact with employees, collect their opinions, and gain more profound insight into overall professional performance (Woods, 2019).

The performance appraisal system of Telespazio is facilitated online and is accessible via the organization’s intranet throughout the fiscal year. Through interview sessions, a manager can profoundly understand an employee’s strengths and weaknesses. The Telespazio Performance Appraisal for Development (TPAD) appraisal system collects information about employees to assess the change or lack thereof in their competencies. The competencies are then categorized into three positions; improved performance, standard performance, and outstanding performance.

The appraisal process that is implemented at Telespazio is recommendable on several fronts. However, it still has a fair share of flaws, which, when adjusted, would improve it. For instance, the global presence of Telespazio has increased, meaning that it should be implemented in a manner that suits the many discrepancies caused by multiple national cultures. It calls for more elaborate communication between employees to increase the effectiveness of the appraisal process.

Telespazio is a highly matrixed global company, which means employees may report to more than one supervisor or manager. It also means that the employees work remotely. Thus, it would be wise for the organization’s leaders to instill a culture of personal commitment toward quality delivery (Rita, 2016). Through individual responsibility, employees will conduct regular subjective assessments to improve the quality of value they offer Telespazio over time. On the other hand, remote interview sessions should be intimate enough to provide managers with a better chance of interacting and relating with employees.

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Telespazio is a global company whose performance is heavily dependent on the presence or absence of cohesiveness. The issue of organizational cohesion is particularly intricate when performance appraisal is concerned because the success of such a process requires all managers involved in the appraisal process to agree on a single methodology to apply. Therefore, the presence of multiple national cultures affects the nature of leadership techniques adopted in different countries (Owusu Ansah & Louw, 2019).

As a result, Telespazio promotes an integrated approach toward the performance appraisal of employees regardless of the location of an organization. For example, Telespazio sought to export its digitized roles and competencies system and the updated appraisal system. The appraisal system is shared via electronic platforms that are accessible to interested parties ubiquitously. A single system is adequate because operations are run uniformly to promote integrated success for affiliate companies in diverse countries.

The proposed appraisal tool and appraisal interview have a myriad of benefits. For instance, the organization has significantly improved the quality of services it provides to its consumer base. The current appraisal process has facilitated seamless international domination. Telespazio has penetrated new regions with different national cultures. It has also successfully managed to venture into new forms of business opportunities. Some of these opportunities include synergies with other organizations from different fields, such as EGNOS, Göktürk, and SICRAL. A performance appraisal will help Telespazio achieve more consistency as far as the delivery of superior quality is concerned. Doing so is particularly beneficial as it seeks to expand the scope of its performance portfolio.

The performance appraisal utilized by Telespazio has made some positive contributions toward its growth and development. However, as is the case in companies that apply performance appraisal in a matrix, Telespazio is likely to experience intricacies caused by mundane departmental disputes. Such disputes occur when an employee’s competence is assessed by two departments that conflict with a particular decision. For instance, an employee might have made a decision considered suitable by the research and development department because of its functionality. However, it might still be considered unnecessarily intricate for the manufacturing department to manifest.

Thus, it is recommended for the managers in different departments to make neutral assessments and display the employee’s overall competencies. Secondly, it is recommended for Telespazio to ensure that its human resource department maintains a perfect balance between various organizational departments because of the many new opportunities and synergies that Telespazio has currently embraced.


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