The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoe

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The product is in the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe line though it has different modifications that will allow for maximum comfort and durability. It is meant for different sporting activities, but it has been standardized to fit sporting activities such as mountain climbing, horse riding, playing basketball, and football (Trembath, 2020). Apart from being multi-purpose, the product also has a great style and value that attracts customers. It aims at providing daily footwear that is fashionable and convenient to customers. Notably, this has been assured through efficient use of the latest technology while manufacturing it. The new converse product has also promised to keep up with the latest fashion to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Although this shoe has a new fashion, it has maintained the original Chuck Taylor All-Star concept meant for sporting activities.

This product differs from the anticipated competitors due to its ultra-comfortable and functional design (Agnihotri & Bhattacharya, 2018). Converse can be worn for almost every sports activity since it is comfortable and provides the desired fashionable look. It also differs from anticipated competitors due to its diversity and suitability for everyone regardless of age, sex, and color. In other words, this product will help bridge the gap between the different ages and genders. Apart from being diverse, this product can be customized into different colors and designs. Customers can choose any colors and mix them accordingly without destroying the quality of the shoe. The customization options are found online, where color and text are added to the product. Thus, this means that the customization process saves time and is more efficient. For these reasons, it is right to say that the product is innovative, unique, and viable and minds the needs of every customer.

Target Market

The product targets different categories of customers who will, both be international and local. Notably, this is because it is determined to meet all the customer needs regardless of age, gender, locality, and interests. Under demographic segmentation, the product targets age groups under the three basic categories, which include 13-19, 20-35, and above 35 years (Agnihotri & Bhattacharya, 2018). Dividing the target customers under these age groups will make them feel that the company cares for their needs effectively as they grow. The demographic segmentation of this product has also included gender. For a long time, females have been more considered in footwear since they are perceived as more fashionable than men. Men are considered to be more interested in technological advancements than in the latest fashions. With this, they are left out, and their products are not considered in terms of fashion. Worth noting that this new product will give equal fashionable opportunities to male and female customers. Even though it is meant for occasional sporting activities, it will meet the latest fashionable standards for maximum comfort and durability. Another significant aspect of demographic segmentation is the customers’ income levels. This product focuses on individuals at all social-economic levels. Hence, nobody is left out due to extremely high prices. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star understands that its customers have different economic abilities and have made the product affordable to all the targeted customers.

Under the psychographic segmentation, the product has included various aspects of target markets like lifestyles, interests, and opinions. In order to understand the psychograph of the target markets, this product has been put online (Bhasin, 2019). The social media platforms have ensured that there is direct communication with the target customers so that they can be understood according to their interests and opinions. This product targets people who have a high interest in different sporting and outdoor activities. To be specific, more sports and fashionable footwear dominate their lifestyles. In the geographic segmentation, this product has focused on customers in areas with more population densities. More population densities mean that it aims at attracting many customers within a short period. Besides, other Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star products are mainly densely populated areas. The geographic segmentation has also included the cultures of the target consumers. The target customers’ cultures have allowed the product to be diverse in its general outlook and the number of available colors. For instance, some of the product’s target customers are Chinese. Thus, this means that the product has come in different modifications of the inner and outer soles that will fit the sporting activities among the Chinese people.

Business Needs

The primary consumer and business need of the product is quality. Customers are interested in getting a product of higher quality than other shoes. It is important to note that this product assures more quality, durability, and comfort. The technology used to make this shoe is the latest in the market. The raw materials used to make it are made with high authenticity and credibility to suit the specific activity of the customers (Trembath, 2020). Quality is also a basic need for the business since it will help maintain customer loyalty and improve sales. If the product has high quality and durability, and comfort, it will always get more referrals. In addition, quality has drawn more attention to the business since it is always a key objective. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is interested in making quality products that will ensure customer satisfaction. The other consumer and business need is that the product meets affordability (Bhasin, 2019). Customers will not want to spend all their money on just one shoe simply because it is high quality. With this new product, there are standardized prices that will fit all socio-economic levels. Also, there are regular imposed discounts if an individual purchases more than three items. Their discounts are offered on festive seasons and particular days of the month. For customers who buy more than two products during their birthdays and weddings, the price is always standardized for them to enjoy their special days.

Product Life Cycle

This product is in the growth face of its life cycle since it has recently had more competitors. Over the past years, it has had more demand from customers. Since the demand has grown over time, this product has generated more than half of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star’s revenue. Internationally, this product has built an iconic name for Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star in a way it has faced stiff competition from Nike and Adidas (Agnihotri & Bhattacharya, 2018). However, it has strived to beat its competitors through frequent innovation that has ensured ideal uniqueness. Since the product is well established in the marketplace, its price has been standardized so that it will outdo the competitors (Trembath, 2020). Remarkably, this has been achieved through regular discounted prices and ‘special offer’ days. With recent records of high sales and more profit margins, the product is expected to move to the maturity phase of its life cycle. However, this will be achieved through constant innovation and creativity to outdo its competitors.


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