The Electricity Market Analysis


Electricity supply from a distribution substation to a new shopping center creates a number of problems and challenges that need to be overcome. In particular, in order to improve the performance of switch operators control and introduce greater connection between the station and the center, a more upgraded distribution system should be implemented that involves the usage of more advanced software enabling to monitor the network efficiency. In addition, communication technologies should also be introduced for better load management. Due to the fact that each flow has about 5 magazines, there should a great control of switch and security control. In particular, graphic representation of network is another powerful approach to handling the faults. Finally, two lines of electricity supply should be distributed among the floors with a three-phase control involving the monitoring of isolation, management of load, and command of switch operators.


It should be recognized that competition at the electricity market is inevitable and, in fact, it is quite problematic to achieve a competitive advantage among the companies. Utility networks are not suitable for competition because it is impractical and expensive to build several sets of transmission works (Beggs, 2009, p. 50). Due to the fact that the demand for electricity is constantly increasing, specifically when it comes to the shopping centers, an affordable power distribution is needed.

Electric power is generated at power states and transmitted at very long distances. In the majority of cases the electricity cable run for more than hundreds of kilometers to deliver power to substations where the voltage is reduced to about 11 kV to distribute electricity to network lines. Each line distributes voltage to transformers that further decrease voltage to 415 V to supply individual customers. While distributing power at the final stage the problem with load management occurs due to impossibility to isolate some loads when necessary. In addition, circuit breaker is not always the best solution because they are often provided to protect the network which results in a fault. However, the precise identification of feeder section can provide more possibilities for reducing the blackout area and re-routing the power to the effective feeder segment by means of switches operation.

The Proposal

With regard to the above information, a more consistent approach to switches management can be much more effective when it comes to different locations of feeder segment. For a new shopping center composed 2 floors and 11 shops with a food court, the electricity supply system needs to be considerably upgraded. In order to handle this process effectively, several stages should be implemented. First of all, the electricity company should review recent regulation and standard concerning the power supply to meet all requirement of a large-scale project. Second, a distribution automation system should be considered in terms of current, voltage, switch status, and temperature that should be regularly controlled and recorded. The date obtained is processed at the station of any chosen operation with the help of Graphic User Interface. In case of contingency, the alarm should be automatically produced for operator to take correspondent measures. There will be 3-switch operators to regulate the electricity supply on two floors. In case one is out, the third one will be used.

The introduction of communication technology is also indispensible for ensuring the regular power supply of electricity from a substation because it will greatly promote the effective implementation of the electricity network in a new shopping center. The station communication controller will help to provide a closer coordination between the shopping center and the distribution substation and permit to transfer all necessary information concerning the changes in distribution qualities. In addition, upgraded DA software is needed to track the electricity network through graphical representation ensuring more efficient work of alarm generation system and monitoring the switch process.

At the transmission stage, it will be much more reasonable to transmit electricity with the help of overhead cables rather by underground cable, specifically when it comes to high voltages (Engineering Timelines, 2011, n. p.). The transmission should be carried out at higher voltages in comparison with generation and distributions stages in order to increase the efficiency of the entire system. The usage of underground system is much more cost effective because cables have to be insulated. Distribution stage is premised on the work of the electrical transformer that minimize the voltage because this stage is closer to the customers (Engineering Timelines, 2011, n. p). The final stage is consumer where the voltage is distributed in accordance with standards. In order to reduce the drop in voltage larger cables have to be used in the shopping centers to compensate.

In general, the presented methodology will certainly generate more sustainable shopping centers. Due to the fact that the mall areas is often attracted people from particular areas, the center devours energy through cooling in summer time and heating in winter. In order to take control of these processes, it is necessary to consider an inventory and evaluate the current level of energy consumption, reduce the demand by means of isolation and introduction of a more balanced cold and heat program.


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