XYZ Inc.: International Marketing Strategies

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If we analyze then we come to know that international marketing has become an extremely significant concept for businesses in the world where international deal is a common thing and that expanding trade outside the domestic market is the next rational step for prominent companies in today’s trade norm for survival and success. The fast progression in communication technology, information reassign and more globalize monetary markets have set the stage for global trade to strive even more than in the ancient times as more trade opportunities are created and new markets are gradually more becoming more accessible. All of a sudden, international marketing is a vital skill and knowledge for a company to have. By means of the rapid progression of information technology, as we all know, the detachment almost does not exist anymore.

All intercontinental corporations have to expand international marketing strategies. so, to understand international marketing improved, a detailed understanding of the a variety of stages that a business undergoes to turn into a intercontinental business is required.

International Marketing

Basically, there are 4 stages that a business goes during before it finally becomes a intercontinental business. These 4 stages are Domestic, International, Multinational and international. The 5th stage may be termed as Transnational.

In the domestic stage of a business, the only target market of the business exists in the home country. It can be said that the whole vision of the world for the company is limited to the home country. In this stage of growth the orientation of the business is ethnocentric.

In the international stage, the direction does not alter as a corporation moves from domestic to international. The dissimilarity among the international and domestic business is that the international is doing commerce in a range of countries. Like the domestic business, it is ethnocentric and home-country leaning. Though, the international corporation sees expansion market opportunities exterior the home country and extends marketing programs to develop those opportunities.

In the multinational stage of growth of a business, a change in the direction of the business occurs. At this point, the direction shifts from ethnocentric to polycentric. The international ethnocentric business seeks to expand its products and practices to foreign countries. It sees similarities exterior the home country, but is unaware of dissimilarity outer the home country. On the other hand, the multinational corporation sees the differences outside the home country, but is unaware of similarities remote the home country. A international company focuses on adapting to what is dissimilar in a country (Post-Intelligencer, S. 1996).

If we analyzed then we come to know that the next step of expansion is the global corporation. In this phase the management’s compass reading is moreover on global markets or global resources other than not on both. For instance, Harley Davidson is listening carefully on global markets but not on global capital. The company has no attention in conducting R & D, design, manufacturing or developed exterior of the Kenya.

Positioning, Targeting, Segmentation (STP)

The segmentation criteria shaped by the marketing team at XYZ Inc contains a lot of different rudiments appreciated by a variety of consumers. One constituent is adaptability, the attention customers pay to this is extraordinary; consumers today desire to know the flexibility and value of this type of asset to ensure the buy of a cellular phone is value its value. In adding, customers also consider its security, whether the security is for themselves or staff. We have found this idea increasing sales in the agitated and wireless cellular trimmings market. Aesthetics and soothe are two elements significant to consumers. These rudiments may not be verbalized throughout the purchasing procedure; nevertheless, they are in use into reflection. Often options and cost approach into thought when the buy of a new phone is imminent, throughout this time, the cost of option available is address, resulting in give up or the purchase these alternatives.

According to the expert analysis another constituent one must take into thought is the ease of use of the machine. An instance of this is when users discover ease in dialing a phone number, or the ease of finding exact menu information is a constituent in use into reflection. Finally, rudiments of reliability and presentation come into reflection; often urbanized from side to side brand consciousness, past product presentation and reviews, and from side to side utterance of mouth. The aim market for the Eo4a will consist of technically noise business-oriented males and females in the aim periods of 18 – 45 (Graham, P. R. C. J. L. 2005).

Marketing Strategy

If we analyzed then we come to know that the key marketing plan for the E04a will be in the execution. The compartment phone industry is tremendously spirited and this ground-breaking product offers a totally new thought for cell phone users. All segment of the market can be entered since to the add to use and reliability of mobile phones. XYZ Inc will use more than a few marketing strategies to endorse the EO4a. Consumers will be under attack with more than a few publicity methods, sales promotional, and individual selling. Consumer movable phone users will gain information by internal expert information staff, and in turn relaying this to network campaigns as well as individual selling strategies. as long as the customer with faith that XYZ Inc will give them with a product that is secure, and give value will be a key to achievement.

Promotional approach

XYZ Inc plans to market the E04a in Kenya. As noted throughout the marketing approach, the international market performance has been influenced by a require to take advantage of dissimilar market opportunity and by an increasing need to dish up clientele in the global market surroundings. Due to the rivalry the situation strength arise where it strength be essential to introduce products more rapidly in the marketplace or to bring in products to several markets at the same time.

XYZ Inc marketing managers can charge the appropriate approach for completion through the assessment of the product’s family member level of knowledge and market size. Given cost reductions, from side to side economies of level, increased opposition and better receipt of the technology by customers, the global market possible of the product has greater than previous to (Chris Phillips, I. D. a. R. L. 1994).

Positioning Chart appendix A

Pricing Strategy

The XYZ Inc E04a will be competitively priced whilst outlining the reimbursement of purchase the E04a in its place of purchasing competitor brands of comparable balance. In bearing in mind the competitive-oriented price approach, the cost is set to get together the market spirited situation (Kotler and Bloom, 1984).

The simplistic natural worlds of these two pricing approaches provide the benefit of a useful and speedy pricing technique. On the other hand, the ease of these two price approach also causes them to lose their efficiency as the business world become more lively and multifaceted. In universal, competitive-oriented services pricing move toward provides no leadership on how much superior or lower than a competitor’s value a service supplier should set its value. Most cost-oriented repair pricing strategies suffer more than a few limitations counting not considering supply and command, not maximizing income and not incorporating single service individuality and selling conditions into the decisions.


XYZ Inc plans to bring in the E04a to Kenya. This is a market that has been careful important to the enlargement of XYZ Inc while introducing an outstanding product to the market that will get together the needs of customers. To help in formative the exact positions that meet the consumer’s needs, XYZ Inc will obtain part in an IMC campaign in hope of better charges the suitable places in which to place the E04a (Bennett, R. 1995).

Channels Of Distribution

A channel of sharing includes all institution which performs all behavior second-hand to move a product from production to the customer. The “traditional channel are life form challenged by the Internet, which is quickly flattering an important option canal to a lot of market segments. Such enlargement and growth offer an ever-wider range of potential for toward the inside foreign markets.” Considering the diversity of traditional channels of sharing versus the Internet, XYZ Inc tactics to use the Internet while piercing their product into Kenya. The main benefit of the Internet is that products arrive at a wider spectator and there are near to the earth barriers to entry as set up expenses is low.

Modes of Entry

XYZ Inc examines the probable market entry modes of overseas market admission. The modes that were compare were exporting, license, joint ventures and direct asset. Each of these category has compensation and disadvantage; though, XYZ Inc felt that export and license would involve less danger. In compare exporting and license, XYZ Inc chose export for a few reasons. First of all, by exporting the product, XYZ Inc might use the existing facilities, which in turn would pace the entry procedure of toward the inside Kenya’s market.

Marketing Budget

XYZ Inc tactics to spend four million dollars to market the E04a to Kenya. One of the compensation of sell abroad is that XYZ Inc be able to use the majority of their financial plan in the shape of marketing operating cost. The bulk of the money will be old for publicity and promotions. XYZ Inc will employ television, radio, billboards, and the Internet to endorse their new product. XYZ Inc will also be a part of the “Taste of Scandinavia” which takes place each year. Last year there were 75,000 populace who attended the event. XYZ Inc will have a cubicle, which will present the E04a and plan on charitable away 100 free phones. This occasion, the length of by means of the other publicity will be important for the achievement of the EO4a.

Timeline And Milestones

XYZ Inc plans on undulating out the phone at the end of November for the Christmas festival. The vast Protestant and Christian inhabitants of Kenya rejoice the customary holidays, so receiving the E04a out previous to the Christmas holiday would be ideal timing to sell huge many products (Kotler, P., Bloom, P.N., 1984).

Over the route of the next year more than a few viral marketing movements by means of the Internet would be old to drum up support and enthusiasm for the phone. Interactive exhibits on the net and radical commercials will shock possible users creating a enormous buzz.

After the primary of the year (1 ½ months) we expect to sell 50,000 phones. How sales do here will determine how the relax of the year goes. We hope to sell an extra 50,000 phones by July 1st and an extra 30,000 phones by our one year blot.


XYZ Inc will be able to path how its commercials do from side to side customary techniques. Different phone numbers and web speak to will be old for the different street of advertising to track which is responsibility better. in addition web statistics will be generate to give XYZ Inc an thought of how many populace are paying attention in its product.


We hope the phone to sell healthy so that we be able to roll them out in better markets such as the Kenya. Our marketing financial plan and plan are physically powerful as is our product. We hope the revolutionary product and the fundamental advertising movement will go forward an overwhelming product line (Cateora, P & Graham, J 2004).


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