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Do you want to know more about merchandising analysis? Read our article to learn the merchandising definition and its main principles. You’ll also find an explanation of visual and fashion merchandising and an example of product merchandising.

🔝 Top-5 Merchandising Examples

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  2. Wal-Mart's Retail Strategy Plan in Canada
  3. Ralph Lauren Company's Marketing Strategy
  4. We Clean Company's Sales Operation and Planning
  5. JD Wetherspoon Pub's Sales and Marketing

🔤 Merchandising: Definitions to Know

Merchandising is the process of displaying and advertising products. It applies to items sold through wholesale and retail sales and includes display design, competitive pricing, and marketing strategies. Retailers use merchandising to improve brand image, customer experience, sector competition, and sales volume.

Since successful merchandising can boost sales, its analysis is critical for any business owner who wants to cultivate their brand. Technological advancement has simplified this process, as analysts can rely on specialized software to calculate sales data.

There are several benefits of merchandising:

  • It directly influences customer retention and sales.
  • It organizes physical shops more efficiently.
  • It lets retailers grow their brands and stay competitive.
  • It helps online and physical stores to better present themselves and their products.

What Is Visual Merchandising?

Visual merchandising allows one to efficiently organize and display items in the retail space. When done right, it highlights particular products and their features. As a result, customers notice specific goods and buy larger quantities of them. While visual merchandising first appeared in physical stores, it’s equally effective in digital marketplaces.

What Is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion merchandising means presenting apparel to the right people at the right time and place. This process involves much planning, from forecasting what clothing colors and shapes will be popular to deciding how to arrange and display clothing items within the store. The distinctive feature of fashion merchandising is that it combines business with art.

What Is a Merchandising Business?

A merchandising business specializes in buying finished goods and reselling them to customers. Merchandising organizations include pharmacies, clothing outlets, and retail shops. Such companies are also known as resellers, as their business consists of purchasing and reselling finished items. They sell products at a higher price to cover the purchase cost.

👜 Principles of Fashion Merchandising

The scale of merchandising analysis is enormous. So, it’s best to examine one of its branches. We’ve already told you what fashion merchandising means. This section will explore its guiding principles:

🎯 Knowing the target audienceFirst, a company must understand who is interested in buying its products. Some of its customers can be business professionals who seek to advance their careers. Others may favor more casual clothes. These categories have different product preferences.
🔝 Keeping the inventory up-to-dateA firm should track the availability of items. It should ensure its products are stocked and advertised according to current trends and customer demand forecasts. This is because, in the fashion industry, customers buy what they need now rather than purchase in advance.
💻 Updating and polishing the websiteThe website should reflect the brand. Its design has to excite and encourage visitors to buy new things. Making all text easy to read and using brand colors across the entire website is essential. Additionally, all images should be in line with the marketing strategy.
🧳 Taking clients’ preferences into accountMerchandising allows companies to provide the best shopping experience based on customer buying habits and preferences. To achieve this, they must learn how people search for products on the website, for example, whether they pick items based on purpose, color, or size. Some users may wait for promotions to buy products in bulk.
💵 Aiming for the value-profit balanceLastly, fashion merchandising seeks to find the right balance between value and profit. Prices play an essential role in targeting different client categories. Therefore, retailers and brands should set reasonable prices by deciding on the markup on selected items and calculating their perceived value for customers.

🏬 What Is an Example of Product Merchandising?

Online and traditional stores use merchandising to boost product sales. This process aims to present physical and digital items in a way that encourages people to buy them. It may involve featuring product pictures on the website and correctly packing physical items.

One example of product merchandising is free product samples in super and megamarkets. People can try them and decide if they suit their taste. Trying something before buying increases the chances of purchase. Also, tasting several products helps people make better choices.

As you can see, merchandising analysis is as vital for a business as other research frameworks. It boosts company sales and makes it easier to retain customers.

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