BrainLAB’s Strategy and Stefan Vilsmeier’s Dream

The first observation from the case study is that Stefan Vilsmeier is an entrepreneur by birth. Vilsmeier was interested in computer programming and graphic design. He believed that he could one day realize his entrepreneurial dreams as a graphic designer. During the time, the entrepreneur realized that the available software used by surgeons when performing their operations was incapable of producing 3D images. During the time, most of the surgical equipment produced 2D images. It was evident that the 2D images were not effective. It was usually impossible for the surgeon to manipulate or use the image whenever operating. The “stereotactic” techniques used by surgeons for radiosurgery were less effective. Although the use of “stereotactic” techniques played a significant role in the medical practice during the time, Stefan believed strongly that there was a need for new software to improve the care and treatment provided to different patients.

This explains how Vilsmeier’s dream was born. With his ambitions and expectations to become financially stable, Stefan thought of coming up with revolutionary software to change the nature of the surgical practice. He was optimistic that he would use her programming skills to develop new software and transform the entire surgical practice. One important thing to observe is that the entrepreneur was courageous, a risk-taker, and optimistic. He did not lose hope and therefore he used his ambition and career dreams to build his own company. Stefan believed in himself and used every single opportunity to achieve his entrepreneurial dreams. It was because of his ambition that Vilsmeier established a new company to produce new software. The software would improve the quality of medical care provided to patients.

It is also agreeable that Vilsmeier has set the best vision for his company. At the very beginning of his career, Stefan’s dream was to produce new software that could make it easier for surgeons to operate their patients. By so doing, surgeons would find the software useful during their surgical practices. Vilsmeier believed that it was necessary to produce new technologies and software that would produce 3D images. With such a dream, Stefan decided to start a company and named it BrainLAB. After forming the company, Stefan was able to produce new technologies thus transforming the wider medical practice. The two software technologies produced by BrainLAB included the m3TM Collimator and Image-Guided Surgery (IGS) technique. The two technologies indicated that Vilsmeier was on the right path towards realizing his career expectations and dreams. This made it easier for Vilsmeier to develop the best vision for BrainLAB.

At the very beginning, Stefan wanted to cure cancer with the best software. During the time, Vilsmeier encountered numerous challenges and therefore he needed to go the extra mile. Vilsmeier hired new partners and engineers who would make it easier to achieve BrainLAB’s vision and goals. The entrepreneur empowered his teams to achieve the targeted goals. After a few years, Vilsmeier’s company was able to produce new technologies and software. Today, the company continues to produce new technologies and software that can improve the quality of health care provided to different patients. That being the case, the company’s vision is “to produce new technologies and software to revolutionize the entire medical practice”. With this vision, Vilsmeier will make his company a leading player and competitor in the industry.

Finally, the burning issue is whether Stefan Vilsmeier should sell BrainLAB after making it a leading player in the industry. Before answering this question, it is necessary to examine the current position of BrainLAB as a leading player in the industry. Vilsmeier has established a company with a clear and noble purpose. This is what continues to attract more people to the company. BrainLAB has produced new software and technologies thus becoming a leading competitor. The only challenge affecting the company was the lawsuit filed by Medtronic. However, Medtronic won the lawsuit in 2005. BrainLAB is presently a leading player in the US because the pressure is off.

The best decision for Vilsmeier is to continue managing his company. This explains why Stefan should not sell BrainLAB to Medtronic Company. BrainLAB is a major provider of surgical technologies and software in the global market today. The company is also on the right path towards a successful business. That being the case, Vilsmeier has the potential to promote the company’s core values and purpose and eventually make the company a market leader. The entrepreneur is on the right path towards realizing his ambitions and expectations. Vilsmeier should work hard to promote the company’s brand and eventually make it a leading provider of medical software. Although Medtronic has stated an exorbitant offer for the acquisition, Vilsmeier should understand that he has the potential to earn much from his company. As well, the entrepreneur will be able to produce new software and improve the quality of surgical practices because this is the company’s vision and objective. This is the only way for Vilsmeier to achieve his career goals and entrepreneurial dreams.

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