Environments Affecting the US Airlines and Mass Mutual

Domestic Environment

Just like most companies, the U.S. Airways have been experiencing challenges that emanate from the domestic environment. The company has for instance had to lay off some of its employees so as to remain profitable in the competitive market and meet its operating costs. Despite the fact that the company has been experiencing growth, its domestic market has continued to decline. This might be attributed to its high domestic fares. The domestic environment has been a tough one in the resent past as some Airways domestic shares have been down with a percentage of over 50%. The Airways has a weaker domestic economy as it is not well positioned in the environment currently. The Airways have particularly been collecting very little revenue from the domestic environment and this has been the cause of many operational challenges. There is need to regulate the fares so as to ensure that the Airways get to run normally. There has been a demand for the airways to order more of the airbuses so as to meet the growing demand (Parker, 2008).

Global Environment

The U.S. Airways has a larger global capacity as it operates about 3,200 flights each day and many communities are served by the Airways. They include the American, Mexican, Caribbean, European, Canadian as well as Middle Eastern communities. It has many aviation employees across the globe with the number being approximately 32,000 people. The company is also a member of an alliance (Star Alliance Network which makes approximately 21,000 flights on a daily basis to 1,160 airports which are located in 181 countries. The U.S. airline has at one point emerged as the number one airline among its competitors. The Airways needs to expand its global market so as to reach many customers in different parts of the country (Srinivasan, 2009).

Technological Environment

The US Airways has adapted the current technology with the aim of making its services to be more efficient. More technologically advanced alternative are being adapted so as to meet the current requirements. The technology aims at improving cost-effectiveness and efficiency. The technology is aimed at ensuring effective service delivery as well as the distribution of the products. It reduces the delays that are experienced and makes the work easier for both the customers as well as the Airline employees. There is a lot that is yet to be done to ensure that the airline adopts technology in most of its operations which include the booking of air tickets as well as the customer care services.

Political/Legal Environment

The U.S. Airways have laws that prohibit discrimination of persons on the basis of their physical disabilities provided that those individuals are able to perform their duties effectively. The only exemption is when the accommodation would adversely affect the operations of the airline. Such an accommodation is not supposed to undermine the seniority system except in a few circumstances. The seniority system is valued as it provides security as well as motivation for the employees hence the need to be protected.

Socio-cultural environment

The US Airways have the responsibility of ensuring the welfare of its customers is well taken care of. A bill of rights is for instance on the process of being passed so as to ensure that passengers get certain benefits in case of delays. These rights include the provision of comfort, food, water and sanitation. The Airways have the responsibility of ensuring that the customers are not stranded. The Airline is obliged to ensure that the social life as well as people’s culture is respected and not violated. It is usually expected to engage in activities that ensure social cooperate responsibility.

Economic environment

In 2010, the airline made a remarkable profit as compared to the previous years whereby deficits have been realized in some cases. The Airways had to take the appropriate action in managing these challenges which included realignment of the work so as to target the relevant markets, the introduction of new ways of collecting revenue as well as controlling the managing operation costs. The airways have particularly been encountering difficulties in managing its operation costs. The US Airways has been trying to navigate from the crisis and there is need to remain committed to the right course so as to remain profitable.

Mass Mutual

Domestic Environment

Mass mutual plays a very significant role in the lives of the people. The company targets the domestic market with the aim of helping the people to save for their families helping them in their businesses as well as making life bearable for the taxpayers. It ensures that the residents, workers as well as the larger population live in a healthier environment. The company offers life insurance to its clients benefiting the members as well as the policy holders (Michel, 1950).

Global Environment

The company targets clients across the globe, some of which include those in The U.S., China, Japan as well as Taiwan. Other countries include Argentina, Mexico as well as Luxembourg among others. The company has investors who have bought its stocks from various nations across the globe. The company has been increasing its operations across various countries at a very first rate. There is a great need for the company to adapt the current technological advancement so as to reach a larger global market and ensure efficiency in its services across the globe.

Technological Environment

The company has been making efforts in ensuring that it is at per with the current technological advancements. With the nineteenth century being an age of technological advancement, the company managed purchase and even installs the new technologies which included the type writers, the telephones and this was vital for the communication between the agents as well as the home offices. The company has adapted new technology in most of its operations for more efficiency. The company has call center which ensure customer satisfaction. However, more need to be done to enhance the effectiveness of its services.

Political/Legal Environment

As an insurance company, it is expected by the law to have approximately $100,000 for its stock subscription. There are various laws that govern its operations and it has various insurance policies. The company is expected to ensure mutual trust with its clients. The dividend is usually not guaranteed. Much is however yet to be done in the implementation of the laws that ensure effectiveness of the company in terms of service delivery.

Socio-cultural Environment

The company plays a very significant role in the socio-cultural aspects of people’s lives. It caters for the needs of the disabled as well. The company’s aim is not only to provide the insurance services to its clients but also preserve their positive culture. It also engages in activities that promote corporate social responsibility like environmental conservation among others.

Economic Environment

The company plays a crucial role in the financial aspects of its people. It is an investment company that is close ended. It improves the economic status of the members as it serves people from all walks of life including the disabled and the elderly particularly those who have retired. It is automated and its revenue per employee is approximately $ 1000,000. The company however needs to put greater effort in negotiating with the healthcare service providers (Sarsynski, 2008).


All the mentioned Environments are crucial for the success of any company. Improvement of its strategies at the local level if supposed to boost its global service delivery as well and this is usually made easier by the technological advancements. The legal aspects of the company might either affect the company positively or negatively depending on the laws that are enacted. They might for instance hinder the operations of the company. Protecting the socio-cultural aspects of the clients might subsequently result in improved economic status of the company as people will have a positive attitude towards it.


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