Human Resource Management (Eleventh Edition), Pizza Hut

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Human resources management is relatively a current idea and it mainly includes a large range of plans and practices to manage the staffs in the organization. “Human Resource Management is the organizational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training” (Healthfield, 2010, para.1). Human resources are the most precious assets in every organization. So, proper training and development activities are essential to develop the productive human asset in the organization. The accomplishment of any business objectives depends upon the talent of its human asset. Human resource management comprises of a large range of actions, and its functions include both administrative task such as forecasting, organizing, directing, scheming and operational functions like appointing the right person, training and development, wages, maintenances, endorsement, shift etc. Proper training should be given to the staffs to gain new talent and information about job. Various types of training and development activities are being given to the staffs both in-house and outside the premises. Pizza Hut in USA follows a wide variety of management activities to increases the leadership skill of the staffs. Training and development activities of Pizza Hut help to improve the work related growth. They appoint a manager to give training to their staff members. At the time of appointing a person as a manager in the Pizza Hut, one and half month orientation class is provided to help develop all the necessary skills required to accomplish the work objectives. Human resources division of Pizza Hut deals with various activities to sustain growth of the business. One of the main functions of this department is to give proper training and development. There is also a panel to assist the staffs. Below mentioned are some of the training activities that Pizza Hut provides to its employees. “Expert training programme, as well as the Developing Champions training programme for all levels of restaurant Management. In addition we invest heavily in the further development of our Management population through core and fast track management development programmes and specific technical training” (Business information, n.d., p.9). The aim of a proper training is to support not only the business but also the public as well. From the perspective of business, training help to encourage the character growth, routine enhancement etc. At public level it helps to increases simplicity, public contact and incukate in the staff proper hospitality mentality which will make the service an enjoyable experience for the public.

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Training and development is being given to increases the potential caliber of the staffs employed in the organization. Besides, this training and development help the overall development of the organization. “Aim is to ensure you achieve the results you want in the fastest and most time and cost effective way possible, and then to offer you any ongoing support you may request in the future as new requirements emerge” (Converting underused potential into profit, n.d., para.3).

This essay tries to examine:

  1. The training and development of human resource in Pizza Hut
  2. Entrepreneurial skills relating to interpersonal communication among staffs, leadership qualities of entrepreneur and maintenance of supply chain and production.


Pizza Hut is the world’s largest eating place company comprising 6200 outlets in US and around 4000 in other places across the globe. Their menu consists of a wide variety of vegetarian and nonvegeterian pizzas. The product name is recognized universally and they offer products at customers’ choice. During 1977, in a strategic move, Pizza Hut started serving Pepsi with their products. The move proved to be very tactical and it became a widely accepted combination. People began to prefer eating out and it became a trend which also contributed in enhancing the appeal of Pizza Hut outlets. “To raise its profile, Pizza Hut introduced “Pan Pizza” in 1980 throughout its network. The product, with a thicker crust made in deep pans, soon became popular. The success of new additions to Pizza Hut’s menu was facilitated by the marketing resources provided by PepsiCo” (Pizza Hut Inc, n.d., para.16). In order to cope with the emerging trends in the field of food and beverages industry, proper training and development should follow recruitment. The top management has to focus first on creating awareness in the staff about customers’ preferences and expectations. Developing proper inter personal communication should from part of the training. As yet another timely strategy, Pizza Hut introduced online ordering systems which became very convenient for customers who did not have the time or inclination to physically move to an outlet to line. The staff also needs to trained in such technical matters. “Courteous and efficient service and convenient coupons, but online ordering is limited” (White, 2002, para.1).


Pizza Hut is a company which has attained global popularity and it has created its own standard of service in the hospitality industry through its commitment to customers.The quality of service that Pizza Hut delivers to its clients can be measured through the courtesy, mannerisms, timely delivery and customer care it provides. In Pizza Hut people come to celebrate many functions like birthday parties, launch of new businesses etc. In all these fields the training of the personnel of Pizza Hut is needed for proper customer satisfaction. For e.g. if it is a children’s birthday party the staff should have proper entertainment facilities for the children like tattoo drawing, special games, special music and dance party etc. For providing these types of special entertainment facilities catering to special age groups the staff of Pizza Hut needs the adequate training. Training helps in development of staff and in turn the organization.

Pizza Hut provides complete support to its staff. It gives not only adequate training but it also provides development to the staff because they are committed to improving their personnel. A coach or a mentor is appointed who provides training to the new recruits. The person’s understanding of the training is judged through his performance on work. Workshops are arranged for the staff to provide training in all positions right from Restaurant team member to General Manager. Pizza Hut does not conduct any formal exams after the training but it does measure the knowledge of its employees after the training. “While there are no formal exams, you’ll be expected to complete a range of assessments during the training programme to gauge your progress. As well as benefiting from ongoing reviews with your line manager, you’ll also get the chance to share your ambitions with us by putting together a personal development plan” (Training & development, n.d., para.3). Further, Pizza Hut provides to all its new recruits sufficient orientation and training to maintain the standards of the company. There are different hierarchy positions at Pizza Hut like restaurant team members, kitchen workers, delivery boys, restaurant general manager, customer relations executive at head office, supply chain manager etc. Each level in the hierarchy needs proper training so all new recruits are enrolled for a training programme which makes them eligible to receive the certificates for the job. Training is needed in all fields like solving the problem before it turns to a complaint, thanking the customer for visiting Pizza Hut, not blaming co-workers etc. These are some entrepreneurial qualities which can be followed by all the employees in Pizza Hut. “Pizza Hut staff training covers the aspects of Job Orientation, Job Training, Cross Training, and Training Certification” (Team member training at Pizza Hut, 2010, para.3). Pizza Hut has been changing its training strategies with its development and according to the needs of time. It now provides computer training which is cost-friendly to its new recruits rather than classroom training. “Pizza Hut has also tried job-matched training and has completely eliminated training- related help-desk calls, says Richard Smola, manager of development and training” (Special section strategic outlook one end user training: How to achieve your personnel best, 1992, p.40).

Training is a system of providing guidance to employees in such a manner that it leads to the most advantageous employment of the human resource which in turn results in the realisation of both individual as well as the organisation’s goals. It is a task in human resource management which moulds the human resources of the firm in such a manner that the human resource is fully productive for the firm. The outcome of the training provided to employees is reflected in the work atmosphere of Pizza Hut from where customers return with full satisfaction in terms of service delivery. Training can be imparted either by a training instructor or it can be provided through software like Compact disk shows, PowerPoint slide descriptions etc.The objective of training is to communicate to the trainee the concept behind the training and what are the expectations from the employee after the training. The benefactors of the training are the trainer (the person who is imparting training), the trainee (the person who is the recipient of the training), the designer (the person who prepares the training design) and the evaluator (who measures the training progress in employees). Training and development helps in promoting a healthy work environment and helps in the development of organizational culture within an organisation. Schooling the employees of the organisation by proper training helps the employees to develop and enhance leadership qualities. Training is of many types but Pizza Hut mainly stresses on “on the job training”. This type of training on the job helps the employee in learning new skills and increases the job knowledge of the employee which is beneficial to both the individual as well as organisation.

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An entrepreneur controls the whole industry. He is the prime decision maker in all employee related issues. “Determining what needs to get done on a daily basis, and then doing it, is a motivational issue for many entrepreneurs, experienced or otherwise” (Albo, 2006, para.1). An entrepreneur’s special skills should include leadership qualities. To become a leader and to lead a team he needs to implement the concept of training in his industry. Entrepreneurs in Pizza Hut understand the relevance of man-power performance in their firm. The duty of an entrepreneur is to see whether the training and development programme is in line with the industry’s demands. An entrepreneur is a convincing teacher and should be involved in training programme like “kicking off the first day of a training workshop, lending their name to a letter announcing an upcoming program, or handing out certificates at the conclusion of a training program” (Rosania, 2001, p.16). Involvement of entrepreneur in the training programme is beneficial to the organization. An entrepreneur should also understand the trainee’s viewpoint on training. Entrepreneurs should possess strong communication and negotiation skills which he can impart to his employees.

An entrepreneur must be maintaining a strong interpersonal communication among his staffs. On the other hand a manager is a person who should have the capacity to manage the staff in the organization. If he is not able to maintain the interpersonal communication among the staff it will adversely affect the entire profit of the organization. “Successful entrepreneurs are comfortable relating to other people; they easily create rapport and are at least more extroverted than they are introverted” (Javitch, 2009, para.7).

In any organization training is defined as a “learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules, or changing of attitudes and behaviours’ to enhance the performance of employees” (Introduction of training, 2007, para.1). Training is learning process so at the time of getting knowledge from the concerned authority the staff must be in a position to understand the same. Proper communication must be there to the acquire knowledge as well as to impart knowledge. Therefore, if the entrepreneurs want to become successful they must be in a position to maintain good communication among their staff members.

Entrepreneurs in Pizza Hut believe in the significance of fresh products in relation to customer satisfaction. The production system in Pizza Hut is being maintained well. “The high-tech equipment and production system are key to positioning Pizza Hut in the competitive fast-food segment. The cooking equipment and production systems are designed to serve up food in about 30 seconds” (Howard, 1992, p.1). The Yum Group which is the owner of Pizza Hut provides strict instructions to its suppliers in terms of quality and timely delivery, thereby maintaining a strong supply chain management system. The efficient supply chain that Pizza Hut follows makes it easy to deliver total satisfaction to its customers. Even though Pizza Hut has several branches it maintains the local supply chain which is at present efficient.


Pizza Hut has outlets in various countries and, therefore, the training imparted to the personnel must be with respect to the geography of the place. Training should be conducted keeping in mind the trainee’s understanding of the language. “Use the right language and level of instruction dependent upon the educational background and level of sophistication of the participants” (Tolentino, 2009, para.81). Improving the communication system within the company helps in enhancing service to customers. Proper training with respect to communicating to the customers can be given to staff. “Communications with field restaurants are one aspect of networking at Pizza Hut, but they’re essential to helping the company monitor business performance and deliver the best service possible” (Nicastro, 2010, para.1). By Tim Zimmerman, Manager of Communication Systems, Pizza Hut Wichita, Kan.


Human resources are the most precious asset in any organization. So, proper training is necessary to manage the human resources. Pizza Hut is a big branded organization which is evident from the company’s strong presence in the F&B industry for over 50 years since its incorporation. Business is being managed smoothly by the entrepreneur and the employees and Pizza Hut is on its way to open new branches in almost all countries. Proper training and development should be given to all the staffs in order o cope up with the changing environment. Pizza Hut is adopting various training and development activities to impart skills as well as knowledge to their staffs. Entrepreneurs in Pizza Hut possess strong leadership qualities and provide proper guidance to staff with respect to customer satisfaction. The Pizza Hut personnel are advised by the leaders as to how to maintain team spirit and work collectively for the benefit of the organization. Entrepreneur controls the whole environment and this is the secret of the success of the organization.

Training is an aptitude management tool which can be used in any business to enhance its human operations. Training and development of personnel in Pizza hut is satisfactory still there are scopes of improvement because it is a service industry and so new innovative techniques should be designed that provide the customers the best service. Training of personnel increases the productivity of employees and leads to development of the organisation.

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