Management. Critical Thinking, Planning and Organizing

Critical thinking is one of the tools that are used by companies and business organizations to come up with business strategies. In every human or business setting in the world, one of the main and consistent features that keep and maintain the organizations are the plans that have involved critical thinking processes. One of the fields that make use of critical thinking processes is decision-making strategies. This refers to the designing and making use of way-outs that exemplify the success of a company or an organization. Before any plan or strategy is undertaken, it normally takes the initiative of critical thinking before a decision is agreed upon by an individual or even a group of people. This is a practice that has kept many companies and business organizations to be in proceeding with the successes that they have formulated and implemented in their organizations.

There are several tools that various companies use in their decision-making processes. These tools are normally based on the audience that is being targeted by the nature of the decision that is to be prepared. The creative and innovation consultancy is one of the companies in the world that have taken firm steps in making decisions based on the kind of public that it is to appear before. For instance, it has appeared on various television presentations as in the big idea with Donny Deutch. They mainly aim at the processes and methodologies used in creating alternatives and subjecting them under evaluation. This is mainly to ascertain if they have been able to fulfill the objectives and goals that have been set in the first place.

Alternatives are normally methodologies that can be used on behalf of others. They are the strategies that are laid down for the sake of offering security to the tasks that are being handled by the company or an individual. For instance, in the library, the act of generating new traffic involves the use of particular alternatives and similarly subjecting them to evaluation and critical analysis. In a public library, various decisions are supposed to be made and adhered to. First and foremost, a public library should be in a position to handle various clients efficiently and consistently.

Generating new traffic is one of the crucial responsibilities that companies and other humanitarian organizations as the libraries epitomize. A public library should be in a position to handle various clients efficiently and consistently. Generating new foot traffic will always take the inventiveness of the learned and the regular users of the library. This is a traffic chart that utilizes the energy of an individual as he has to take steps one after the other in moving from one place to another within the library. Movement within the library can be in various directions as regards the arrangement of the library and its usability. The users should be consistent in their movements as they should not interfere with the activities that go on in the library. The various attributes that a public library can have are accountability, efficiency, silence, cleanliness, nearness to the people for instance the students, not with any scent or awful-smelling substance. It should have all the necessary facilities that are supposed to be in the library, updated, well arranged, well lit, and should be located in an area free of noise and any other external annoyance.

The problem of generating new traffic has several solutions that can act as salvages to the people and other library users. The basic ideas that a library can and should have are attributes like efficiency, present-ability, and ease in the use of the items that are within the library. Moreover, the library traffic, and more so the foot traffic should exemplify excellence that is required of a public library. If you eliminate an attribute like efficiency and substitute it with inefficiency, it will automatically ruin the plans and presentations of the library.

Finally, a public library should be well equipped with the right facilities that will qualify it to be a public library. This will enable it serve people of varied careers and academic disciplines.

Culture is one of the attributes that are well known to transform the integrity and workability of a company or any other human establishment. For instance when you visit the website of coca cola Company, there is a lot of information that you are liable to access as far as culture is concerned. Culture transcends the activities, plans, intentions and directions that an organization or company takes in its processes of getting involved in various activities. It is an attribute that concern how a company derives its directions and draws its plans as it endeavors to progress for one level to another.

Culture mainly touches on the way companies take particular actions as regards to its plans and visions. The organizational chart of Coca Cola Company exemplifies various links and organs that are inevitable in the daily working of the company. It depicts of the general structure and protocol that an individual has to take in response to the nature and the appearance of the company. The chart is a clear prove of the nature that the organization takes as it endeavors to have all of its organs work as a system. Moreover, culture is the fundamental organ that contributes to the nature and workability of the company. This is what has brought the company from its establishment to the current situations.

There are unique attributes that are exemplified by the coca cola company. One of it is the annual celebration that is used as a form of anniversary of what the company has been able to realize over the year. This is the time all the stakeholders and workers of the company come together and celebrate their unity and hard work that has driven them to achieve the successes that have been realized. Moreover, there is an annual ritual that all the personalities of the company get to participate in as a form of celebration, together with the striking of new strategies for the times to come. Various symbols are depicted in the website of the company. These symbols are a clear indication of the traditions and rituals that the company operates in in various circumstances and situations. Moreover, various instances depict of discussions that have taken place as far as rituals and traditions are concerned.

Various postings have recently been put by the company on its website. The website of the company clearly illustrates good impressions form the website of the company. The nature in which culture has been expressed in the website depicts of the way things are culturally done in the company. For instance, the website takes the view that culture is one of then organs in which companies get to realize of their intentions and strategies. Moreover, they are the building blocks of the companies continued performance as they offer their services to the various clients they serve. However, there are cases of discrepancies as relates to the two websites. As far as culture is indicated as a stronghold to every performing company, there are no methodologies that show how the companies can explore into the field of culture as involving in various rituals that depict of the culture of the company.

There are specific ways in which such controversies are solved in the company. One of the ways is having the two companies or issues under controversy recount together. Striking a clear and a universal understanding is a clear way of having the issues solved within a short period. It is always very important to have a clear, common and universal understanding over the issues at hand. Moreover, the issues have to be brought to a common level that will enable every concern to be felt, yet with the consideration of the counterpart.

In the verification of the decision making process, it is always important to have evaluation of the entire process. One of the methods that can be used in this case is carrying out interviews. In doing this, one is compelled to involve questions that touch on the various fields of the company. Some of the questions are questions that touch on the kind of culture in the company, the age of culture and the methods that signify that it is a culture. Others include questions like, what is the nature of your organization, how do you normally make sure that you have always adhered to the present culture, and which way do you love or embrace a particular culture and not the other.

Critical analysis of a company is one way of ensuring that the company is consistent in its improvement on the services that it offers to its clients. Various companies have a range of strategies and data management software that they use in their analysis and critical human resource management. Safety of the employees is another critical feature that has to be taken into consideration in managing a company or any other human establishment.

One of the main intentions of many companies is the desire to gain more customers and thus offer more services in exchange for cash inflows. It is therefore the core reason for every business establishment to have at its disposal products that will win the confidence of the clients and thus maintain them as more come for the same products. Critical analysis of the company is of a necessity as it helps the company to gauge the extent to which it can offer services to the customers in any way probable. It helps the company to be able to know its weaknesses and strengths and thus improve on the weaknesses. SWOT analysis is therefore inevitable in any company or business establishment.

There are many issues and business aspects that have been handled by the Sascom magazine. It mainly focuses on the successes that a company can make from inside out of the management. The strategies that have been exemplified in the magazine have clear comparisons with the SWOT analysis that various companies embrace at the moment. One of the strategies that are in the magazine is the one which deals with the strengths of the company. This is based on the type and nature of leadership that a company exemplifies. It is common knowledge that the kind of leadership translates into the level and quality of performance that a company will be able to depict.

One of the weaknesses that have been depicted in the magazine is lack of specific skill and knowledge that can be used to transform the performance of the company as a whole. Skill is inevitable to any performing business establishment. For one to be able to compete well in the present business world there is a need to embrace new knowledge and skill as they come into existence..

There are various categories of threats that companies and any other business establishment face in their daily endeavors. Threats come from other companies and business establishments that offer competition to the company and its products. It becomes a threat when the company is not able to cope with the challenges that are offered by other companies in the market. Opportunities come when the company has all what it takes to compete with others in the market, and finally come out as a champion. It is at this chance that the company will be able to fetch many clients who will thus be regular consumers of the products that the company dwells in.

The article has also displayed various issues that categorically ascertains to the presence of SWOT analysis in the company. The points are as follows: strengths; the company has good amount of resources to use, it is near to a ready market, and that it has extended its reach to many people all over the world. Weaknesses; it always runs short of skills, it is not considerate to other companies that offer competition, and that it does not involve itself in taking risks. Opportunities; the company is opportunistic in many ways in that it is near to a ready market, it is well established than other companies of the same caliber, it has the opportunity of being around a well resourced place, it has got connections with the present system of technology as the internet and that it has established well with the people. Moreover, the company faces threats as its short of skill irregularities, other companies of the same nature are advancing at a faster rate and that it has to improve on its services no matter how expensive they may be, as long as it needs to remain at the prime in production.

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