Apple Inc.’s Modeling Decision-Making


The company of Apple Inc was started during the early years of 1970s. It was initially named as Apple computer inc. with its establishment in state of California. Its main purpose of it establishment was to design and manufacture consumer electronics as well as software products. It is thus trained by developing computers and selling them to customers. The company with the improvement on research and development also established the need to develop those products which have close association to computers. It then embarked on making a series of items which support their products in market. They therefore produces an of array of products including personal computers, portable media players, mobiles phones, computer hardware’s and other related products such computers soft wares. This company being one the largest companies in the United States operates about two hundred stores. These stores are opened in different five countries. The company has a numerous connection for its goods to customers including the online means. This implies that the company has always gone hand in hand with the technology advancement. The Apple Inc. company has change with time on product production as well as on service delivery which has enabled the company to expand its marketing from one point to another. This has been achieved through strategic decision making processes within the company’s portfolio. The arrival to these decisions takes some process before they are implemented in the company’s practices. This is because many organization are conscious that decision making is a process which is sophisticated and the result of any decision may create a diverse effects instead of achieving the goals of decisions, i.e. decision are aimed at solving a problem but sometime this is not attained instead they create new problems. (Messick, 1990).

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The decision making process being a sophisticated techniques is one of the most essential part in the success of business. The Apple Inc company being one of a multinational corporation on operation thus requires to have an extensive decision making body. This means that the company has to include a number of people in management level to bring together the ideal decision making body. The company having a number of stores at different parts within one state and also across the borders of other states has established that bringing together of all the management team of company at various parts would be unethical in terms of cost and time consideration factors. Thus the decision making are done in the designated states or nations with the mandate given to the overall director of the organization in those state. This make the company to have speedy discovery of the problem arising and also enables it have quick pass of the solution to the problems which do arise. Through this, the company has been able to give a stiff competition to its competitors. Some of its key competitors which are highly expanding include the Microsoft Corporation, which mostly concentrates its production on software that are still products of Apple inc company. Other key competitors of the company comprises of the Hewlett-Packard Company, Emc Corporation and NetApp Inc which provides mostly products and software services to individual consumers, and small and medium sized enterprises.

The supervisor together with their assistant who works in intimate conduct with the employee and their consumers firsts identifies any problem which arises from these people. Being the overseers of them junior employees and still working under the close relation with the company’s consumers makes them to easily observe the loopholes which may make the poor performance of the company stores at their different sites. They then channel this to higher authorities where n by the assistant managers coordinates and presents any complain to the departmental mangers of the various stores. This implies that data from the grassroots of the company management are forwarded to the higher authorities for actions to be taken. The departmental managers are then the ones who present the problem to the boards of directors for decisions to be made. The director general makes the core in decisions making process thus with clear consultations and advises with members of the board of directors, the Apple Inc company stores are taken through one level to another. This mean the decision makers are the board members of the company composed of the chief executive officer, the chief financial officer, the operating officer, the general counsel (secretary) and the departmental directors. (Burgelman, 1999).

The Apple Inc company has drawn a wide range of consumers. This perhaps is due to a number of reasons which includes the wide product range combining the current technologies. However, the most noticeable reason is the strong teams which enhance the ease decision making processes. This allows for faster customers satisfactory services delivery especially through the use of strategic efforts to provides their customers with quality products and services. The highly developed cooperates cultures within the company’s management team makes it to be a successful firm. This spirits and notion of the company has created and environment which is favorable for its associations with the enormous customers from diverse level of business transactions. These are mostly those people dealing in electronics and theirs accessory. It has thus been embraces its hands with individual or groups of individuals in the marketing and selling of its products. The Apple would therefore be seen selling its products to educational institutions, individuals personal users of minor products such as earphone, consumers creative professionals, business organizations and even it has extensive business connection to the government customers which they usual supply their products. (Bower, 2002).

The company has established a unique approach to solve its problem while at the critical; point. They make sure that they perceived by the present situation and then the look and the targeted goals they want to achieve. The company would thus have an input phase in which it would establish the problem abound in it. At this point the company tries to research on the similar problem to have betters understanding of the problem. This form the base for the company to see that there is certainly unsatisfying fielding which is not performing. After the grasping of this vital information, the second action is taken to know the alternatives ways can be there in solving the problem. Then they would evaluate these alternatives in details in attempt to see where they can get the best solutions. As the board converges on the meeting room, they would plan on the chosen alternative to go on to implement. For instance, when the company was faced with the problem of poor sales in the year of 1998, the company had to strategically decisions on the ways to this problem. The company established quite a number of alternatives. In order to increase its sales they established that the company had wide coverage of geographical market. Thus they targets makes uses of the wide market expanding its market further in those areas where they had already some information rather than continuing to commences on new sites which they had no idea. The implementation of the decision made the company gain local and regional markets rapidly. The rapid growth of the sales was then realized through increased company’s networking with the old clients and newly existing customers. This is because the company first removes the cost s of transports to wider areas coverage. There was still quicker communication of the clients and the company’s management. This generally achieved the target goals and their profits of the company increased dramatically by cutting down unnecessary cost. The decision was arrived through costs calculations. This means that the company considered the cost efficiencies which exists and by reducing their total operating expenses. The factors of consolidating the sales and marketing were the major in increasing their sales volume and over all profits. (Lindblom, 1989).


The analytical technique of grid analysis was of benefit in several ways. First and foremost the technique proved to be a powerful tool in operation with the wide range of alternative choices. This technique was of paramount aid in the consideration of the many factors which were taken into account. Thus, it is a technique which allows one to make important decision where situation is not directly clear and preferred option for the decision. The technique being thus a multiple combining tool in the analysis makes ones to solve problems which are complex in nature. Through the process, an individual would be gain an experience on the work factor arrangement and he will also get to know factor to consider when doing analysis. This would be of benefit in developing analytical consideration for future problems. When the technique is properly applied on analysis, it gives the analysts a kind of surety of getting the most appropriate answers to the problem. This means, if the technique is adequately used, it would enable the person on working to achieve probable solution. As result of this, the person can give better solutions to the company and makes it embark on the right track. Thus, this experience would then make the company adopt the best practices and operations. By doing so, then technique enables the person to develop strong ability to predict and identify as well explain the chances of events and their consequences. It also enhances the person ability to assess situations and prepares for the challenge of situations of the foreseen difficult events. So generally, the techniques helps in computing works which is difficult for others techniques to achieve, thus giving quality answers to problem based on priority of events or tasks. (Burgelman, 1999).


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