New Business Brand Profile for Coffee Shop

Project Description

The new cafe will be referred to as the Taste Cafe in order to create an impression of various coffee types provided in the premises. It is a cafe that provides a range of coffee with an Arabic aspect. This is aimed at recreating the foreign cuisine and maintains a global preference. As such, the international and global approach is adopted because UAE has become a tourist hub. It will be planned to provide a conducive, friendly, and relaxed environment for the clients. It is meant to serve as one of the cafes providing high quality coffee brands and other foods. Although the primary focus is the provision of coffee, the incorporation of other foods is an important factor of diversification in business. The Taste Cafe will be situated in the Dubai Mall from 9 am to 11 pm towards midnight.

Equipments for The Cafe

Due to the technological advancement that has taken place globally, will provide an electronic menu where the customers can view their menu from the iPad and other office equipments such as laptops and desktops. In this case, the electronic menu is meant to enable customers to check the available types of coffee even when they are not in the cafe. The cafe will also require three computers to enable electronic approach to business. The computers will be used in the storage of data and management of the inventory. Concurrently, the computers will be used together with the cash register. The cash register will be used to store cash and produce receipts for the clients. They also enable the maintenance of security since the access to cash is only granted to few people. In addition to these equipments, the cafe will require tables and chairs in order to facilitate the accommodation of customers during service and consumption. In order to ensure that the customers are comfortable and relaxed, the chairs will be reinforced with buoyant material. They will be decorated to ensure the customers are attracted to the cafe and hence facilitate marketing. Besides these equipments, kitchen equipments are very crucial when it comes to the management of a cafe. In this light, the cafe will require holding cabinets to store the prepared beverages and foods. In addition, two refrigerators will be needed to store ingredients that may be used after a few days of purchase. This will ensure the reliability of services since supply of ingredients will not pose a problem. In order to ensure hygiene and help to maintain health, the cafe will require materials such as tissues, gloves for the chefs.

Rationale of the Project

The Taste Cafe will be established in order to provide customers with one-stop coffee destination in the United Arab Emirates. In this case, the cafe seeks to provide a mixture of both traditional-based and modern coffee varieties. These varieties will be drawn from the local and foreign countries in order to diversify its portfolio. Of course, the inclusion of many coffee varieties is a basis of improving the customers’ experience. In addition, it ensures that all customers get the coffee of preference once they visit the cafe. This tendency and strategy will work as one of the critical plans to earn customers and ensure continued inflow. From a broad perspective, it has been noted that coffee has a range of pastries around the world. In addition, most of the people visiting UAE and also the locals tend to prefer one type of coffee to another. The tendency calls for an actionable plan and establishment of a cafe that can serve this purpose to satisfy the current market.

Customers Satisfaction

In essence, customers’ satisfaction is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to business. In particular, the food and beverage industry is a sensitive area due to factors such as health, quantity and taste. In this light, the Taste Cafe will implement various undertakings to ensure that all customers are satisfied once they visit the premises. First, the cafe management will employ highly qualified chefs to prepare the coffee. In this case, it is essential to recognize the importance of skills when it comes to the preparation of coffee. As such, the quality of coffee is assessed from its taste. If the taste is inconsistent with a certain type of coffee, the customers’ satisfaction is at stake. Furthermore, the qualification and level of skills determine the diligence of the chefs during the preparation of the beverages. As a result, highly qualified chefs can assure good health owing to this diligence. Importantly, the dishes will be prepared from organic ingredients to ensure that the health of the customers is not threatened by chemicals and excess fats.

Additionally, customers’ satisfaction relies on the waiting time before service bearing in mind that time is of importance. As such, it is crucial to ensure that the customers use as little time as possible while waiting. Of course, customers seek cafe facilities to get their needs satisfied. This implies that the clients are eager to quest their nearly urgent needs. If they use a lot of time waiting, it will obviously degrade the credibility of the cafe’s services. Indeed, the future possibility of the customer to seek the services reduces. In that regard, therefore, the cafe will employ enough waiters to ensure there is efficient and timely service. The number of waiters will be proportional to the expected number of customers.


Since this is a start up cafe, the cost of setting up must include various provisions to ensure a firm foundation. The table below shows the equipments and other requirements alongside their corresponding prices.

Item Units Description Cost
Business registration —————- This is the process of legitimizing the business in the country $100
Tables 50 They will be used to place the served dishes $1500
Chairs 50 Use to sit on $1200
Refrigerators 2 Used to store flesh foods and ingredients $800
Computers 3 They will be used to store data and manage inventory $750
Labour —————- 5 waiters
3 chefs
2 cleaners
Advertisement This is a new business in the market. However, it is competing against other established businesses. As a result, it requires robust marketing to ensure competitive advantage.


First, the business will be registered under the registration act of Dubai to legitimize it. After the registration, the room will be acquired at Dubai mall through renting. This will be followed by the purchase of equipments such as the tables, chairs, and the refrigerators. The purchase of equipments will be succeeded by the recruitment of employees, including the three chefs, cleaners and waiters.

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