Performance Management and Training in the Successful Business

To build a successful business, the employer needs to use the potential of human resources as efficiently as possible. Human resources management is based on the science of psychology and is about the effective use of human nature at work (Danvila-del-Valle et al., 2019). Hence, it is often advised to treat the business staff fairly, to manage them well, and to provide them with some perks and opportunities.

These measures are to ensure their hard work for the common aim achievement and acing the business plan of a partnership. Every company tries to follow these pieces of advice in its way, where some corporations show positive growth and others suffer from stagnation, loss of essential employees, or even bankruptcy. This essay aims to explain and analyze the human resources strategies of the well-known soft-drinks company Coca-Cola and make relevant conclusions about its policy.

Given the top position of this company in the world market, its human resources strategies can be assumed to be valid and effective. First, Coca-Cola’s management pays close attention to the acquisition and retention of valuable workers, which are usually highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable (Scheufele, 2017). In other words, Coca-Cola values its agents, and this kind of treatment of human resources helps to sustain the achievement of high results. The organization guarantees social security for their workers, so they would not be distracted from their responsibilities with the uncertainty of the future (Scheufele, 2017).

There is an annual appraisal based on the achievement of the company’s goals, which stimulates the workers to accomplish their duties qualitatively. Last but not least, the firm carefully represents the job description, duties, responsibilities, and required skills to retain the high level among its employees (Gabriyella et al., 2018). As it can be observed, one of the reasons for this business to come ahead of its competitors is the brilliant work of HR managers.

To improve the workers’ skills and qualifications is as crucial as to select the employees carefully. The satisfaction of employees can make the company successful and increase its reputation. As a result, Coca-Cola claims that its employees are its assets; therefore, it cares about their health, interests, and benefits (Scheufele, 2017). In this view, the corporation organizes the mentorship programs to provide opportunities for the growth of the professional network. Moreover, there are training and coaching programs available for the company’s employees. In addition to that, feedback, exchange of ideas, diverse thinking, and cross-functional learning are considered as well. These propositions help the company to prepare the staff that fits its needs and requirements (Scheufele, 2017).

After the qualification improvement, the management re-evaluates and promotes each representative, which can be regarded as another work benefit as a whole as it is done at the company’s expense (Gabriyella et al., 2018). These measures ensure the employees’ satisfaction and decrease the possibility of litigation.

The core functions of human resources management are recruiting and selecting new agents, achieving high-performance rate and affective commitment from new employees as well as experienced workers, solving the cross-cultural management. First, new workers need to be aware of and fit the policy of the Coca-Cola company to ensure competence and the possibility to work in a team (Scheufele, 2017).

The HR department needs to use online platforms like LinkedIn or Glassdoor efficiently in order to broaden the scope of the employee seeking. This action helps the department to search for professional people from a higher number of applicants, which stimulates more competitive selection (Danvila-del-Valle et al., 2019). The company needs to pay close attention to finding qualified workers. In the present competitive environment, rival corporations present difficulty for staff retention.

Second, the human resources department of Coca-Cola organizes the stimulating incentives that help to maintain a high quality of the work. In consequence, the employees have the motivation to work more efficiently and show top-achieving results (Danvila-del-Valle et al., 2019). Furthermore, as it was noted before, the company cares about the well-being of all of its workers to ensure their personal and health stability (Scheufele, 2017). As permanent workers are the essential factor for the business flourishing, the HR department needs to monitor their satisfaction carefully.

Third, as an international company, Coca-Cola needs to solve issues on cross-cultural management. For that purpose, the corporation provides its workers with internships around the world, exchanging the employees around its offices (Scheufele, 2017). These measures can also be treated as an incentive as well as building a feeling of belonging to the Coca-Cola community. The latter is crucial as one more stimulating factor for the individual agents to work for completion of the company’s goal.

Currently, the human resources department of the company successfully fulfils its duties. Apart from finding the potential working force, it ensures the positive presentation of the company in the world community (Gabriyella et al., 2018). Particularly, the corporation reports the diversity of its employee community by presenting 5 to 20 ratio of female to male workers (Scheufele, 2017). Moreover, it is well known that the formula of the company’s main soft-drink is a commercial secret. As none of the employees disclosed it, the company can be assumed to stimulate them effectively.

Monitoring the performance of the existing workers is as crucial as recruiting them (Danvila-del-Valle et al., 2019). With this in mind, a perfect understanding of the company’s goals can be achieved through discussions and feedback. Along with that, the corporation can assure that the workers’ ambitions and its aims are to be accomplished together. Besides, these measures assist the HR department in identifying the weaknesses of the employees. Afterwards, the staff can be trained to fill the gaps in their qualification. At Coca-Cola, annual performance review system stimulates the workers to seek training and improvement of their skills (Scheufele, 2017).

According to Gabriyella et al. (2018), Coca-Cola’s associates and managers review and discuss the performance and the results of the work by the end of every 6 and 12 months. This evaluation process helps an individual to assess their performance for aim achievement and make relevant conclusions. For the most part, they can improve their plan outline and seek enrichment if needed. Consequently, preparation is provided to the employees based on these reviews (Scheufele, 2017). The existing system of discussions and feedback allows to find the benefits and problems, and solve the latter quickly.

To conclude, an efficiently run human resources department can provide the organization with a developed structure and the ability to meet business necessities. It can be achieved through managing the company’s most valuable resources, its employees as it is the people but not the technology who create the business. The organization’s focus is the skills and the abilities of the employees. Human resource practices employ a competitive model where skills and knowledge are of paramount significance.


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