Strategic Management: A Hotel in United Arab Emirates

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We are a Luxury Hotel based in United Arab Emirates and we will be fully functional from the month of July in the year 2011. Our hotel is one of the most important tourist attractions of Dubai and it has got many additional facilities along with luxurious living inside the hotel. The hotel is also a very important shooting destination now-a –days. Along with private beaches, a water entertainment park and private monorail station, the hotel is a grand experience in all the ways.

A detailed Description of the Hotel

The hotel and resort is a joint venture between the “Kersner International Hotels and the Prince Group” (Bernardez 17-52) and it is situated in a private beach in the United Arab Emirates. The resort is basically modeled after a resort in the Bahamas and it has got influences of many other important constructions of the world. The makers want it to become the top holiday destination in Dubai and they will succeed in achieving that.

The resort has got two towers in it and it has got a total of 1200 rooms. There are several presidential suits, more than 20 beach cottages and a total of 16 honeymoon suits too. The private beach, monorail station and the water parks are some of the very important tourist aspects of the hotel. The hotel will have a rooftop restaurant and bar where a total of 59 types of cuisine be available. All the post modern facilities will be available in the hotel. For the deluxe suits and other presidential suits, there will be attendants and they will have the privilege of having car service of the hotel (White, pp. 221-229).

All of the rooms will have intercom connection and 24 hours of effective room service along with a mini bar designed in the rooms itself. All the rooms will have home theater systems and music system for the entertainment of the guests. For the well being of the guests the hotel will also have a multi functional health centre, which will be one of its kind and have all the instruments of modern health care. Talks are on for starting a health park inside the hotel premises too. The food served by the hotel will be the most delicious and prepared by the elite chefs around the World. The green vegetables used for cooking will come directly from the plantations owned by the hotel company all around the World, and they will undergo a strict check up before going to cook. This will ensure maximum taste for the food and also less trouble for health too (Miller and McBrewster, p. 112).

Along with all this, the hotel will also have four swimming pools, one tennis court and golf course room, two cinema halls, a total of five conference rooms, two fully equipped gymnasium, snooker and pool rooms, squash rooms and the hotel’s privately own Doberman racing strip, along with two casinos. Another very important thing of the hotel will be the water amusement park of the hotel, which is build with the assistance of renowned engineers who have built a number of water theme parks around the World (Bernardez, pp. 17-52).

There will be a 100 feet long water fall, some cyclonic rides, an artificial sea-beach along with some water rides. We are negotiating with Walt Disney for a theme ride of the Pirates of Caribbean theme ride which one can see in Disneyland, and as talks are advancing we can easily say that it will be installed in the water theme park in the month of May next year and it will attract viewer from all around Dubai and other parts of the World too. Talks are also going on to arrange a professional golf tournament in our private golf course too (Bernardez, pp. 17-52).


Before starting any venture, every organization has a vision of future and the functioning of their venture. It is same with this case too. The planning for the hotel was started as early as in the year 2003 and many renowned persons from the sphere of architectural industry, hospitality fields, and all other spheres of life. One of the most important aspects of the hotel is that the hotel is a 100% green building and first of its kind in Dubai. Another very important aspect is that the hotel will run on solar energy and the corporation behind the hotel has installed solar panels for that cause. Environmentalists from different parts of the World were invited to check all these facilities in the hotel and they were very happy to see the results (Lugosi, pp. 139-149).

The corporation knew that Dubai has already a number of luxurious hotels and they wanted it to stand apart from these hotels. And the vision was according to the plan. It is believed that they wanted to stay very simple in their outlook and it resulted in the grand plan of creating the hotel.


The Mission of the Corporation was to build the hotel and to make it with utmost care. The construction took at least three years and now we are on the verge of opening the hotel. To make the hotel they had to take many a planned steps like the following:

  • Planning: The most important part was the planning. After it was decided that the hotel will be in Dubai, the company had to decide about the spot and other things like the design of the hotel, and every thing that will be in the hotel and most importantly the amount of capital to be invested in the making of the hotel. The planning part was carried out for almost one year and at last they made every thing final (Bernardez, pp. 17-52).
  • Construction: The Corporation brought the site for the construction of the hotel in the month of July 2006 and full fledged construction work began from the beginning of the next year. A Los Angeles based construction firm took the total responsibility of completing the project with the help of two Dubai based companies. All the materials used in the construction of the building are totally recyclable and environment friendly. Both the Corporation and the Construction Company behind the making of the building were really careful about making the building a 100% green hotel and with advanced technology and other equipments they are successful in their mission.
  • Electricity: As earlier mentioned the hotel is completely run by solar power which is really very environment friendly. A company from Germany, who has earned World wide fame in the solar panel installation system, has completed the installation of the panels in the hotel (Bernardez, pp. 17-52).
  • Interior Decoration: As planned the hotel will be a great tourist destination and guests from all over the World will come to visit the hotel. So a great importance has been given to the interior decoration of the hotel. All of the rooms and suits are meticulously planned to give the guests maximum comfort. The suits are of different themes and some times the interior decoration of the suits is altered as for the taste of the guest (Lugosi, pp. 139-149).
  • Service: The service of the hotel will be at par with any luxury hotel in the World. As said earlier the suits will always have butler and chauffer along with other staffs like masseur and personal chefs. Also other guests will have the same kind of treatment as we value all our guests. All the chefs of the hotel are World Class and they are always ready to serve you any thing you want. Our support staffs in different department are eager to help you in any situation and we will personally take care of any necessary things that the guests will need (Bernardez, pp. 17-52).

All these tactical steps will be enough to give the Hotel a quality name in the industry. We strongly believe that there is always some room for improvement and we will work really hard to attain the perfect status. All the guests will be requested to share their experience in the hotel with the management and if they can provide us some points where we can develop we will surely pay attention to those details (Lugosi, pp. 139-149).

SWOT Analysis

The premises and the services of the hotel along with its extra attractions like Water Park and golf course etc are the main strength of the hotel. As the hotel is still not operational, we can not point out the weaknesses of the hotel and we are sure that if there are some weaknesses in the hotel we are bound to develop it all the way. The comfort and satisfaction of the guests are of utmost importance to our management and employees and they will go to any length to ensure that. There are a lot of opportunities of the hotel to gain popularity. We can use the hotel for shooting of feature film and television commercials and many interested parties want to discuss the prospect of shooting in our premises. That will be a wonderful advertisement of our facilities. In the threat section we can say that in Dubai there are many luxury hotels and in near future there are some more coming up too. We have to keep a clear eye on the competition and also always have to develop our facilities. To stay ahead of the competitors we have to promote the hotel all the way (White, pp. 221-229).


In conclusion we can say that we are creating a hotel that is unique in many ways and we are confident that the hotel will be one of the most if not the most popular tourist spots and luxurious destinations of Dubai. The hotel is solely obliged to serve the guests with all its offerings and we hope to serve them more than their expectations. The satisfaction of the patrons will be of enormous pleasure to the owners and all the persons involved with the hotel. It will surely be one of the crowning jewels of Dubai’ super luxurious hotel industry.

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