The Bottle Swap Company’s Management Recommendation

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One of the recommendations that can be made to Bottle Swap’s management is the use of mobile considerations for their digital advertising. It is important to note that trends show that more users use their mobile phones to go online. Therefore, all content that is made for digital platforms should ideally also be suited for mobile devices. Kingsnorth (2019) argues that there are various websites that look good on computers but do not appear that great on mobile phones. Apart from the look and feel, mobile phone users also prefer advertisements that are direct and short. This is due to the fact that they have easier access to more information. Therefore, marketers have to ensure that they capture the interest of the user before they move on to something else. It is prudent to state that the growth of the mobile phone industry is expected to grow exponentially. This is especially the case with developing countries, the majority of which are expanding their network coverage. Therefore, with more people online, Bottle Swap has to consider reaching its target audience more easily.

A second recommendation that can be given is the use of organic search to the advantage of the company. Indeed, there are numerous ways in which clients get the information they need online. It can be argued that some receive it through referrals while others acquire the same through social media. It is prudent for Bottle Swap to tap into its organic search, which relies heavily on its website’s SEO. There is one main reason why this is critical. Think of a website as a company’s one-stop-shop. A client that lands on that site should be able to get all the information and services they need. The owner of Bottle Swap agrees that although the site ranks well, there is more work that needs to be done. Search engine optimization can be used to enhance the website and ensure that its presence is visible to all users. An organic search strategy will allow the owner to fully implement SEO activities while still keeping true to the values of the company.

Having said this, it is essential to point out that content is king in all digital marketing. The company has to have a structured content generation strategy. It is critical to state that the target audience will determine the type of content that will be used. For instance, as mentioned, for Red Bull, content that pertained to the adrenaline rush and the use of a significant amount of energy was an important element of their content management strategy. It can be argued that for Bottle Swap, the main content should revolve around environmental conservation and proper recycling. On the same note, it is essential that the management uses its website to dispense its content. For instance, the presence of a blog section on the website allows for both the enhancement of SEO and the dispensation of content. Content marketing should encompass all digital platforms that the company engages. For instance, the owner uses Facebook and Instagram. These should ideally be linked to the company’s website for proper conversion of visibility into sales.

Critically, social media marketing is a critical aspect that the owner has to consider. The founder’s attitude towards social media is rather negative. This might affect the overall outcome of the social media strategies put in place. It is necessary to note that there are numerous ways in which social media can be used as an advertising medium. The first is through the establishment of social media handles that are directly linked to the company and its products (McGruer, 2020). For instance, Bottle Swap can use the same name to open a Facebook and Instagram account. It is essential that the accounts do not use the founder’s name. Second, social media platforms allow brands to advertise without creating profiles. These adverts usually send the client directly to the company’s website to learn more about their products. It is recommended, however, that Bottle Swap maintain its social media handles due to the fact that they act as an easier and more reliable way for the clients to communicate with the company.

Lastly, email marketing is essential in reaching out to some types of clients. This is especially advised for corporate clients. Although the owner of Bottle Swap has not communicated how they relate to corporates, the mission and vision of the company are clear. In an attempt to lower the carbon footprint, it will become essential for the owner to also work with corporates. In this case, the best type of digital advertising or rather, marketing, is through emails. It is essential that whichever type of digital marketing strategy is used, the company’s return on investment is realized. Therefore, it is important for the founder, and the company’s management to measure their progress frequently.

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