United Methodist Church: Volunteer Recruitment


The management United Methodist Church believed that they had a duty to offer and support services with the development of their volunteer recruitment practices.

Volunteerism is a growing section of the comprehensive field of international voluntarism, and can be a successful program through which nonprofits (like United Methodist Church) delivers services in developing countries.

The social development of volunteerism has had tremendous positive results on individuals, their families, lots of people living in a particular local area, and entire cultures for well over decades worldwide (Ellis, 1994; Jedlicka, 1990).

Even in times of global economic decelerates; individuals continue committing their time, efficiency, and skills to other individuals and groups with no hope for financial compensation (Gose, 2009).

While informal volunteerism keeps on flourishing at the individual and grassroots managerial stages, several individuals keep on volunteering within the organization.

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Consequently, in the current multifaceted society of swift social and hi-tech change, it is fundamental that United Methodist.

Church engages volunteers within a consistent, holistic, systematic procedure that capitalizes on the volunteer’s impact on the organization clients being served while minimizing discomforts and claims on the volunteer.

It is essential to view and value each volunteer as a distinctive being. However, many volunteers concentrating on a clientele need a higher level of managerial skill to enable the organization achieve its mission, hence, accomplishing its obligations to the volunteers.

The United Methodist Church Non-profit organization provides most of the human services jointly called “quality of life.” Nonetheless, quality management and leadership within this organization directly add to an enhanced standard of living for many people. These have been the central or dominant goal of the organization (Riggio & Orr, 2004).

Volunteers in the United Methodist Church represent an essential Human Resource in a self-governing Society. Despite the challenges and weights of the world’s struggling economy, volunteering work is increasing in number.

Generosity and willingness of United Methodist Church are, to help communities make up a considerable proportion of the huge variety of human services rendered by the organization’s voluntary department.

As the world economy has slowed and charities have struggled to provide services on budgets that were ever more constrained, volunteers have become more vital to the communities and their aptitude to prolong superiority of life for the masses.

The United Methodist Church uses volunteers to render all or a fraction of their community services, mission accomplishment, and they are increasing the volunteers they use.

United Methodist church is dedicated to seeing that the procedures and practices employed in recruitment and selection of volunteers are fair, reliable and efficient.

The United Methodist church is dedicated to seeing that the recruitment policy and procedures of screening potential volunteers comply with the government law and the organization policy.

The United Methodist Church’s primary management model can be seen as including four stages: evaluation scrutiny, planning, strategic execution, and results valuation (Smith, & Associates Inc., 2000).

The vital phases and typical progression of volunteer resource management activity include:

  • Volunteer guiding principle, Planning and staff scrutiny, Opportunities for volunteer examination , Recruitment, Screening , Orientation, Training, Volunteer relations and Compensations and acknowledgments (Allison & Kaye, 2005)

The United Methodist Church has standardized volunteer personnel. This is as a result of the natural recruiting process that takes place within the organization.

In the organization, diversity is advantageous and desirable, however, from a practical point of view; recruiting new volunteers from out of the current social networks of existing volunteers will broaden the total outlook from which the organization can recruit.

By employing the process of diversity in the recruitment process has helped the organization in establishing an accommodating organizational culture, and by recruiting people outside the social networks (Clarke, 1996).

In the United Methodist Church, recruiting volunteers outside the existing social network is a process. However, the recruiting process involves making unfamiliar persons social contacts by becoming aware of the organization and by relating with members of the organization. Eventually, as the relationship develops, they can be recruited as volunteers (Ellis ,1994).

While non-personal applications may catch the attention of volunteers, this method is not as efficient as personal appeals. The United.

Methodist Church may choose to assist their personal recruitment program with non-personal appeals.

Conceivably, the best use of non-personal communication such as a public service broadcasts or paid advertising help to remind the community of the non-profit’s good name and worthy cause (Smith, & Associates Inc., 2000).

The United Methodist church has positive reflections which are recognizable by the public; this process of recruitment has proved to be more productive for the organization.


Furthermore, the organization has speakers, staff or volunteers who represent them to external organizations, like civic groups or the media. The organizations volunteers can help familiarize the organization to the public and the importance of its cause.

Obviously, the organization wants its recruitment process to reveal a reliable, encouraging, and focused message (Ellis ,1994).

Another approach of United Methodist church’s recruitment process is through publicity which is a mass communication medium employed by the organization to attract and recruit volunteers.

The organization also uses the Internet, and the World Wide Web to recruit volunteers. The organization also has a website that interested volunteers refer to for more information on volunteerism recruitment.

For United Methodist Church to celebrate its achievements for recruiting volunteers, they engaged in activities that improve health (such as social, arts and sport, community involvement, physical activities, hobbies, engaging in meaningful activities, volunteering, etc.), while concurrently encouraging community organizations that provides such activities to promote their mission.

They focus on relations between those in authority and the volunteers under their charge, with the aim of replacing powerful, negative styles with encouraging, positive styles.

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