US Economy in the Sixties Analysis

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The African Americans and other minor groups in America were not seen to have any rights as compared to the whites and these people were discriminated in terms of education, economic and social conditions, political; conditions. This meant that such groups were highly affected by poverty and problems of health; there was low education attainment and association of crimes and other practices that took place on the country. These blacks and other minority groups were treated in a different way from the whites and the reason is that they had no representative in the government, which led to more problems affecting them. They were greatly mistreated and taken as people without importance either been educated or nor, old or young were treated in the same manner which meant that they were done all the mischief without having any where to demand for their rights. There was also discrimination in the health care that was given to the blacks the reason is that they were not allowed to enter in the hospitals that were for the whites and this meant that the blacks were greatly affected by diseases and they led to death of many of the blacks due to poor health care. (Frank, 2002)

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In the 1960s it is seen as time when there was a social decline as there was a high rise in the illegitimacy, crime, divorce and the drug use and the result of this disruption was due to the social disorder in the US. The main causes of this crisis was the birth control and the rapid technological changes and the effects was due to the fact that the women preferred to work rather than to give birth therefore they did not see the need to stay at home with their families. This meant that the role for the women changed which led to the change in the economy of the America been ranked as the highest in the whole world. The economic changes in the country was due to the American businesses that were doing well and the global corporations in the country that were very great leading to the country having a high impact as the industries as they were the main suppliers in the world. With the growth in the companies then there was the creation of jobs and therefore this was a clear indication that the problems of the lack of jobs and independency ratio was reduced in the country therefore there were more white collar jobs created in the country. The blacks in the colleges were not given the same education like the whites and therefore they had to fight for there rights this led to the need for the civil rights that could allow them get the same education and services as that of the whites. (Carol, 1990)

The African Americans College students made a meeting were by they demanded for their rights in the North Carolina and was not ready to retreat. The meeting attracted the attention of the media, which led to the demonstrations taking place in the south of Carolina. In the following year the civil rights workers had an organized rides for freedom and this was done so that the change could be acquired. This movement did not bring the civil changes that they required but they presidents became impatient and therefore needed reforms, as there was more violence and riots that broke out in the country. The civil rights movement was later supported by the court decisions and the federal administrative regulations and this was seen as an irreversible change in the American life. The issues that required changes were then need for the equality and access and the differences in education. In the year 1970s then the arguments were to demand that children of the blacks to receive the same services like been taken to school by buses so that there could be a racial balance in the schools. Therefore there was the need for the policies and the programs to be viewed by a chosen group so that they could come up with the measures for the provision of equal opportunity in education, employment and the discrimination that existed. There were different movements that were formed for the support of this and therefore movements like the women movement and the native movements were made for the security of these people in different areas.

There was the increase in the number of the married women been involved in the labor force but the earning was limited and the women movement that was created demanded for the civil rights movement. The movement was made of the middle class members. This movement demanded the need for change and there was the formation of many organizations that had the demand that there was need for the women to be given the same participation in the American society. (Ben, 1992)

This movement was not successful as it later collapsed due to the limitations in ideas. There was the Native American movement that was formed in the year 1950s and its main aim was to demand for the rights so that the poverty that existed could be reduced and the education equality. This movement was able to come up with success because there was the formation of the education assistance act that was concerned with the assurance of the equal education been received by both the natives and the whites and this succeeded as the students in colleges and the children in the primary schools were able to get the education that was the same with the whites. There was also the formation of the Native American housing and the self-determination act that was responsible for the assurance to the blacks and natives receive the same housing allowances like the whites. This is because the blacks were not allowed to have houses that were good and therefore they had to face all the challenges that were based in the living in slums, which were the reservations for the blacks but not the whites.

The civil rights movement in the country was targeted at bringing about the equality to the people who lived in the country that is the blacks and this was to bring about the same rights as those of the whites. There was the improvement in the social economy later on after the civil rights movements were established and this can be seen in the increase in the middle class Africa Americans in the country. The African Americans are also able to have access to the high education and employment this meant that the people were able to come up and work as the whites leading to high economy changes in the African Americans. There was also the median earnings that was given to the blacks been the second highest earning that could be afforded to the blacks and this was in the year 2004 but the gender inequalities still exist where the males get more income that the females and the whites are getting more income than the whites. (Alice, 1990)

The blacks were not treated as it was accepted even after the civil rights movement this is because the gap still existed and this meant that the blacks were not accorded the same rights as the whites. The blacks were not given the same rights to the whites this is because it can be seen that most of the best jobs were given to the whites, there was also the problem of a high percentage of the blacks that lacked jobs when compared to the whites and this meant that the rights were not effective in the country. The salaries for the males and the females were very much different this is because the females and the males were not treated in the same manner in the work places therefore it was not possible to come up with similar salaries where by the women and the blacks got less pay as compared to the whites and the males. There is an indication that many blacks were fired from the jobs and the ages were put in considerations where by the young were seen to work better than the old and this led to the to the differences in the payments. There were also other employers who gave the young people less salary as compared to the old. The older people were very much advantaged as compared to the young in the cases were the employer had the concern based on the experiences this meant that the young were not in the right position to get the same posts as the olds as the experiences differed.

The civil rights have had an impact even though it is seen that the differences still existed but the economy for these rejected groups had changed greatly. With all these changes in the economy the African Americans lacked representative in the government and this meant that in times of economic changes then the blacks had to suffer and they ended up losing their jobs and underemployment. The income differences between the whites and the blacks was still in existence where by the males of the blacks earned about 65% while the whites earned more that this. This meant that with the existence of the rights the discrimination still persisted and they had to know how to go about this problem, as without a representation in the government then they would not be able to solve the differences that exist in the country. (Alex, 1998)


The African Americans were not given the same priorities even with the introduction of the civil rights movement. This can be seen from the fact that the income rates differed between the whites and the blacks and there was also the problem of the gender inequality. This meant that the males had high income as compared to the females and the young were also discriminated by some employers on the bases of experience and this meant that the equality was no longer effective. The rights made a slight change to the economy of the African Americans as they could get good jobs and enter in the higher education but the gap still existed where by the blacks were treated differently that the whites. The civil rights movement could not work effectively due to the fact that the blacks lacked representative in the government and therefore the whites in the government could not reinforce these rights as they were for the blacks.


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