Western Region Water Corporation’s Company Profile

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Western Region Water Corporation (Western Water) is amongst the thirteen regional, urban water companies positioned in Victoria, Western Australia. Western Water is a government-headed firm that provides superior products and services to the Western expanse of Australia. Since its founding in 1996, it provides water, drainage, sewerage as well as irrigation services to about 56, 000 holding. The company’s rapidly growing operations cover an area that exceeds 3,000 square kilometres which comprises a population of approximately 145,000 (Western Water, 2010).

Western Water provides a novel and pioneering approach to water services. The organization attains this by following its goal of becoming the foremost service provider that focuses strongly on its clientele. This has incredibly strengthened the organization over the past decade. The company’s vision highlights principles and practises that focus on sustainability which are integrated in the business. Western Water’ values are the cornerstones of strategic as well as corporate planning. These values lead the entire organization towards a future that is sustainable environmentally, publicly and inexpensively (Western Water, 2009, p 3).

Organisational Structure

Western Water associates are remarkably distinct due to their efficient and technical expertise; ensuring that their customers receive nothing short of exemplary services. The corporation comprises a Board of Directors which has a vast range of the necessary skills, proficiency and experiences required to take the company to consummate heights. Their basic responsibilities entail the planning and management of the company’s strategies as well as policies. In place is also a supervision team that comprises professionals who are quite skilled and posses hands-on experience; all answerable to the Board of Directors. The organization team is made up of General Managers in Customer Relations, Sustainability and Commercial Services. Western Water has Board Committees in four different areas. “The Board Committee consists of Audit Committee, Capital Works Committee, Policy Review Committee and Remuneration Committee” (Western Water, 2009, p 14). Western Water associates are extremely committed to attaining the company’s strategic objectives (Western Water, 2009, p 14).

Strategic Plan

Western Water recently launched their five year plan; Water Plan 2008-2013. This plan highlights the principles as well as approaches taken up by Western Water with the aim of sustaining the management of water resources currently and in the future. The main objective of this plan is to curb the drastic reduction in average rainfall for over 14 years. Reduction in rainfall has significantly impacted several crucial areas in the business, such as, a decrease in income from water usage, an elevated cost for extern bulk water as well as a growing necessity for water conservation campaigns. All these components have been highlighted in the Water Plan, including preparedness for situations such as climate change, increase in population and drought (Western Water, 2009, p 72)

Water Plan 2008-2013 is a clear indication of Western Water’s commitment to sustainability by maintaining a culture of incessant improvement. The company’s is committed to providing outstanding services currently and in the future; hence their vision is to be the leading service provider that works hand in hand with the community towards achieving a sustainable future. Some of its core values include integrity, inclusiveness, commitment, leadership, fairness, sustainability and accountability (Western Water, 2010).

Corporate Social Responsibility

Western Water is considered a priceless member of the community due to the constant support it renders to the community. The organization conforms to a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which has been integrated throughout the business. Western Water comprehends the significance of being involved with the community. It sponsors and takes part in various stakeholder events and festivals in the region, all year round. Western Water is one of the charity members of WaterAid Australia, which is committed, to providing poor communities globally, with safe water. The organization is also an active member of the Western Chances program which provides the youth of Western suburbs with employment, as well as mentoring opportunities. The program provides scholarships to young individuals with the aim of helping them realise their full potential. Western Water is a corporate member of various organizations and programs, some of which include; “Committee for Economic Development of Australia, SAVEWATER! Alliance and Victorian Water Industry” (Western Water, 2009, p 74).

Customer Responsiveness and Quality

Western Water provides its services to the residential population from the vast townships of Sunbury as well as Melton. Other consumers live in smaller towns such as Gisborne, Mt Macedon, Riddells Creek, Lancefield, Woodend, Diggers rest and Bacchus Marsh. Every year, the organization conducts a consumer survey with the aim of assessing their performance. This way they are able to evaluate their clients’ opinions of the services provided to them by Western Water (Western Water, 2009, p 17).

Western Water is dedicated to ensuring that consumer satisfaction and quality remain high by focusing on use of minimum resources to provide quality water and sewerage services. Additionally, the organization has a customer care centre in Sunbury that responds to customer queries, complaints and other needs swiftly and adequately. Western Water has maintenance crews who are stationed in their service regions and attend to the needs of customers on site (Western Water, 2010).

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