“What Are You Willing to Give Up…?” by Danoesastro

Today’s business is not simple, and many lessons are learned regularly to succeed and demonstrate high-level performance. Some people believe that alignment and autonomy are required to empower employees and promote fast decision-making (Danoesastro, 2018). Other researchers underline the importance of responsiveness and flexibility in their cooperation (Zasa et al., 2020). Each company is free to establish its rules and principles, depending on its organizational culture and surroundings. Agile project management is one of the most popular mainstreams in the workplace. With its benefits and shortage, this type of management helps organizations give up on something, accept change, and work better. Modern employees should use Agile management approaches to change their styles, communicate, and create equal teams with skilled members.

One of the requirements for this report is to watch the Ted Talk by Martin Danoesastro and investigate his ideas about change and project management. My immediate reaction to the video is that current business trends are constantly changing. From the first minutes of his talk, I was impressed by the decision to compare human activities with a flock of birds who fly in perfect synchrony despite the existing environment. Danoesastro (2018) talks about the necessity to change the way of working because the work gets faster and more complex. He is effective and believable in his speech because of real-life examples and personal opinions about what happens in the workplace. I want to know more about distinguishing between obligatory and desired changes and learn how to cope with all expected obligations.

In the video content, there are several critical issues that affect an understanding of the current world of business. The major takeaways include rebooting most working processes for all people to lead the change and readiness to give up on something old (Danoesastro, 2018). Instead of following the already offered theories, employees should reflect on what they have already learned and move to something new and uncharted. According to Danoesastro (2018), change acceptance means the creation of alignment around the purpose to empower people and use intuition. However, together with this idea, the speaker reminds his listeners about leaving some things behind. People need to reject in order to inject without fears, concerns, and doubts.

Although the chosen video talk does not mention Agile project management, this trend cannot be ignored in today’s workplace. This new method of leading teams and managing a business is currently applied globally. Some organizations benefit from new abilities to track and better understand their roles and responsibilities to meet deadlines and make adjustments (Davis, 2021). However, Zasa et al. (2020) specify that although Agile plays an important role, organizations must adopt them with the already existing project management practices. These two references matter in this report because they do not reject Danoesastro’s statements but promote change in organizations. Their impact on work and culture is mostly positive because people receive directions on making decisions, solving problems, and cooperating on equal grounds.

In personal life, the Agile philosophy may also work effectively. For example, not many students recognize the Agile model to be regularly used in their routine activities. I always try to learn the requirements (academic tasks), design my future goals (awareness and employment), and develop particular steps (learning and researching). Then, I test my priorities (grades and degrees), deploy ideas within a specific environment (how to use my knowledge in practice), and evaluate achievements (success and failures). My way to personal development is an illustrative example of how the Agile methodology works.

Relying on this example and the information obtained from the Ted Talk, I believe that my current family unit and comrades could give up on something to make some positive change in the future. For example, my parents should be ready to accept that I am now responsible for my decisions. Their help is certainly appreciated, but my life is in my hands, and it is my task to accept or reject something. The rationale for why I am ready to give up and change the way I live, study, and work is my respect for the people around me. Even if I do not decide to change, the world continues changing, and I will be either in or out of this circle of change.

My philosophy of teamwork is simple and clear from the point of view of Agile project management. I like traditions when it comes to the celebration of holidays or remembering my family history and experiences. My past is a vital part of me that teaches, but it is never my future. Change is never bad, but it could be challenging, and I have to rely on my family and friends to accept it and follow a new plan. For example, one of my family members did not manage to neglect his parents’ recommendations and follow their pieces of advice all the time. When his parents died, he was left alone, without recommendations and support. He lost his job and motivation and blamed himself for the inability to give up on someone’s interference in his life. I need to make my independent decisions and never regret something being undone.

In conclusion, this report is not only to reflect on the speech and explain the wroth of Agile project management. My evaluation and research help me learn if I am ready to give up on some things and change the work or life with time. I have discovered that some changes may be unwanted, but they should never be postponed or neglected. My life would not be easier if I rejected changes, but my future would be unhappy if I failed a chance to take some action.


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