General Dynamics Information Technology Inc. Analysis

The executive summary

The assignment is about a market audit approach of General Dynamics Information Technology Inc. This is a company that is well known in the United States of America and internationally as it offers a variety of services to its customer’s mainly professional services in the Defense, Federal civil government, healthcare, and commercial sectors. It also offers IT and communication services which include cyber security databases integration, IT services, and operations amongst other projects.

The General Dynamic Information like any other company goes through some financial difficulties during this time of world economic recession which is being faced by most organizations. It also poses threats to the survival of different businesses that are around and as a result, the companies have devised different unique ways of coping with economic change. Customers of General Dynamics Information Technology Inc. had to implement new tactics that will enable them to survive in the IT field by introducing certain changes that are beneficial to the customers and the companies survival. This is when it introduced reduced cost of installation of their services to their customers and a reduced fee for its communication services.

Environmental aspects

Environmental Aspects are said to be the elements that an organization possesses, and the results it has when their products get into contact with the environment they can include the activities. Goods and services of the organization which are used by the customers are categorized in two sectors; Direct Environmental aspect this is when the company is seen to be in control and influence on the kinds of services and products it gives to the consumer and in Indirect this is when the company has a limited influence and no control in the supply chain. Therefore, the customer is seen to be in control and someone outside the organization takes its control and determines the way the organization should conduct itself (Ganguly, 2010).

Some of the environmental aspects include the following; Economics where the company had to face the sudden changes that are brought about with the change of the world’s economy and the instability of the U.S. dollar.

The changes experienced have affected the organization’s way of conducting its services as they have to increase the price of their services (DGIT, 2010). Reduce the area they cover when offering their services and also reducing the spread of their services, this resulted in the loss of employment to some of the company’s staff and the customers were forced to spend more in getting their services, on that the company decided to reduce on it prices by using cheaper materials that are easily gotten and that is by the using of fiber optic cable and not using the satellite that is very expensive to maintain, in the process they have succeeded as the cost of communication is said to have gone down after they started to use the new technology.


Demographics is the study of the human behavior to a particular issue this is determined by the people’s common features such as race, sex, age, religion, and educational background amongst others the varying needs of the consumer have in a way affected the way the organization business as every consumer has there own varying requirement from the IT firm, in tackling the unique customer needs the company had to try and cater for the needs of each customer by sticking to there likes and respecting the other group’s culture (Marketing Teacher Ltd, 2010).

Some adjustments that have been made in the response of this demographic trend is that there is a separation in its activities that there is a site for the old and the young, the males and the females and the Christians from the Muslims, therefore, capturing the interests of the majority of its users as it offers its services to customers of different backgrounds, the subsequent adjustments that are always being included such as the inclusion of websites with native languages and sound detecting devices are to include a wide range of users and customers.

Market expansion

The Market of General Dynamics Information Technology Inc. has been experiencing expanding in that the and to some point, it’s believed to be stable as the numbers of customers who come consulting them for IT solutions is increasing and it’s not only the federal civilians, Military camps and Government bodies are served by there company but they are expanding their services to the overseas countries where they find new customers with completely different needs and wants therefore giving them the urge to expand on the service they provide to the consumer, they have succeeded as they have managed to tackle the diverse needs of their consumers.

Effect of customer culture

The culture of the users have some effects in the thrive of the business of the organization as said earlier the consumer comes from different backgrounds use of IT as a form of communication has made the spread of information to be fast in a way, but the environmentalists say that this technology poses a major environmental threat (Business Tools, 2010). In return, they have decided to use environment-friendly materials that will conserve the environment other than destroying it thus they have advised their consumers to be part of the conservation of the environment by properly disposing of the used items or even taking the used items and therefore helping in the environment conservatisms.

Marketing Strategy

For an organization to grow it has to have a strong marketing strategy in that the organization must be at par with its competitors for it to be able to attain/get a lot of customers and recognition of the customer, some of the factors are to be considered include the following.

Organization Objectives

Objectives of the organization mission statement according to their website is to provide high-quality and the latest IT services and resources to their customers, from the objectives that are set by the company its clear see that they are a company that is aiming higher and would want to be the best IT provider in the world (Idanan, 2009). They have attained the status of being called the best IT service provider so far as they are almost meeting their mission their marketing objective should be modified to capture a wide range of IT solutions and the systems that use their technology.

Strategies by following the objectives given by the organization the company has to implement some strategies that would lead the company’s realization of its objectives are by broadening its service provision this, in the long run, has enabled the company to offer its services to relatively smaller business organizations and only not the Government and military institutions as was the case earlier this is a way of improving its consumer services, therefore, enabling it to know which sector of IT they are capable of handling properly with minimal problems and modifying the outcomes to make their products the best (Wilson, 2002).

Strategy tactics

The Tactics for each strategy is the introduction of many services that range from the personal/small IT solutions should be offered at a lower charge of free of charge to the individual or small businesses and in wider businesses or institutions such as the government or military bodies the company should offer subscriptions to the organization that uses the system for a long time, the competitors will see this as treat to there survival and they will come up with offers that will frustrate your business.

Application of four P’s

The Four Ps includes the product, price, place, and promotion these are important aspects in the product life cycle as for the product itself is very good no aspect of it must be removed as it will make it appear less appealing because most people are used to the existing features that are already there, price the strategy to be used should be the amount of time one has but not the general package one has, the place is that the retailers should be taught on how to use the products so that they can have the interest in the product and this will, at last, enable the distribution of the as the retailers have the know-how of the product and for the Promotion one will use advertisements and promotions in other places as this will attract and make the product well known therefore attracting more customers that will boost the product usage (Parmerlee, 2000).

Organization the organization is well organized in that adequate steps are followed when a particular thing wants to take place, the activities that have an individual in charge and they work as a team as they need to exchange ideas and make solid decisions as the marketing and sales department consult when they want to carry out anything and the responsibilities are shared the structure should be maintained that way as its boosts a good working environment for the workers.


In conclusion according to from the extensive evaluations that I have been conducting I have realized that the company in question the General Dynamics Information Technology Inc has got the best structure that has in return helped it to thrive in the company and I would recommend that the company should continue with the management as it has made the company has achieved much trust from its clients. This has improved its loyalty to the company which has, in turn, enabled it to have good sales.


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