JW Marriott Marquis Dubai: Company Analysis

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Competitors in the hotel and hospitality industry rely on complex strategies to market their services to different customers in every corner of the world. The selected organization for this discussion is the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai. Currently, it remains the largest hotel in the whole of Dubai City due to its number of restaurants and rooms. It is located at Business Bay at the heart of this magnificent city. The presence of a health club and the famous Saray Spa makes it one of the favorite destinations for many business travelers, corporate leaders, politicians, and even the rich members of the global community. The effective combination of all attributes, ideas, and concepts of marketing has made this hotel a recognizable competitor in the regional hospitality industry. This paper gives a detailed analysis of JW Marriott Marquis Dubai’s marketing plan and how it can continue to make it a leader in the sector.

Current Marketing Situation

Dubai has numerous opportunities and attributes that encourage investors to venture into the hospitality industry. By early 2020, the city was believed to have over 25,000 additional rooms capable of meeting the unique demands of global customers (Nasralla, 2020). Although the rate at which the industry was growing was falling by around 5.8 percent, it still remained a leading competitor in the industry (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). By 2018, Dubai was the home of over 66 new hotels with world-class standards (Maaty, 2019).

Over 714 hotels in this city have at least 100,000 rooms capable of providing high-quality services to visitors (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). The latest report by the Dubai Statistics Centre (DSC) revealed that the hospitality industry was contributing to around 5.1 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) (Maaty, 2019). The 2020 Expo became a powerful catalyst for increasing the number of hotels in Dubai city and across the region.

Regionally, competition remains a major problem since the industry continues to attract more investors from different parts of the world. Rivalry is still on the rise due to the presence of equal hotels that provide similar services. Some of the notable ones include the Atlantis, The Palm, Gloria Hotel, the Address Downtown Dubai, and Grosvenor House Dubai (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). These businesses provide high-quality and personalized catering and accommodation services that can take rivalry to the next level.

Market Description

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai operates in a sector that has emerged to meet the demands of travelers, tourists, and corporate leaders who visit this region. Its business model focuses on the current wave of globalization whereby the global community has become interconnected than

ever before. The businesses in this sector offer high-quality accommodation, spa, and swimming pool services that resonate with the expectations of newly-wedded couples, business partners, and leaders of giant corporations (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). The increasing level of economic growth and development of Dubai as a leading tourist destination makes the region hospitality and hotel industry lucrative (Maaty, 2019). Customers will chose the best services from the existing providers depending on a number of attributes, such as pricing, ease of travel, offered features, loyalty programs, and discounts. Many competitors are focusing on emerging ideas and architectural concepts to maximize the experiences of the customers and eventually level of playing ground.

Product Review

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is the selected product for this analysis or discussion. Found in the middle of Downtown District of Dubai City, this 5-star hotel is currently one of the tallest in the country and across the world. This attribute explains why visitors can get the best experience after viewing the beautiful Dubai cityscape and the water (Maaty, 2019). The rooms have been furnished in such a way that they provide deluxe bedding and marble bathrooms. Visitors or customers can access free Wi-Fi to complete their roles or activities efficiently. The skilled workers are always ready and willing to offer high-quality services around the clock (Maaty, 2019).

Outdoor pools are available and fitness centers. The Saray Spa is a leading provider of personalized massage and pedicure or manicure. The hotel has around 10 lounges and restaurants whereby Italian, Thai, Indian, and Japanese cuisine is available. Outdoor ventures and ballrooms are available from this facility. Visitors can walk or travel for a very short distance to get the experience of the Dubai Opera, Dubai Mall, and the Burj Khalifa. Majority of those who visit JW Marriott Marquis Dubai eventually recommend the available services to more customers.

Competitive Review

The success and profitability of JW Marriott Marquis Dubai depends on how the leaders remain prepared and willing to handle the challenge of competition. Within the past decade, Dubai has become the favorite destination for many tourists and couples who want to have a beautiful holiday in the Middle East. The economic development of the region has been expanding exponentially, thereby creating additional opportunities for business performance and profitability (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). This company stands a chance to face competition from the current hotels in the city that offer superior services. The first possible rival is The Address Downtown Dubai which offers more or less the same products and experiences at reduced prices (Nasralla, 2020).

Customers have over 822 suites and rooms to select from (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). Its five restaurants provide high-quality support to more customers. However, the hotel has encountered various challenges following the infamous fire of 2016 that burned some of its floors of the iconic Downtown Skyscraper (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). JW Marriott Marquis Dubai’s leaders should focus on this hotel to ensure that it does not lose its competitive advantage.

The Internet City in Dubai is currently the home to Gloria Hotel which has established itself as the best destination for many business travelers who expect to benefit from the innovations recorded in this region. The Atlantic, The Palm remains one of the recognizable places due to the presence of over 1,500 thousand rooms that focus on the demands of the customers (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). There are restaurants whereby individuals can enjoy or relax in the spectacular underwater rooms.

SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threat

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai has the potential to remain competitive in the Dubai market by focusing on the most appropriate strategies to attract more customers and focus on its internal factor. A detailed analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities is presented in the discussion below.


  • This hotel is located in a strategic position in the Downtown District. Customers can move from the facility with ease and get a rare opportunity to sample the surrounding landmarks of Dubai (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.).
  • JW Marriott Marquis Dubai has around 1,608 rooms that make it a leader in the city’s hotel sector (Maaty, 2019).
  • It has 20 restaurants distributed evenly across the 72 floors of the two buildings.
  • Customers can benefit from the health club and Saray Spa.
  • The hotel has a model whereby customers receive timely supports and services 24/7.


  • The established health club is pursued as a personal affair without competent trainers.
  • JW Marriott Marquis Dubai has failed to implement a superior marketing model to attract more potential customers from different parts of the world.
  • American, European, and African cuisine is not offered. This malpractice encourages potential visitors and tourist to prefer the other leading hotels and facilities in the city.


  • The current rate of economic development is a new opportunity for all the stakeholders in this city and across the country.
  • Dubai has become a leading destination for many travelers, business partners, and couples. These individuals can become potential customers for JW Marriott Marquis Dubai and maximize its profitability.
  • The government has been on the frontline to implement superior strategies and incentives that continue to support the growth and profitability of the hotel and hospitality industry (Nasralla, 2020). Such a consideration will have positive impacts on the future performance of JW Marriott Marquis Dubai.


  • The favorable conditions in Dubai have resulted in the construction and establishment of more facilities providing catering, travel, and accommodation services. This development is a direct threat to this hotel’s business model.
  • The available competitors in the industry offer superior and personalized services to the targeted customers. This hotel will, therefore, be required to reconsider its operations and business model in order to record increased profits.
  • The climatic conditions and the unpredictability of the coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) might continue to threaten the survival and profitability of JW Marriott Marquis Dubai in the future.

Objectives and Issues

The intended objectives focus on some of the best ways to make JW Marriott Marquis Dubai more profitable and attract additional customers within the next two years. The first objective is to ensure that this hotel increases its profit by 20 percent within the suggested period (Wirtz et al., 2018). The second one is to attract clients from different parts of the world and provide high-quality services depending on their personal expectations.

Several issues have the potential to affect performance and make it impossible for JW Marriott Marquis Dubai to achieve such aims. The first one is that the facility’s business model is unique to the region in which it operates (Wirtz et al., 2018). The effort to market its products and offerings might become counterproductive and affect the level of profitability. The second challenge capable of disorienting the outlined goals is the fact that the level of industry rivalry has been on the rise in the region.

Marketing Strategy

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai remains a profitable hotel that meets the demands of many people in Dubai and across the region. However, an elaborate marketing strategy can change the current situation by increasing the number of potential clients and eventually maximizing revenues (Wirtz et al., 2018). A detailed approach will make it possible for the facility to monitor the trends recorded in the industry and apply the actions and initiatives described below to achieve its goals.


This facility needs to showcase its rooms, spa, and restaurants to the targeted visitors and businesspeople. The hotel is located strategically in the city, thereby making it easier for people to commute and complete their assignments on schedule. Customers benefit from the available 24/7 support from the hotel’s workers and professionals (Maaty, 2019). The facility’s swimming pools and rooms support the competiveness and superiority of the intended product.


Pricing is a critical attribute for improving the level of business profitability or performance. The average price for a 5-star hotel per night in Dubai is around $235 (Nasralla, 2020). JW Marriott Marquis Dubai should consider this information and ensure that its offerings are within the same range to attract more potential customers.


JW Marriott Marquis Dubai’s current location is strategic and capable of empowering or meeting the expectations of many customers.


A people-processing concept will be essential to ensure that the customers gets the best experience before entering into the facility and the time he checks out. This hotel will achieve this aim by providing the best support, picking foreigners at the designated airports, streamlining the check in process, providing high-quality support, serving personalized breakfast, and making the check-out convenient and comfortable (Nasralla, 2020). Such a process will become a new opportunity for improving the marketing strategy and delivering positive results.


The intended marketing plan will succeed if JW Marriott Marquis Dubai trains and equips all workers, caterers, and cooks with the relevant resources to add value to the business and improve the nature of service delivery (Wirtz et al., 2018). Customers’ reports and ratings will be used to improve the quality of available services.


This hotel has been relying on a powerful model to advertise and inform more people about the available services and cuisine. Its website and travel magazines in Dubai form the basis for promoting its operations (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). A new model is needed that capitalizes on the power of social media networks and other online platforms.

Physical Evidence

The hotel has some of the iconic images and structures in Dubai with the twin skyscrapers depicting the calmness of palm trees. The luxurious rooms and spacious rooms echo the serenity and cityscape it has to offer (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). This physical evidence will continue to support the marketing approach and eventually improve the level of profitability.


Product differentiation is the best strategy for positioning JW Marriott Marquis Dubai in Dubai. The organization will begin by informing more customers about the available spa and fitness or health center that are not offered in other hotels. The picturesque and cityscape associated with this hotel will support the process (Wirtz et al., 2018). It is strategically located at the hub of Dubai, thereby being able to support the needs and expectations of many customers. Different expos and events will become relevant avenues for delivering positive results.

Distribution Strategy

The best approach to have an effective distribution strategy is to streamline the use of the Internet and allow potential customers to view the images of the rooms, restaurants and available cuisine. The targeted individuals will be allowed to pay online depending on their needs and expectations (“Dubai’s biggest hotels,” n.d.). Discounts and reward programs should be expanded to ensure that more people are willing to use the available services.

Communication Strategy

Brand reinforcement will be achieved by relying on the use of social media networks and the company’s website. Loyal customers will be encouraged to rate the services available at this hotel and recommend them to others when necessary. The provision of additional pictorials and physical evidences on the webpage will ensure that more people are updated about the cuisine, rooms, and offerings available from this facility (Wirtz et al., 2018). The hotel owners will consider some of the initiatives the government is pursuing and be involved to attract more possible clients and eventually maximize profits.

Marketing Research

Continuous marketing research will be essential to identify possible trends in the Dubai’s hotel industry and support the formulation of a superior business model. Government reports will be considered since they provide timely information regarding the behaviors and expectations of more potential customers. People’s ratings and feedback will guide the hotel to gauge the effectiveness of the established practices and consider new ways of inspiring them to achieve the intended business goals (Nasralla, 2020). The level of customer satisfaction will dictate the most appropriate additional marketing measures to improve the level of profitability.

Marketing Organization

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai has an established marketing unit with competent workers who monitor the dynamics in the local market and consider new ways of improving performance. The leaders identify the right people to update the organization’s website, examine customers’ experiences, and identify new measures to improve performance (Wirtz et al., 2018). The intended marketing plan is expected to transform the current operations whereby a marketing manager will be employed to launch the relevant programs, train followers to improve the available people processes, and conceive new measures to improve business profitability.

Action Programs

The intended strategy will be implemented as a continuity whereby all stakeholders will focus on the best approach to maximize sales and attract more customers. Within the first year, the hotel will hire a competent manager to present the relevant resources, train followers, and identify additional channels for recording positive results. During the same period, social media networks and the website will be considered to attract or inform more potential tourists and visitors of Dubai about the available services (Nasralla, 2020). For the second year, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai will consider the successes and failures and implement the most appropriate strategies to take the marketing initiative to the next level. Such programs will eventually ensure that the intended results are recorded in a timely manner.


JW Marriott Marquis Dubai needs to allocate around 200,000 US dollars to support the anticipated marketing campaign. Such a decision is capable of improving sales and profits by offer 20 percent due to the presence of an established business model (Wirtz et al., 2018). This amount will be needed to train and provide the relevant resources that can ensure that positive results are recorded in a timely manner.


The marketing unit needs to implement a powerful control strategy to monitor the experiences of all customers and focus on the practices undertaken to meet their needs. The team will monitor the new number of customers, emerging challenges, and key areas for potential growth (Wirtz et al., 2018). A contingency plan will have to be in place to support the marketing plan if the original approach fails.


The above discussion has revealed that JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is a successful hotel whose model continues to deliver positive results. The company has unique strengths and opportunities that will support its future performance and development. A powerful marketing plan is capable of taking performance and competition to the next level. If the above proposals and attributes are implemented effectively, this hotel will attract more customers and record the anticipated profits.


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