Kia Motors America, Modern Recruiting, and Online Space


Human resource (HR) management is a unique business practice as it involves both serving and leading people to achieve their and personal goals. Recruitment is a complex organizational practice within HR management where employers try to find, gather and attract the most talented and suitable individuals to work with them (Mathis & Jackson, 2010). Experts note that “recruitment is not a monolithic process, but a multi-step strategy with distinctive actions, tools, and metrics.” (Partnership for Public Service, 2021, p. 3). In this essay, the main stages of recruiting, its nuances associated with small and large firms, and its current trends will be examined by analyzing a Kia Motors America case study.

Strategic Recruiting Planning, Big and Small Businesses

It is no secret that any large-scale business project or venture that involves a massive number of people requires strategic planning for the operational efforts to produce the expected positive profitable result. As the case of Kia Motors America shows, the effective recruiting of plant workers also needs a strategy; a straightforward approach is not enough (Mathis & Jackson, 2010). The essential primary steps of strategic planning in mass employment are identifying goals, choosing competent HR staff and the right software for the campaign, budgeting, and building relationships with external workforce sources (Partnership for Public Service, 2021). These measures allow employers to identify the required amount of money and human resources and the directions in which they should be invested to attract the most talented and enthusiastic workers.

Usually, three types of practice are followed after a strategic recruiting plan is developed and implemented. These operational efforts to find and hire qualified employees are sourcing, attraction, and engagement (Partnership for Public Service, 2021). According to professionals, “sourcing refers to the cultivation of relationships with individuals and groups of talent …” (Partnership for Public Service, 2021, p. 3).

Attraction refers to advertising the organization and its intentions to recruit new employees through old and online media channels (Partnership for Public Service, 2021). Engagement includes measures to build a good and friendly company image in the perceptions of selected candidates to convince them to join the organization (Partnership for Public Service, 2021). Recruiting is always a dual process since both businesses and applicants choose each other. These operational practices help companies find, select and retain large numbers of the most suitable people.

The general approach to hiring new employees in small and large organizations is similar, but one should still remember that some nuances still exist. Most of the variations are related to the amount of financial and human resources available to the organization. For example, small firms rely less on old media in sourcing because advertising is more expensive there than online recruiting. While large companies offer new candidates big salaries and rapid career growth, small businesses emphasize comfortability and flexibility in the workplace as the benefits of working for them (Huskins, 2020). Another difference is the search area; small firms prefer the local territories as their primary source of labor. They rarely consider external and global workforce channels in contrast to large organizations.

Internet, Recruitment Process, and Employers

One can safely say that the online space has revolutionized the recruiting practice in all industries and continues to do so. The whole impact cannot be evaluated now, but it is possible to identify and even predict some changes. One of them is a broader labor pool, as the Internet gives employers, specifically huge companies, access to a global network of applicants (Kidwai, 2021). There are many employees with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and it significantly influences the methods of evaluating potential employees and the techniques of attraction and engagement. Inclusivity has become one of the things employers and workers emphasize, mainly because of the diversification of the workforce that the Internet and its utilization by companies have accelerated. This change is more present in large firms than small ones since the former rely more on global job networks.

Utilizing online space in recruiting, especially in production occupations, has also brought transparency to both sides. Businesses can now check the societal background of their candidates via social media, and employees can “share the reality of their work experiences” (Kidwai, 2021, para. 13). With the Internet, recruiting has become more efficient and less costly due to virtual job interviews (Kidwai, 2021). It allows small businesses to save human and financial resources while sourcing and attracting future employees while large companies reach an enormous number of applicants.


This paper explores the recruiting process, its variations in different categories of organizations, and the changes it is undergoing due to digital innovations. It was found that employers of both types nowadays are exposed to the largest pool of the labor force, which continues to grow daily. It is safe to say that the current days present an opportunity for HR managers to invent and implement new recruiting techniques and strategies. A new recruiting revolution is possible in HR management in the current decade.


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