Marketing Analysis of Ford Motor Company


The marketing strategy employed by an organization plays a significant role in the success of a company. Ford Automotive Firm, an American automobile manufacturer, is not an exception. The company is one of the leading producers of cars globally, and it has achieved such milestones by implementing above and below-the-line approaches to its marketing operations. Below-the-line promotion entails advertising products through other media channels other than mainstream radio and TV broadcasts (Lazdowski, 2020). For instance, Ford utilizes marmalade email and Ford Motor Website to market its goods, such as its current model, FORD FIESTA, and its newly introduced electric truck. Conversely, the above-the-line technique is used to develop the corporation’s presence among its consumers. It entails using personnel to interact with the clients directly and introduce services that will establish open contact with the target market (Lazdowski, 2020). For example, the firm employees take the clients through the various company’s services and advise them on the benefits of its products during trade shows. Therefore, advertisement plays a substantial role in Ford’s success within the United Kingdom, as this paper will illustrate.

Target Market

The management of Ford Automotive Company has employed a below and above-the-line approach in their businesses. Currently, the company uses the line strategy to market its brand, FORD FIESTA, a car that targets young and female consumers. For instance, through the marmalade email list, Ford company offers its young and female UK consumers an opportunity to win a FORD FIESTA as illustrated in Figure 1 by signing up to the platform (Bautista et al., 2019.). The registered clients usually get direct mails whenever the Firm introduces new products to the markets. Moreover, the monthly UK trade shows are used by the manufacturer to give both its premium and regular consumers a first-hand experience of their goods.

Conversely, it has employed above-the-line tactics to create awareness and foster direct connections with its consumers within the UK market. For instance, Ford Credit Company, the company’s financial service division, offers UK clients financial services while also promoting its brand within the market, as shown in figure 2 (Bautista et al., 2019.). Furthermore, it uses the above line technique to establish an exclusive client relationship through sending direct invitations to its premium clients whenever it releases a luxury product. The tactics have enabled the company to build its presence within the market and in the global industry.

FORD FIESTA advertisement
Figure 1: FORD FIESTA advertisement

Marketing Techniques of Ford Automobile Company

Accelerate the Pace of Progress

Insignificant ways, the automobile company has continued to experience the benefits and strengths of its “One Ford Approach.” The strategy has enabled the company to identify an opportunity and accelerate its operations to utilize the opening. For instance, the digital generation’s rise has presented a space for the company to fasten its automobile production with advanced technology (Satyanarayana and Bhaskar, 2020.). The move has enabled the company to attract a significant market share, thus achieving operational brilliance and commercial growth.

Focus on Creating Value

The Creating Value Roadmap (CVR) is a framework that Ford Automobile Company employs to manage the company and drive results. It enables the company to adapt and execute new strategies in the continually changing business environment and adjust its approaches to sustain its market share and advantage over Land Rover’s competitors (Satyanarayana and Bhaskar, 2020.). The changing UK market has posed a significant challenge to the manufacturer due to the shifting consumer demand and preference. However, the organization’s CVR strategy has enabled it to maintain its position within the economy.

Deliver Product Excellence with Passion

The Ford Automobile Company’s management has ensured that it focuses on delivering quality goods with passion. Products are the lifeline of the organization’s business, and it’s One Ford strategy has enabled them to present the best product listing to the UK market. The tactic has enabled the company to attract diverse clients since it offers quality products that cover all consumer social classes (Satyanarayana and Bhaskar, 2020.). Thus it presents an opportunity for consumers to choose from their variety of produce at pocket-friendly prices. Furthermore, the design has allowed it to capture a significant market share within the economy despite its competitive environment.

Drive Innovation

The company’s administration has made it a priority to drive innovation in every sector of its operations. Since its establishment, the company has rapidly changed and has adopted current technology that has influenced its productivity and profitability within the UK economy (Satyanarayana and Bhaskar, 2020). For instance, the company has utilized social media for advertising its new product lineup. The adoption of current innovations in its production line has enabled the automobile manufacturer to introduce vehicles with modern software systems that provide comfort, safety, and entertainment to the market.

Ford Automobile Industry’s Promotion Mix (4Ps)

Product Mix

Ford Automotive Firm is commonly identified for its locomotives, such as cars. Besides, the organization has tractors, wagons, and cars in its production synthesis. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s motor craft trademarks include motor spare parts for several of its vehicles, though these components are p to firms, such as Toyota (Lazdowski, 2020). Ford Automobile Credit Organization is the corporation’s subordinate that presents financing to its clients, as illustrated by Figure 2 below. The manufacturer also offers automobile chartering to business customers. Therefore, the establishment’s produce synthesis is evident in the constituent of the promotion mix.

Ford Motor Credit Company's
Figure 2: Shows an advertisement of Ford Motor Credit Company’s financial benefits and assist the organization offers its consumers (Lazdowski, 2020).

Place Mix

Ford employs distinctive venues and places used for its approach of sound distribution. The company’s premises in the UK are the most prominent locations for supplying most of its products. A significant portion of its income is generated through such dealerships. The organization’s automobile components are accessible in domestic locomotive stores and the Ford Parts platform. Furthermore, UK consumers can access the corporation’s financial services in its offices or employees at dealerships (Lazdowski, 2020). The element presents Ford Motor Company’s approach that uses distinct organization-owned facilities and local dealers to generate revenue within the economy.

Promotional Mix

Ford Motor Company employs promotion as the main course to endorse its goods. The establishment’s TV and online promotions are particularly outstanding. Also, sales personnel utilize individual selling to influence consumers at its dealerships. In some instances, the corporation employs express retailing to commercial customers who charter automobiles from the company. The element further entails sales advertisement through trade-ins, special offers, and discounts. Likewise, CSR sponsorship and programs of athletic facilities and activities within the United Kingdom have enabled the corporation to market its products and business to a significant target client population (Lazdowski, 2020). Therefore, the marketing mix component presents that the Firm efficiently exploits all the advertising infrastructure strategies to sponsor its product and services.

Price Mix

In the market-leaning pricing approach, Ford Motor Company’s objective is to determine rates suitable to marketplace environments in the United Kingdom while considering demand, consumer attitude and behavior, and competition. The manufacturer employs the pricing model for several of its commodities, such as trucks and sedans. Conversely, the Firm utilizes the first-class pricing tactic to set higher rates for some of its automobiles and spare parts (Lazdowski, 2020). The pricing policy is used for most Lincoln locomotives, which are the producer’s luxury flagship. Therefore, the price mix component of marketing underlines the significance of various valuing approaches to back Ford’s determination to protect distinct marketplace sections.

Ford Motor Company Marketing Strategy

Diversification Strategy

Despite presenting high costs and threats, the diversification strategy has played a vital role in Ford Motor Company’s success for a significant period. The approach entails adopting new methods of conducting business within a marketplace. Ford adopted the policy since it has diversified its business operations from offering financial services to retailing its products within the United Kingdom market (Satyanarayana and Bhaskar, 2020). Consequently, the organization has gained a significant market share despite facing stiff competition from the Land Rover Motor Company. The strategy has proven successful in the economy regardless of its consequences.

Market Penetration Strategy

Companies utilize the strategy to increase their share within the existing markets. Ford has employed the plan to improve its presence within the UK economy despite facing significant Land Rover competition. The introduction of Ford Motor Credit services within the British market has enabled the company to attract career consumers who desire to be vehicle owners yet require funding (Satyanarayana and Bhaskar, 2020). Through its Ford website, the company has attracted more market share by advertising its products on the platform (Satyanarayana and Bhaskar, n.d.). Through this approach, the company has realized success by increasing customers’ awareness of its goods and services and attracting the digital generation clients.


The business market is rapidly changing, and the locomotive industry is not an exception, as illustrated in the paper. Since Ford Motor Company is one of the largest automotive and spare parts producers globally, its management should assess the United Kingdom market and identify the marketing strategies that will drive it towards growing its presence within the economy. Therefore, adjusting the organization’s policies and operations according to the market’s conditions will generate revenue and gain market share. Its managers should investigate the UK market dynamics further to ensure the locomotive manufacturer remains profitable in the economy.

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