The Marketing Case: Presenting the Company to the Public and Building Brand Awareness


Marketing is the activity of studying the market and its needs and using this knowledge to market a company’s products or services (Dangelico & Vocalelli, 2017). In the research and scientific literature, there are many variations in the interpretation of the definition of marketing, which varies depending on the point of view of the author and the type of company or entrepreneur referred to in work. It also differs in the initial goal of the marketing strategy, such as relationship building, brand awareness, sales, or any other, themes and directions (Arora & Sanni, 2019).

In the case of marketing at the initial stage of a company’s development, it is aimed at presenting the company to the public and building brand awareness. While at the stage of further development and full-fledged work of the company, it has the goal of sales.

Marketing Assumptions

Marketing for commercial and non-commercial organizations is assessed differently due to the range of goals pursued. For profit-oriented organizations, marketing is about increasing sales and return on investment, while for non-profit organizations, it is a way of drawing attention to some information, public goals, issues, or unconventional solutions (Barron & West, 2017). Various marketing methods are suitable for different types of companies at different stages of development. In addition, the types of marketing used by companies change throughout their life cycle.

Online Advertising

Online advertising has become one of the most popular and used methods in the modern world. Its advantage is the availability of the target audience for any type of company activity. Another advantage is that online advertising has many variations, including advertising in social networks, press releases, media, contextual, and branded searches. Many online analytics platforms include various metrics such as engagement, reach, share, sales, and return of investment. These analytics allows you to determine the most effective advertising channel for your company.

The disadvantages of online advertising are that users gradually get used to a large stream of various advertising feeds. Because of this, companies need to have new innovative ideas to market their product or service every time they order an advertisement. Another downside is that online advertising is becoming more and more expensive. Due to the transition of most of the target audience to online platforms, the demand from advertisers has also grown (Micu et al., 2017). Therefore, the prices for placing a quality marketing product that could reach the target audience are becoming high.

TV Advertising

Another popular advertising method is through TV. The popularity of watching TV is gradually fading away, which is the disadvantage of this type of advertising (Hoeck & Spann, 2021). An increasing proportion of the audience is moving from watching content on TV to online platforms. Thus, it is difficult for advertisers to find a suitable channel for advertising. Also, it is necessary to take into account the presentation time of popular programs. Due to the minimization of the viewing of TV shows, there are not many popular films, series, and channels, and because of this, the price for them rises accordingly.

Another disadvantage is the limitation of TV marketing. Most channels have restrictions on the type of marketing material based on the audience age and public acceptance criteria. Compared to online platforms, the presentation on TV is much more filtered and censored. TV is

The advantages of broadcasting advertising on TV are in the confidence of its representation to end customers. When buying advertisements on the Internet, advertisers also see statistics but cannot check their realism or background due to the impossibility of viewing advertisements through the eyes of all the required clients. This adds tangibility to advertising on TV since there is a certainty that anyone with a TV turned on the same channel sees the marketing material.

Another benefit of TV advertising is the ability to anticipate demand and engagement based on the experience of using a variety of marketing tools by other companies. For example, there is a lot of research confirming the negative impact on clients of specific aspects of marketing feeds. Such aspects include a lack of trust and any attempt to impose a necessity, which causes internal opposition from the potential client (Hoeck & Spann, 2021). Understanding and studying such material allows for building a marketing strategy that is attractive to the client.

Radio Advertising

The radio advertising method was one of the first and is still one of the channels used by marketers. An advantage of radio advertising is comparatively low prices. Compared to the high prices on other channels, on radio, they are affordable for almost any company. Another advantage is wide coverage so that the radio marketing campaign can be heard in any city where the radio station is represented. This allows to effectively expand customer reach coverage for start-up companies who have not yet formed an exact opinion about the consumer persona.

The disadvantage of marketing on the radio lies in the absence of proper fragmentation. The division into customer segments is only basic and non-fixed. Therefore, it is difficult to reach a target lead. Moreover, it is almost impossible to correctly build analytics on audience engagement and interest in comparison with online platforms. Another disadvantage is the lack of visual appeal. Due to the only audio component of radio marketing, there is no way to showcase a product or service.

Magazine Advertising

Marketing through magazines is also used by marketers in the modern world. This marketing method is especially useful for narrowly focused companies. Magazines most often have a focus on a specific topic and audience, which allows marketing directly to the target audience (Amin & Priansah, 2019). Moreover, the information printed in magazines always remains there and can continue to attract customers, while on online platforms, it requires constant renewal. Additionally, print media often have loyal customer databases, which increases the credibility of the information presented.

At the same time, the process of developing marketing for a magazine is time-consuming. This leads to the development and planning costs, which increase the cost of production (Amin & Priansah, 2019). In addition, magazines most often do not reach a global audience. Most of them have local coverage of the printing area.

When advertising via any method, it is important to consider the target audience of the company. For Calyx Flowers, online advertising can give the best result as the delivery order is also carried out online. At the same time, if they use advertising on TV on relevant channels and with adaptation to order by phone number or online upon preferences, the company has a chance to attract customers through both channels. Advertising through websites and social media would bring the greatest results due to the specifics of the company’s products.


In conclusion, advertising is one of the main key performance indicators that determine the success of a company. Marketing becomes the face of the company, draws attention to the brand, and helps to build sales. Companies have the opportunity to both use a mix of marketing channels or focus on one that brings the best results. For this, constant analytics and testing of new approaches are important since the audience’s preferences in the modern world are changing rapidly.


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