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Media communication is a multi-layered process that requires careful analysis of the target audience. Selected pieces of media communication are Vogue YouTube Channel, Billboard Pop News, Radio Newark, and CNN International. Each of them has a diverse target audience, which indicates the way information is conveyed, the cyclical nature of content updates, and the visualization of online publications. It is essential to understand that Internet platforms are offshoots of the primary communication method. For example, the Billboard print edition has been adapted for online use. The sources transmit unique data that is created, taking into account the zone of interest of subscribers and their daily needs.

Vogue YouTube Channel is a visualization of an American magazine on an online platform. The company publishes videos featuring guest celebrities talking about beauty and fashion (“Vogue,” n.d.). The magazine is aware of the target audience that is interested in high fashion. More broadly, Vogue targets young and successful women who strive to keep abreast of current trends in beauty and style. It is essential to note that the company is introducing product diversification by expanding communication channels and covering more fashion trends.

YouTube Channel analysis shows that Vogue shoots videos about makeup, clothing, social behavior, and live performances by famous artists. Consequently, diversification creates the effect of a trendy ecosystem in which the target audience receives a variety of information about a sophisticated appearance. The iconic brand logo combined with relevant content correlates with the needs of the target audience, creating long-term business synergies. It should be noted that the leading brand philosophy associated with the communication strategy is cooperation with the most sought-after celebrities and eminent photographers.

Although the YouTube Channel is one of several communication channels, it is this platform that allows one to visualize and create the effect of dialogue between the brand ambassador and the viewer. Thus, this communication approach is beneficial in successfully conveying corporate values ​​and maintaining its status as one of the most trustworthy fashion publications in the world.

Major news portals enjoy corresponding popularity due to the developed data collection system, logistics workshop, and timely response to events. CNN International is a prosperous source aimed at the audience that checks the news in various areas of life several times a day. The resource is aware of the audience areas of interest and has created sections of publications depending on the reader’s needs (“CNN International,” n.d.).

Initial analysis of the website revealed that the company is neutral on controversial topics such as politics and business. Consequently, the main principle of content creation is unbiased reporting based on facts and proven data. CNN’s target audience is educated young people whose interests are focused on global trends in lifestyle, travel, and mentioned controversial areas of activity. The ease of use of the website shows the company’s customer focus, as news publications are divided into thematic categories with subgroups in specific areas of interest. For example, the business section offers news from the Indian market, facts about billionaires, and reports on advances in electric cars (“CNN International,” n.d.).

CNN website also creates an ecosystem by providing stock quotes and updated statistics on world markets. In turn, it correlates with the values of busy readers who use their time efficiently and strive to get a quality news resource without long Internet searches. In this way, CNN acts as an informant by publishing daily in multiple news segments to quickly communicate data to readers.

Radio is gradually losing its relevance as an information provider but is still used as a source of entertainment content. For example, drivers listen to music radio stations, while office workers prefer podcasts for repetitive tasks. Radio Newark produces content about the environment, science, and lifestyle (“Radio Newark News,” n.d.). Their target audience observes the resource as a source of entertainment or stress management. Consequently, creating an original and informative radio station is of significant value for people in the modern globalized world, aimed at developing production facilities and increasing business efficiency.

Thus, the company adapted the product by clearly separating live streams and music selections for a comfortable listening experience. The diversification of the website as a source of information is characterized by access to radio broadcasts, selected podcasts, and news articles. It means that the company aims to retain a constant audience, which will be more inclined to visit the online resource and consume even more publications. The website has only a few images, with the main communication focus being on text and broadcast. This approach correlates with the audience’s interest in the areas of lifestyle, environment, and science. Thus, Radio Newark continues the traditional radio communication but adapts it to a loyal target audience.

The music industry is growing, signaling the need to evaluate each genre as a separate business unit. Pop music, in turn, is a broad field for creativity and innovative sound, which itself has subgroups with unique target audiences. Billboard Pop News is aimed at young readers interested in music and art in general. This section has up-to-date articles on famous artists and combines original visual and informational resources (“Pop,” n.d.).

A similar genre division is also present in the chart section, where the best-selling songs are distributed within a specific period. It is an ecosystem approach where Billboard informs the target audience about both statistics and a narrative overview of critical events in pop music. The company uses the website as the primary communication resource in the Internet age, and it is reflected in the frequency of publications and the rate of increasing audience loyalty. For example, subscribing to regular notifications and delivering merchandise means being customer-centric to build strong bonds with the target group.

The visualization of the resource corresponds to the main thematic focus, namely, the use of photos and videos with the participation of famous representatives of pop culture. Thus, Billboard is an example of a successful transformation of media communication that is increasingly geared towards long-term customer loyalty.

The studied sources have various sizes and specificity of the target audience, which means different ways of information transmission. The online space provides an opportunity for a distinct frequency of publications and visualization of websites, which is made based on the audience’s psychography. Each of the investigated communication methods is a successful continuation of the primary approach adapted for online use. Celebrity video posting expanded Vogue’s ecosystem, while CNN accelerated news delivery through daily and timely publishing. Each of the pieces has a clear brand vision reflected in the colors and formatting of the online pages. Thus, sources conduct ongoing customer analysis and tailor website visualizations accordingly.


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