Presentation Plan For the New Line of Design Company

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Pre-event Planning


The concept is to perform event management for the popularity and progress of a fashion designing company. This fashion designing company is in East London, which is owned by several young designers. They mainly focus on designing clothes for young adults and offer a dress in dissimilar fashion and range. Their products are at a reasonable rate, which is not too expensive and also not cheap. They also planned to make available of their products to the public through the Internet from the recently build up online store segment of their website. Thus the customers can easily purchase the dress through it. The main conception of this event management is conducting an event for this fashion designing company to launch their new winter collection. Present the imaginative and new design talents of the professional through an event. Boost the alertness and recognition of their brand and supports the public to purchase their product. Achieve contacts all over the world for the promotion of the sale of the products. Through this event, it could achieve the popularity of this fashion designing company and can accomplish the attraction of the audience.

The goal of the event is to present their new collection of dresses to the public and promote the sale of their product. The event idea is to impress the audience. This helps to increase the sale of their products and the whole United Kingdom identifies their brand. “A fashion show is a live event whereby a designer invites guests, which include members of the press, retail buyers, and celebrities to increase their brand awareness, communicate their message, and ultimately drive sales” (Eye of the storm, 2007). Thus, it can achieve the attraction of all viewers and can raise the awareness of their brand. This makes the company and their brand famous consequently the company can progress. Conducting events benefits the fashion designers also because it is the opportunity for them to presents their talent to the public. This helps for their better career.

It is in east London the event is conducting and this event is for one day. The time of the event should be cautiously selected which should be suitable to both the customers and viewers.


In event management, the term budget is referred to the total financial resources that will be required for implementing the events effectively and efficiently. “The pro forma (projected) budget is a detailed cash plan that defines the acquisition, allocation, and disbursement of the financial resources for an event according to the priorities and necessities of the event operations. Preparing a budget involves visualizing the entire event in financial terms, identifying all potential sources of income and expenditures and organizing them into functional groups” (Budget Development, 2003).

The maximum budget allowed for this event is £15,000. This budget will meet the requirements of the event. It is a realistic budget that will help to conduct the event in a good way. A maximum budget has to be allocated for the launching of the collections and also in providing advertisements about the online stores. A budget of about £ 7000 can be allowed for this. Also, the budget will be needed for the hired staff like the models, DJs, hostesses, waiters, and security personnel, etc. This will require a budget of about £ 5000. Moreover, the budget should consider the equipment cost, catering, and other services cost which will be about £ 2000. The total amount of budget has been allocated to different activities by which the aim of undertaking the event can be fulfilled. There can be small variations from the planned budget. The budget estimated is given below.

Resources Cost estimated
Garments £ 3000
Advertisements £ 4000
Models £ 2000
DJs £2000
Hostess and Waiters £500
Security Personnel £500
Chefs £1000
Food and utensils £ 500
Furniture £ 200
Lighting £ 500
Audio visuals £ 500
Travel £ 300
Total £15000

Reviewing the budget will help to make efficient financial judgments and to find out if the event will bring a profit or loss to the organization.

Sponsorship will be beneficial to the event that is being planned to conduct. Sponsorship “offers significant opportunities for distinct marketing and competitive advantages, as well as showing support of the event. Sponsorship offers the possibility of achieving several goals at once. According to Schmader and Jackson in their book, Special Events: Inside and Out, a company can benefit from sponsorship in many ways” (Friedman 2010).

The sponsors will provide financial support to the event. It will be beneficial for the company in terms of budget. Getting good sponsors can increase the reputation of the company. The people in the event management team consider event sponsorship as a powerful tool. Sponsorship of events is an efficient tool for marketing since it attracts a large number of audiences. The sponsors look for large publicity through different types of media. This will increase the exposure of the event as well as the company. The information about the sponsors will be included in the media that cover the event. The sponsoring company will help to expand the media coverage of the event.

Event Marketing & Promotion

“The purpose of marketing communications is the transmission of an idea about a product to intermediaries or to customers in a target market” (Promotion – elements of the promotional mix, 2006). The element of the promotion mix for the event includes public relations, direct mail, sponsorship, advertising, so on. Creating a good relationship with the public is very essential because customer satisfaction and cooperation are necessary for the success of any business. Maintain good relations with the public facilitates in achieving their support to conduct the event efficiently. Today the customers are more cynical of the advertisement so that it should more aware to broadcast new trend and new style of dresses. The advertisement of the event should display in every media such as television, newspaper, radio, magazine, etc. This helps to achieve the attention of more people. Direct mail plays an important role in targeting customers. It sends out the mail of the event to the customers moreover monitor the response of the customers. Direct mailing facilitates to retrieve the rapid response of the customers. Thus the company management can take quick decisions and modify their products according to the comment of the customers. This helps to retrieve the support and satisfaction of the customers. Sponsorship is beneficial for providing essential support and funds required to conduct the event.

The press release is intended to announce the information about the event to the public therefore it should carry out in a very effective manner. Normally the news of the event is given on television, newspaper, magazine, radio, etc. while the news gives in written form that is in newspaper and magazine it should present very clear and the language must be good. Include the photos in the news related to a fashion show to attract the public. The public immediately spots the news when it includes attractive photos in the news. While the news gives in the media such as television and radio it should present the event news very clearly in a way that attracts the viewer’s attention. It could reach the news very rapidly to the public if it provides the news in the media like the Internet. Moreover, it is the best and fast media to bring the news to the public all over the world.

Fashion designers, film stars, business dealers, and members of the press are the targeted audience of this event. The participation of a rich audience like film stars in this show helps in the future progress of this fashion designing company. The rich people may be ready to buy a dress at any cost. Many publics is also invited for this show because they are the daily customers of their products. Around 400 people were invited to this event.

The promotion elements used for bringing this event news to the targeted audience were a great success. It had spent £ 4000 for the activities of promotion of the event.


Staff is “dedicated to taking an imaginative approach to event management, backed by a consummate professionalism that ensures” (Eventium, n.d.) that event will run flawlessly. Staffs are very much capable to do it. Our team has fifty staff for the event management. These include DJs, models, security personnel and Hostess & waiters. There are ten DJs and ten models whose intention is to attract more people and viewers towards them. Surely, our team’s members are hired very popular DJs and models who are capable to attract all. Apart from that, there is fifteen security personnel who take care of all sorts of securities regarding the conducting of the event. Other than these for serving foods and other materials during the event fifteen hostesses and waiters take care of all sorts of things regarding the food and serving department. For all these staff, the best training is given in order to make a guarantee that none of the service providing to the customers and for the company must be put off. To make everything perfect staffs are trained in such a way that who are all experiencing the service of our staff never get forget about it. “Reliability, integrity and professionalism are guaranteed” (Events, 2009) from the staff.


For conducting an event several types of equipment will be needed starting from very small things to very large things. The equipment should be branded and of high quality. A highly decorated stage is very essential for the event. The stage is the first thing that will attract the audience. Normally a T shaped on any other shaped stage will be good for such an event. The stage should be about 600 mm above the ground. The stage should be equipped with all the necessary requirements. The lighting and audio-visuals should be in a proper way. Lights should be placed on all the necessary areas in the venue so that the audiences are comfortable. It is planned to set up an LED lighting system on the stage. In addition to normal lighting, coloured lighting can also be used. Coloured lighting will give more attraction to the event. “Lighting controllers may also be used. The controller will turn on, off, and even dim the lights when necessary. Lighting controllers also take away the risk of human error, which can take away from a pivotal moment on the stage” (Stage lightning product information, 2008).

A generator is also set up to control the lightning if any power failure occurs.

The event will need carpets to put on the stage as well as on the ground, which can be of any colour. Other coverings needed for the stage will also have to be arranged. A screen for magnification of the event is planned to be set up on the stage. Seating arrangements have to be well organized. Chairs of about 600 will be needed for the event. Good quality audio facilities are very essential in the event. There should be a dressing room, which is equipped for the convenience of models, DJs, etc. It should contain all the necessary facilities needed for their dressing. The utensils needed for the preparation and serving of the food will have to be bought.


A good catering service is very essential for the event. An event can be made unforgettable and extraordinary with the help of a good catering service.

High-quality catering services are planned for the event. People who have pleasing manners are appointed as waiters to serve the guests. The waiters should be advised to approach the guests with smiling faces so that the guests will feel friendly towards them. Food will be served according to the tastes of the audience. The menu will be prepared according to the occasion and based on the expected guests. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items have to be arranged so that people can choose according to their wishes. Many types of drinks are also planned to serve in the event. Cool drinks, hot drinks, and ice creams will be provided to the guests. Good chefs are to be appointed to prepare tasty foods. A food that is prepared beautifully will delight the guests and add beauty to the event.

Onsite – Event execution and coordination

In order to execute and coordinate the events, many issues need to take care of. The team is very well at handling those issues where others are lacks. One point is certain that designing company is going to get more exposure in all sorts just after the event. Our team will coordinate and execute the event in such a way.

Health and safety standards

One of the main focuses will be on providing health and safety standards throughout the event. This is a major issue as everyone will be very much concerned regarding standards providing safety and health issues. “Every functional area will have an element of health and safety to consider” (Health and Safety, n.d.). Our team provides event safety planning which takes care wide-ranging and coherent approach to safety and health. The range of services includes risk assessment, health and safety management systems, and emergency planning. Security personnel handles these all. Risk assessment includes finding the hazards and noteworthy risks during the event. Task won’t end just by finding the hazards; it’s by handling it effectively if it happens. Our security personnel will put forward in-depth analyzes for each of the people coming to the event. That’s by collecting or checking the profiles of the people. Apart from this thorough checking of music levels used in the event, in and out ways to the event, duration of the events, checking toilets, and water supply are included. Health and management system provides all sorts of problems arising from health. One of our security personnel will act as a role of health practitioner also, in case any problems happen to any people first aid facilities are provided. Some arrangements are made with local hospitals. Our team facilitates a sensible and pragmatic approach in providing better health facilities. Emergency planning includes all sorts of planning that should be pre-planned during the event. A document is distributed to all describing the various events that can be taken place during the event and if anything happens what kind of measures need to take place by the security personnel. Analyzes regarding the setting of the stage, their structure, awareness regarding the installation of electrical equipment are included.

Legal requirements, licenses and insurance

All sorts of legal requirements, permissions, licenses, and insurances are followed or made for the events. This includes no discrimination regarding disability, labouring a child is strictly prohibited, acquiring a license regarding the use of explosives, fire precautions, obeying the rules constructing the stage, strictly monitoring the noise level that arises from the event, traffic management, and waste management.

On-site layout and actual event execution

Seating capacity for the event is limited to six hundred people. A safe and comfortable seating arrangement has been made for all the people to enjoy the event. All sorts of safety measures had been taken in measurement beforehand. Main considerations are given for structures, facilities provided backstage, for parking and meeting points. Provisions for exits, entrance, toilets, area for hospitality, water, gas, waste disposal, power production, and distribution facilities are made.

Contingency plans

An onsite plan has been well prepared in advance in order to avoid the continuity of the event. This includes an overall look-up of everything. That is event organization, event management, and assessment of risks, emergency management, emergency reporting, and handling media. Staffs are very well prepared in accessing each of their tasks and there is no need to worry about any stoppage in the program.

Post-event feedback

This is to analyze the overall event that had taken place that means how it was conducted and different views or opinions received from the viewers about the event.

Standardization of record keeping

A very good record has been maintained in order to access how many people gathered for the event. This is very prerequisite to know the details of the people. It is because if any sort of problem arises it is very much important to know about the details regarding the viewers assembled for the event. Apart from this, additional records have been made regarding all sorts of programs conducted, all sorts of used items, and what all-time each of the programs started and end.

Evaluation methods

One of the methods is analysing the feedback given by the viewers. From this, it is easy to understand the pros and cons that happened in the event. Apart from these short interviews have been conducted randomly for some of the viewers. Short interviews mean asking the reaction of the people regarding the event.

Feedback forms

Feedback ‘book let’ to all the viewers’ assembled for the event has been given in order to access their views. This is very important because the best feedback will help us to improve a lot in the future by correcting the mistakes. Sample first page of the feedback report has been shown below:

  • Details
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Organization
  • Designation
  • City/pin code
  • Website
  • Fax

Rests of the pages are intentionally kept blank as the viewers can write down the feedback of the event.


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