25 Sourcing and Procurement Strategy

Need to write a paper about procurement strategies? In this case, you should look at some of the key definitions. Besides, we’ve prepared valuable illustrative examples for you and discussed the difference between sourcing and procurement strategies. Keep reading, and you’ll find the answers to the most pressing questions.

💎 Top-5 Sourcing and Procurement Strategy Examples

  1. Strategic' Supply Chain Competition
  2. E-Procurement in Supply Management and Strategy
  3. General Motors’ Supply and Procurement Strategies
  4. Ford Motor Company's Competitive Advantage and Future
  5. Johnson & Johnson's Procurement Risk Management

💰 Procurement Sourcing Strategy: Meaning

In this section, we’ve answered all the topical questions that you might have about the procurement sourcing strategy.

What Is a Procurement Strategy?

Procurement is the structure a company or business will use when purchasing services or goods within set cost and quality guidelines. Thus, a successful procurement strategy outlines the company’s steps, procedures, and tools.

What Is a Sourcing Strategy in Procurement?

The sourcing strategy focuses more on issues that affect the company directly, such as:

  • Sourcing a competitive supplier base.
  • Supplying competitively priced raw materials or services.
  • Bringing company objectives in line with the goals of stakeholders.
  • Determining strategies for procurement, pricing, marketing, and distribution.

How Do You Develop a Procurement Strategy?

Developing a sourcing and procurement strategy needs to be accomplished with business goals in mind. Companies require commercial skills and strategic thinking to analyze their output and work out a cost-effective approach. Also, they should consider the people they work with, their challenges, and their used technologies.

📚 Sourcing and Procurement Strategies: What’s the Difference?

Even though procurement and sourcing are often synonyms, they have several important distinctions. If this is the topic of your essay, you should be aware of them. Below, you will find a table comparing strategic sourcing vs procurement.

Strategic SourcingProcurement
Takes place before procurement, ensuring that procurement gets the best prices possible.Includes the act of purchasing the materials sourced.
Finds the best suppliers for the procurement team to negotiate with.Negotiates better prices with the supplier.
Only a few elements of the more effective procurement strategy are considered.It’s an end-to-end process from project management and planning to purchase.
Focuses firmly on where to get needed supplies.Plans what supplies are needed.
Evaluates the supplier’s performance.Creates a relationship with the supplier.
Does not participate in purchases.Purchases, payments, record keeping, and shipping arrangements.

💡 Procurement Strategy Examples

There are many types of procurement strategies. In this section, you will get to discover some procurement strategy examples.

  1. Building Supplier Relationships: A traditional method that creates relationships with suppliers who can provide what is necessary at a low cost. An effective cost reduction strategy.
  2. Global Sourcing: This procurement strategy uses international connections to source goods worldwide. It opens up options for working with countries that can offer more economic goods and services.
  3. TQM – Total Qualify Methods: Only companies that can offer the highest quality with zero errors are considered in this strategy. The six sigma steps are often used to make this strategy work.
  4. Management of Risk: Countries like China can offer quality goods at low prices, but COVID lockdowns affected the supply chain meaning companies did not receive expected deliveries for a time. Issues like these make risk management an essential strategy for companies seeking a stable supply.
  5. Green Purchasing: A popular strategy for enterprises and governments revolve around buying recycled or green energy products.
  6. Vendor Development: Working with smaller companies and helping them increase their company’s standards or capabilities can, in turn, improve the supply and delivery for a company.
  7. Procurement Skill Training: A project that trains people within the company to provide better procurement increases the quality and cost efficiency of supplies a company receives. Someone trained in procurement is a valuable commodity for any company.

So, companies use the procurement sourcing strategy to identify, evaluate, and select suppliers for goods or services. Also, it involves creating a plan that aligns with organizational goals and objectives while minimizing costs and ensuring quality. If you find our article engaging, then check out our samples!

📝 Procurement Strategy Research Paper Examples

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