Walmart Company’s Productivity Project Management

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Walmart is a renowned international retail company that is also a market leader in the industry and the biggest company in terms of revenue collection. The significant strides made by the company are commendable since its incorporation into the public corporation in 1970. Walmart is making meaningful progress to meeting both its local and international market goals. It is due to this reason that the firm mainly focuses on international portfolio expansion through its lucrative markets in Africa, Asia, and, Europe. To crown it all, Walmart is an international brand that takes advantage to roll out new product lines. For instance, supercenters and Sam’s Clubs have received instant market hits and growth. This argument makes consumers continue shopping at Walmart stores based on a factual analysis of the good practices that form the company’s culture.

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Productivity System Analysis and Management Project

Project Overview

Walmart Company faces employee productivity challenges which not only call for quick remedies but also the creation of an environment for efficient customer satisfaction. In this regard, there is a proposal to design an online productivity system analysis that will solve the above-mentioned challenges.

Productivity system analysis and management project is an integral part of efficient business management in Walmart. In this regard, designing an efficient productivity analysis for the Company is a great project. This project involves designing and installation of an online productivity analysis system. It also not only integrates employee productivity process but also analyzes and increase employee productivity. Productivity is critical to the company, customers, as well as employees. Therefore, it is a project worth implementing as fast as possible.


Customer attraction and retention are quite important in developing a successful business. Therefore, Walmart Company is strategically positioning itself in a more innovative way to increase its revenue and also develop its employees. Employee education will result in high customer satisfaction. Therefore, productivity system analysis and management come in handy because it will firstly increase employee productivity in the company, secondly, it will increase customer satisfaction. In addition, it will offer efficient human resource management.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this project is to install an efficient employee productivity analysis and management tool. The project will cover Walmart Company stores in the US before it is rolled to other places around the globe. The project scope is designed to cover the US region before the same is rolled to other areas. This gives an ample opportunity to study the project processes and improve on them along the way.

Project Executive Summary

Productivity system analysis and management is an online human resource management tool that is used to analyze and manage employees’ productivity. Productivity system analysis and management tools take a critical analysis of each employee’s performance.

Project Objective

Objective Targets
To increase employee productivity in the company Excellent 80%-100%
Good 69%-79%
To increase customer satisfaction in the company Excellent 80%-100%
Good 69%-79%
To motivate employees for better performance Excellent 80%-100%
Good 69%-79%

The project strives to ensure that productivity level is maintained high in the company so that the company continues to reap from the economies of scale in regards to efficient and knowledgeable employees.

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Efficient management is pivotal for the success of the above project because management streamlines the operation and the goal of the company towards achieving the prescribed vision. It is prudent to note that employees play a fundamental role in the overall performance of a company since they are at the center of all the operations which are important to the customer attraction and retention process.

Project Design Constraints

The project faces financial constraints hence a lot of financial investment will be required for its success. Secondly, there will be the interplay of technical constraints due to the fact that the project needs specialized technical knowledge.

Future Contingencies

Future technological advancements pose a great challenge to the success of the project because new technology will be required to maintain the desired success of the project. In this regard, it is necessary that mitigation procedures are done that call for continuous upgrading. The employees will also be informed on the new project to adequately understand it. However, it should be noted that it will take time for employees to understand and embrace the change brought about by the project.

Current Process of Productivity Analysis

Current process of productivity analysis and management involves employee motivation programs and task completion rate charts. These tools are good but they do not adequately respond to the current challenges of the company. The company is growing fast and the challenges are equally immense.

Points of Contact

Jeffrey asserts that points of contact are critical to the project management cycle (42). The points of contact will include the Project Manager, System Proponent, User Organization, Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, Security Manager, and Configuration Manager.


Productivity system analysis and management project in Walmart is a great project which will propel the company to the next level in the competitive global market. The project has outlined some of the key areas which will be necessary for its implementation schedule.

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