Wechat Public Account Marketing in Australia

WeChat Marketing in Australia

Everybody has heard about social media giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. However, the universal presence of renowned players often makes us overlook other lucrative options. Tencent’s WeChat, a Chinese social platform, belongs to one of those hidden opportunities for Australian companies. Despite some resistance from the outside, WeChat keeps on growing and reached 1,24 billion active users in 2021, making it the sixth largest social media in the world.

WeChat is not another online service for communication with friends — it is much more than that. Indeed, WeChat users can send the usual messages just like via other social media. In addition to that, they can also hail a taxi, pay for goods, access government services, and even book a COVID-19 test. But most importantly, WeChat offers its users Official Accounts for business, which are available in Australia since they do not require a Chinese Business License. Official Account lets create content on WeChat and interact with followers and customers directly. This set of services provides an excellent opportunity to reach a bigger customer base for smaller Australian companies.

WeChat Tools for Marketing

There are two types of WeChat Official Accounts available for corporate users. The basic Subscription Account allows the presentation of new content to the followers via daily messages. This functionality is beneficial for companies that prefer to push content to their customers actively. The followers will be able to see all marketing-related content or other types of corporate messages in their newsfeeds. A Subscription Account is helpful for attracting the customer’s attention via visual and textual content.

The more advanced Service Account allows broadcasting only four messages per month which is less suitable for marketing. However, it makes up for that drawback by enabling the company to reply to any customer’s messages. It also provides the user with access to the WeChat Pay service, making direct sales available. Overall, WeChat Service Account makes an effective tool for sales and customer support at the expense of more aggressive content pushing.

Unlike Facebook, WeChat does not annoy possible customers by showing them marketing content when they are not following the company’s Official Account. However, WeChat offers multiple methods of target audience engagement which would help acquire the follower base in a timely manner. Here are the methods and ways of their application in the WeChat environment.

QR Codes

Every WeChat Official Account owner receives a unique QR Code. This QR code can be used in any place of interaction with potential customers. Online, the WeChat QR code can be posted on the company website, other social media, and corporate newsletters. Offline, the owner can place QR codes in physical stores, offices, and product packaging.

Advertising on WeChat

WeChat presents multiple options for advertising and getting new followers. Traditional advertising includes Moment ads and Banner ads visible to users. In addition, verified WeChat account owners could purchase advertising from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) registered on WeChat. KOL advertising is effective for boosting follower growth and engagement, especially if KOL often uses products from your business niche.

Partnership with WeChat

WeChat occasionally offers promotional support for brands located outside of China. By 2021, WeChat has restricted partnership programs to luxury brands, big international businesses, and countries where they want to increase their user base. Since 3 million Australians will use WeChat by November 2020, Australian companies can try to cooperate with the platform to gain extra support.

WeChat Mini Program

Any registered business can obtain a license to create a WeChat Mini Program. These mini-programs can be used to develop apps available to all WeChat users. Since Mini Programs exist only within the WeChat platform, they do not require installation and registration. That convenience makes them a highly viable tool for customer engagement.

Providing Better Customer Service

The benefits of this marketing strategy are available to owners of Service Account, which allows responding to any WeChat user who messaged them first. Helpful, quick, and meaningful customer support provides an additional competitive advantage. WeChat offers an environment that allows any business owner to provide effective support in a short time.

WeChat for Mindset Changing

Previously we have discussed marketing advantages that WeChat Official Account can grant to Australian users. However, the modern age business must not limit itself to profit-making and financial efficiency. Modern companies should care about such matters as environmental sustainability, ethical work process, and equality. WeChat’s system of promotional messages allows possible digital advocacy for that positive agenda and makes it possible to add a small contribution to the common good.

Just like social media can be used for evil, they can also be used for beneficial influences, such as awareness raising and positive advocacy. A person might be a business owner, but business interests can be combined with wholesome social activities. Therefore, Australian companies could act as positive influencers and advocate for environmental sustainability, ethical business practices, and equality in WeChat advertising and digital promotional materials. Raising awareness towards matters not directly related to commerce can potentially improve corporate image and lead to the growth of the customer base. Contributing a portion of WeChat promotional materials to the global challenges of our time would become a noble beginning.

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