Amazon Company’s Five Functions of Management


Every business organization relies on various functions of management. The five functions help a manager provide the opportunity that increases efficiency through problem-solving of issues that arise in the workplace, employee motivation, and ensuring that the organizations achieve its goals and objectives. The management team is tasked with facilitating effective resource use in the organization to accomplish the anticipated goals (Dyer & Gregersen, 2017). The management functions include planning, staffing, organizing, leading, and control. The two years of experience and my BABA degree attained from Ashford University will be significant in achieving my tasks. Upon taking the responsibility as a manager in the Amazon warehouse, the five functions are essential in allowing the organization’s growth and better control of activities. They will also help maximize the efficiency required in achieving outcome from the group of one hundred employees.


Among the five functions of management, planning of activities is of utmost importance. It is described as a systematic process that allows managers to make informed decisions concerning future organizational activities and the goals intended to be accomplished within a specific period. The core elements involved include planning for the organization’s future and strategic planning, and they form the key objectives to be attained in succession planning. The vast experience gained as a packer for two years will fundamental in understanding that getting organized will help gain superior ideas of quick ways in retrieving products (Harracá, 2017). It will also be helpful to packers to finish their orders within the shortest time, considering that there is an expectation of more receipts upon opening.

The other strategy involves looking at the analytics process to determine areas for placing products. Customers purchase a variety of products together. Thus, it is essential to ensure that they are located near each other. This is important in reducing the distance and time covered by employees in getting the products, considering the warehouse’s massive size. Software is also essential to route the best path for item collection. My main goal is to ensure a significant reduction of distance for both the customers and employees. Increased efficiency directly affects customer satisfaction and an indirect impact on sales (Harracá, 2017). The use of a SWOT analysis matrix is also significant for operational activities. It entails identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The aim involves identifying strategies to overcome the deficiencies and improving strengths to increase efficiency levels and operate without challenges.


Organizing management function entails developing structures in the organization and ensuring proper allocation of resources to attain objectives. It encompasses designing individual jobs and ensuring their alignment to the organization needs. It also involves making decisions on the duties and responsibilities of individuals and how they should be carried out. The Amazon packing involves departmentalization through various ways such as product, function, and customer (Dyer & Gregersen, 2017). Amazon operates through bureaucracy through the implementation of more superficial organizational structures. This will allow for easy reporting from a few layers, such as supervisors, packers, and myself as the manager.

The packers’ activities involve receiving orders and collecting items and packaging for shipping. The role of supervisors involves training, mentoring, and assessing packers. The supervisors will also report to me, considering that my responsibility is to oversee the warehouse operations. My commitment is to evaluate the results of the warehouse in ensuring that the warehouse structure is kept more relax and simple. Departmentalization by function is commonly used by various companies and organizations that are smaller and offering one main product or service (Arnett, Goldfinch & Chinta, 2018). The organizational structure in Amazon involves focusing on looking at individuals separate, considering that it is not a small company. The vast expertise in packing and delivering products is essential with more control in this form of departmentalization.


The staffing function relates to the selection, recruitment, development, compensation, and human resources training in a given organization. It plays a critical role in enabling the efficient and effective discharge of various functions of management. Every company involve turnovers and constant new employees resulting from people getting promoted or leaving the organization. Therefore, it is essential to begin in areas with potential candidates. Amazon is a big company that celebrates a massive online presence that helps people get a specific job at Amazon (Harracá, 2017). The presence of the database allows centres to hire and gain accurate detail about every given job. The other measures taken involve making posts on various sites and social media platforms. Examples of the media are Monster and LinkedIn.

The focus involves looking for the next Amazonians. Amazon fulfilment centre’s median pay is considered thirty per cent higher than the pay by employers in the average traditional retail stores. The preference involves people standing and walk all day, considering that it is a warehouse environment. The individuals are supposed to have physical fitness in carrying up to around 50 pounds. The age requirement is at least 18 years old with a good score in the English test on literacy skills. The department of human resource is responsible for identifying candidates that fit the needs of the organization and do a scheduled interview to assess their skill levels. A simple literacy test will follow the brief discussion in English. The next step involves making decisions on the candidates subjected to a drug test (Arnett, Goldfinch & Chinta, 2018). The first of the training will require the new employees to have work contracts, identification tax, and safety before becoming official members at Amazon.


Leading is defined as the informal and social sources of influence used in inspiring the actions taken by others. As the new manager, it is crucial to have leadership skills in leading the activities of subordinates to attain organizational goals. The first practice involves getting a clear understanding of the subordinates’ values, personalities, and emotions (Harracá, 2017). The motivational theory provides crucial information on ways to energize workers to utilize their productive efforts. Communication studies also give direction on forms and channels that can be used for compelling and persuasive communication.

Transformational leadership will be effective in managing and leading the employees. It entails inspiring, encouraging, and motivating employees to engage in innovative ideas that are likely to shape future company success (Dyer & Gregersen, 2017). The style gives room for increased employee creativity and getting the solution to address specific challenges in the company. It involves providing guidance to employees and garnering trust and developing leadership skills in others. Transformational leadership has a domino effect that is passed down to other employees and new individuals in the organization. It provides a more significant way in boosting morale and developing the spirit of teamwork for the entire Amazon warehouse.


Controlling is a management function that involves practices tailored to ensure that standards and performance match. Performance is usually measured in various ways, depending on customer satisfaction, performance appraisals, financial statements, and production results. Therefore, for effective control, there is a need for plans that provide the required performance standards and objectives. The traditionally used control techniques include performance audits and budgets that provide the organization with information regarding the actual results versus the planned outcomes. At Amazon, it will be essential to set up a baseline performance on the expectations from the average employees. It helps in measuring a person’s performance before completion of the training exercise. Upon letting the employees understand their expected performance, quarterly performance appraisals are necessary.

It encompasses appraising their physical performance and their work ethics, including working well with others, calling when sick, and avoiding lateness (Arnett, Goldfinch & Chinta, 2018). The focus will be more on work ethics than performance because if an individual has pushed the expected numbers, it will help take them further in the company. An increase in salaries is an effective strategy to award individuals that exceed the company expectation. The four steps of control applied in the company include establishing standards, measuring performance, comparing performance, and making decisions. The standards and performance are required to be matched for adequate control. On the other hand, decisions are made after comparing the actual and planned organization performance.


The experience of overseeing the activities of the Amazon warehouse is a new task that involves dedication and commitment. The two years’ experience gained from the study of BABA will come to fruition. The integration of the experience and management training will help lead the project; the five functions of management in play will play a fundamental role in the successful operation and effective leadership at the Amazon company.


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