73 GoPro Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview GoPro is an American technology company that manufactures action cameras and develops its own mobile apps and video-editing software.
Best known for Action cameras
Origins Founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters San Mateo, California, U.S.
Key people Nick Woodman (CEO)
Operating income About US$113.21 million (2021)
Number of employees About 766 (2021)
Scandals & incidents In 2018, the company has been hemorrhaging cash and is struggling with debt. Their drone division has been completely killed off and their action cameras have been getting nothing but lackluster updates every year.
It is interesting that Woodman built the first GoPro with his mom’s sewing machine.
Website www.gopro.com

📝 GoPro Research Papers Examples

  1. GoPro Firm's Functioning and External Environment
    GoPro remains critically dependent on its suppliers as at the moment the company does not produce the core technology needed for the functioning of its action cameras.
  2. Marketing Pitch of Gopro Company
    GoPro still has a long way to go in terms of promoting its brand recognition. This could be achieved through a greater emphasis on UGC.
  3. GoPro and Red Bull Companies' Strategic Alliance
    GoPro and Red Bull's partnership has earned the two businesses new market positions and increased competitive advantage.

🏆 Best GoPro Essay Titles

  1. The Technological Success of GoPro Inc.
  2. Ethics and Responsibility Issues at GoPro Company
  3. GoPro and Its Strong Marketing Strategy Versus Contours
  4. GoPro: Failing With Initial Strategy or Just Poor Execution?
  5. Investigating GoPro and Its Diffusion of Innovations
  6. GoPro Company’s Managerial Policies and Strategies
  7. GoPro: Transforming the Business for the Future
  8. Feature Prioritization With GoPro Senior Product Manager
  9. GoPro: Capturing a New Audience
  10. The Marketing Strategy of GoPro Based on Social Media
  11. GoPro’s Purposeful Vision to Become a Media Company
  12. An Industry Insider’s Analysis of GoPro’s Karma Strategy
  13. GoPro: Branding Strategy
  14. The Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy Used by GoPro
  15. Use GoPro in Marketing, PR, and Communications
  16. GoPro: Independent Internet Strategy
  17. A Look at GoPro’s Marketing and Distribution Strategy
  18. GoPro Supplier Code of Conduct
  19. Blue Ocean Strategy of GoPro Inc
  20. GoPro & the Future: A Full Digital Strategy
  21. Fixing GoPro’s Development and Product Release Problems
  22. The Evolution of GoPro Technology
  23. GoPro: Retailing and Distribution
  24. Internationales Content Marketing Am Vorbild “GoPro”
  25. Analysis of Business Model Blocks on the Example of the GoPro Company
  26. GoPro: Using Social Media
  27. Forced Layoffs of GoPro Employees Due to the Pandemic
  28. GoPro: Multichannel Customer Strategy
  29. Production of Various Accessories for Mounting GoPro Cameras
  30. Development of GoPro Software for Connecting Video Materials
  31. GoPro: Integrated Marketing Communication to the Extreme
  32. Instilling High Standards for GoPro Employees, Officers and Directors
  33. Laws and Regulations Governing the Work of GoPro
  34. Providing GoPro Stock Information
  35. GoPro: Strategy, SWOT and Corporate Finance
  36. The Major Internal and External Factors Affecting GoPro
  37. Competitive Advantage of GoPro
  38. GoPro: An Analysis of the Competitive Environment & Potential IMC Strategy
  39. Red Bull and Go Pro: A Smart Alliance
  40. GoPro SWOT Analysis: How Innovation Leads to Success

❓ GoPro Research Questions

  1. Where Is GoPro’s Corporate Headquarters?
  2. How Todd Ballard and GoPro Are Approaching Their Partnership Strategy?
  3. How GoPro Will Use an Awards Campaign to Grow Its Media Biz?
  4. Who Is the Target Customer for GoPro?
  5. How GoPro Fuels Brand Loyalty With UGC?
  6. Why GoPro Stock’s Recent Turnaround Will Be Short-Lived?
  7. Why Are GoPro Cameras So Popular?
  8. How GoPro Found Their Growth Hack Through Subscriptions?
  9. What Is GoPro’s Business Model?
  10. What Can Tech Firms Learn From GoPro’s Decline?
  11. What Kind of Company Is GoPro?
  12. How GoPro CMO Used Data Insights to Drive Marketing Strategy?
  13. What Was the Date of GoPro’s Initial Public Offering and at What Price?
  14. How GoPro Makes Social Impact Through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging?
  15. How GoPro Dominated Its Industry With User-Generated Content?
  16. How GoPro Drives Conversions Through Their Content?
  17. How GoPro Is Targeting Superusers?
  18. How GoPro Became a Victim of Bad Business Strategy?
  19. How to Use a GoPro Marketing Strategy in Your Business?
  20. How GoPro Built a Strong Online Customer Community?
  21. How GoPro Grows Through a Product and SAAS Subscription Model?
  22. Why GoPro Changed Its Marketing Strategy to Go Beyond the Action?
  23. How GoPro’s Bold Brand Experience Strategy Paid Off?
  24. How Much Does GoPro Spend on Research and Development?
  25. What Was GoPro Highest Stock Price?
  26. How Many Employees Work at GoPro?
  27. How Does GoPro Promote Its Products?
  28. Where Are GoPro Cameras Manufactured?
  29. How GoPro’s Content Marketing Puts Content Before E-commerce?
  30. How GoPro Has Created Quality Equipment at Reasonable Prices?

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