63 QNB Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview QNB is a Qatari multinational commercial bank. The bank’s ownership is evenly divided between the Qatar Investment Authority and members of the public.
Best known for Commercial bank
Origins Founded on 6 June 1964 as the country’s first domestically-owned commercial bank.
Area served Worldwide
Headquarters Doha, Qatar
Key people Ali Sharif Al Emadi (Chairman), Abdulla Mubarak Al-Khalifa (GCEO)
Operating income Almost US$7 billion (2019)
Number of employees About 29 thousand (2019)
Scandals & incidents In 2016, there was a leak of data (personal data, credit card information, passwords) from the bank. The leaked files were published on Cryptome.
It is interesting that Bloomberg Markets, the leading provider of Business, Financial and Economic news, ranked QNB as “One of the World’s Strongest Banks”
Website www.qnb.com

📝 QNB Research Papers Examples

  1. Qatar National Bank's Employees in Change Processes
    The dissertation focuses on investigating the impact of human resource bundles on change management processes in Qatar National Bank (QNB).
  2. Human Resource Processes in Qatar National Bank
    This paper investigates how the configuration of human resource management practices in bundles is applied within the context of Qatar National Bank to improve change management processes.
  3. Internship at Qatar National Bank (QNB)
    In this paper, a practical guideline has been offered through a student as he transforms from school life to a working environment through an internship.

🏆 Best QNB Essay Titles

  1. Qatar National Bank’s Green, Social, and Sustainability Bond Framework
  2. Mideast’s Biggest Bank Raised Provisions and Remains on Alert: Qatar National Bank
  3. Qatar National Bank: The First Bank in Qatar to Launch an Open Banking Platform for Clients and Fintechs
  4. The History, Growth, and Development of Qatar National Bank
  5. QNB: Strategic Growth Creating Sustainable Value
  6. Overview of Changes in the Management and Organizational Structure of Qatar National Bank
  7. Qatar National Bank: Developing a New FinTech Strategy
  8. The Strategy Behind All the Successes of Qatar National Bank
  9. National Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy Strategy for Qatar National Bank
  10. Overview of Qatar National Bank Generic and Intensive Growth Strategies
  11. Understanding the Strategic Planning Process at Qatar National Bank
  12. Business Strategy in a Global Environment History: QNB
  13. Digital Transformation of Management Operations at Qatar National Bank
  14. Analyzing the Success of the Qatar National Bank Business Strategy
  15. Qatar National Bank: Strategizing for Better Performance
  16. Principles for Accomplishing Improvements of Qatar National Bank’s Management
  17. QNB’s Software Purchases and Digital Transformation Initiatives
  18. Banking Industry Success Story: Qatar National Bank
  19. Overview of Enterprise Software and Cloud Applications Used by Qatar National Bank
  20. Strategy and Organization of Qatar National Bank: Achieving Sustainable Advantage
  21. How Digitalization Is Driving Change at Qatar National Bank
  22. Analysis of Management Information System at Qatar National Bank
  23. Assessing Qatar National Bank’s Peers and Key Competitors
  24. The Strategic Model of Qatar National Bank That Brought It Success
  25. Qatar National Bank: How It Became the Top Bank in the Middle East
  26. Analysis of Qatar National Bank in Terms of Strategy, Corporate Structure, Core Capabilities, and the Role of Government
  27. The Impact of the Economic Blockade on the Performance of Qatar National Bank
  28. Tactics QNB Uses to Gain Customer Trust and Grow Its Ranks
  29. Loan Growth Drives Qatar National Bank Profit Jump
  30. Risk Management and Business Strategy of Qatar National Bank
  31. Qatar National Bank: Gradual Growth in Saudi Arabia After the End of the Rift
  32. Organizational Strength: Developing the Organizational Structure of Qatar National Bank
  33. QNB: Scaling New Heights With Growing International Expansion
  34. Analysis of Competitive Advantage Factors Used by Qatar National Bank
  35. QNB: How to Become the Most Valuable Banking Brand in the Middle East and Africa
  36. 5 Reasons Why Qatar National Bank Will Continue to Grow
  37. Financial Analysis of Banking Industry: Qatar National Bank vs Commercial Bank of Qatar
  38. Competitive Position of QNB Including Short-Term and Long-Term Prospects
  39. External and Internal Factors Affecting Qatar National Bank’s Performance
  40. Overview of the Key Concepts That Brought Qatar National Bank to Success

❓ QNB Research Questions

  1. Is Qatar National Bank Government Owned?
  2. How Many Branches Does Qatar National Bank Have?
  3. What Is the Competitive Advantage of Qatar National Bank?
  4. Is Qatar National Bank Considered the Best Bank in Qatar?
  5. Has Qatar National Bank Acquired Turkish Finansbank?
  6. What Type of Bank Is Qatar National Bank?
  7. Did Qatar National Bank Open in Hong Kong?
  8. Where Is Qatar National Bank Located?
  9. How Does Qatar National Bank Incorporate Fintech Into Its Operations?
  10. Why Is QNB So Successful in Banking Industry?
  11. Did QNB and Qatar Development Bank Sign a Partnership Agreement?
  12. Who Are Qatar National Bank’s Direct Competitors?
  13. Does Qatar National Bank Launch an Environmentally Friendly Finance Project?
  14. How Did Qatar National Bank Manage to Successfully Build Its Image?
  15. What Is the Work Environment and Culture Like at QNB?
  16. How Has an Extremely Competitive Market Influenced Qatar National Bank?
  17. What Are the Vision and Mission of Qatar National Bank?
  18. How Is Qatar National Bank Different From Its Competitors?
  19. What Strategic Challenges Could Qatar National Bank Face in the Future?
  20. How Has Qatar National Bank’s Business Strategy Helped It Grow?

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