74 Patagonia Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Patagonia is an American clothing company that markets and sells outdoor clothing.
Best known for Clothing, Gear
Origins Founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973
Area served Over 10 countries globally
Headquarters Ventura, California, U.S.
Key people Ryan Gellert, CEO
Operating income About $209.1M annually
Number of employees About 1,000 (2017)
Scandals & incidents In 2016, Patagonia discovered that many migrant workers were subject to long hours, low wages, and enormous broker fees. The company wrote a guide outlining its new employment standards for migrant workers.
It is interesting that Retail stores offer customers a service to recycle their old polar fleeces, including brands that are not Patagonia.
Website www.patagonia.com

ūüďĚ Patagonia Research Papers Examples

  1. Global Scale Business Ethics Models
    This report emphasizes the importance of studying business ethics and the business people’s awareness of the most efficient applications of ethical philosophy.
  2. Patagonia Brand and Its Sustainability
    The Patagonia company works to ensure that the current climate action is supported and emphasized in all aspects of its work.
  3. Sustainability and Ethical Consumerism: Patagonia Brand
    This paper presents an application of US clothing brand Patagonia's sustainability by supporting the need for ethical consumption that ensures sustainability is achieved.
  4. Patagonia and Columbia Sportswear's Circular Economy
    Modern times demand for-profit organizations to find ways of sustainable manufacturing to minimize pollution, like Patagonia and Columbia Sportswear do.

ūüŹÜ Best Patagonia Essay Titles

  1. Marketing and Distribution Channel Patagonia
  2. Patagonia: Customer Service and Bellagio Implement
  3. How Patagonia Has Created a Socially Equitable Model of Supply-Chain Management
  4. Analysis of HR Policies of the Patagonia Company
  5. Patagonia Versus Enron: Exercising Power and Leadership
  6. Patagonia: Strengths & Weaknesses SWOT
  7. The Culture and Healthy Working Environment at Patagonia
  8. The Efficacy and Sustainability of Patagonia’s Strategy
  9. The Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices of Patagonia
  10. Sustainability‚ÄźDriven Innovation and Circularity at Patagonia
  11. Marketing and Advertising a “Deep Green” Company of Patagonia
  12. Patagonia’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives and Their Contribution to Company Brand
  13. Patagonia Under a Sustainability Perspective
  14. Defending Patagonia: Mergers and Acquisitions With Benefit Corporations
  15. Patagonian’s Company Culture: Their Own Way to Employee Retention
  16. Professional Development and Promotions at Patagonia
  17. Green Marketing and Patagonia
  18. Caring Entrepreneurship and Ecological Conscience of Patagonia
  19. Creative Advertising as a Profitable Tool in De-marketing-Patagonia
  20. Patagonia’s Rejection of Fast Fashion Products in Favor of Long-Lasting Products
  21. Green Communication: Case Study of the Outdoor Clothing Company Patagonia
  22. Patagonia, Inc. Destination Wedding Travel Integrated Marketing Communications Plan
  23. Standardization for Retail Facility Layout for Patagonia
  24. Environmental Intrapreneurship à la Patagonia
  25. Going Organic: Converting Patagonia’s Cotton Product Line
  26. Patagonia: Circular Economy in the Textile Industry
  27. The Concept of ‚ÄúWorn Wear‚ÄĚ From the Patagonia Brand
  28. Childcare Facilities at Workplaces in Patagonia Offices
  29. A Deduction From Patagonia’s Annual Profit to Environmental Groups
  30. Recycling Patagonia Clothing at Retail Stores in Exchange for Store Credit
  31. The Indefinite Closure of Patagonia Stores Due to the Coronavirus
  32. Reasons for Dropping Corporate Logos From Patagonia Products
  33. Patagonia’s Fight Against Climate Change Misinformation
  34. Increasing the Share of Environmentally Friendly Materials in Patagonia’s Collections
  35. Patagonia Product Repair and Reuse Program
  36. Patagonia’s Leadership in Promoting Safer Working Conditions and Fair Labor Practices
  37. Contracting Factories Where Patagonia Products Are Manufactured
  38. A Stylistic Version of Monte Fitz Roy as the Patagonia Logo
  39. Patagonia’s Support for Consumers Who Value Natural Lands and Waters
  40. Patagonia’s Reassessment of Consumption Patterns to Adapt to Reduce Waste and Pollution

‚Ěď Patagonia Research Questions

  1. How Successful Has Patagonia Been as a Company?
  2. Is Patagonia a Sustainable Brand?
  3. What Mountains Are in the Patagonia Logo?
  4. How Are Career Development Opportunities at Patagonia?
  5. Who Is Patagonia’s Target Market?
  6. How Patagonia Uses Organizational Design to Catalyze Systems Transformation?
  7. How Has Patagonia Been Seen as a Leader in Sustainable Practices?
  8. What Is Patagonia Doing to Combat Climate Change?
  9. What Is the Business Model of Patagonia?
  10. Does Patagonia Support PETA?
  11. How Patagonia Built a Most Sustainable Fashion Brand?
  12. How Does Patagonia Make Profit?
  13. Who Is Patagonia’s Supplier?
  14. How Does Patagonia Distribute Their Products?
  15. How Patagonia Became The Benchmark In Sustainable Clothing?
  16. How Much Does Patagonia Make a Year?
  17. Who Are the Customers of Patagonia?
  18. How Patagonia’s Shakeup Challenges Marketers to Act On Sustainability?
  19. How Patagonia’s Private Plan for the Public Good Inadvertently Reveals the Limits of Impact Investing?
  20. What Is Patagonia Product Lifecycle Initiative?
  21. How Patagonia Is Helping Build a Domestic Hemp Fiber Supply Chain?
  22. How Is Patagonia Using Recycled Materials?
  23. What Benefits Do Patagonia Employees get?
  24. Where Does Patagonia Manufacture Its Products?
  25. Why Patagonia’s Purpose-Driven Business Model Is Unlikely to Spread?
  26. What Is Patagonia’s Main Product?
  27. What Retailers Can Learn About Social Responsibility From Toms and Patagonia?
  28. What Is Patagonia’s Leadership Style?
  29. How Is Patagonia’s Circular Economy?
  30. What Is Unique About Patagonia’s Strategy?

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