62 Zipcar Research Topics & Essay Examples

Company overview Zipcar is an American car-sharing company and a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group.
Best known for Car-sharing
Origins Founded in 2000 by Antje Danielson and Robin Chase
Area served Urban areas and college campuses throughout the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Iceland, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts
Key people Tracey Zhen (President)
Parent Avis Budget Group
Number of employees Over 500
Scandals & incidents Zipcar was sued in 2009 and again in 2011 by customers alleging that they charged excessive or hidden fees.
It is interesting that Zipcar launched its Zipcar for Business program in early 2004 to provide companies with discounts on Monday-Friday driving. After that, Zipcar signed 10,000 small, medium, and large-sized businesses.
Website www.zipcar.com

📝 Zipcar Research Papers Examples

  1. How Gig Car Share Has Been Able To Enter the Market
    The current competitive analysis is required to show how Gig Car Share has been able to enter the market and compete with some of the established names in the industry.
  2. Zipcar: Transformational Leadership Style
    Zipcar’s case with its CEO and co-founder Robin Chase is an outstanding example of overconfidence and optimism as key weaknesses of a leader.

🏆 Best Zipcar Essay Titles

  1. How Zipcar Has Become More Than a Car Rental Service
  2. Zipcar’s Purchase by Avis: Car Sharing Success or Failure?
  3. How Robin Chase of Zipcar Built the Largest Car Sharing Company in the World
  4. Zipcar: Benefits That the Company Can Offer
  5. The Strategy Behind Robin Chase’s Zipcar – A Car Sharing Start-up
  6. Zipcar: Influencing Customer Behavior
  7. How Zipcar’s Founders Built and Lost a Car-Sharing Empire
  8. Zipcar Timeline: From Business Idea to IPO to $500 Million Buyout
  9. First Zipcar, Now Uber: Legal and Policy Issues Facing the Expanding “Shared Mobility” Sector in U.S. Cities
  10. Zipcar Versus the Competition: A Comprehensive Perspective on Global Car Sharing
  11. On the Market Watch: Zipcar’s Fast Lane to Smart Marketing
  12. Zipcar and the Impact of Car Sharing on Auto Sales
  13. Why Zipcar Gives Customers the Benefit of the Doubt
  14. Zipcar Is Making a Greener City Transport System for London
  15. Beyond Zipcar: Collaborative Consumption
  16. Zipcar, Google, and Why the Carsharing Wars Are Just Beginning
  17. What is Zipcar and How Does It Work: 5 Unique Benefits
  18. Zipcar: Environmental Sustainability Practices
  19. Innovating in a Competitive Market: How Zipcar Carved a Niche
  20. Zipcar: A New Business Model for Automobile Transportation
  21. What Makes Zipcar Unique? 5 Keys to Zipcar’s Success
  22. Zipcar: A Maturing Business Model That Holds Promise
  23. Customer-First: How ZipCar Competes With an Iconic Dream
  24. Zipcar: Analysis of Technology and Operations Management
  25. Product and Distribution Strategies: ZipCar Marketing Strategy
  26. Zipcar and Honda: Expanding Strategic Partnership for Mobility
  27. Institutional Strategy in Urban Mobility: The Case of Zipcar
  28. Synergy Between the Business Strategy of Zipcar and Information Technology
  29. Startup Idea: Zipcar Style Model for Supercars
  30. Analysis of Zipcar’s Generic and Intensive Growth Strategies
  31. Using Experiential Marketing to Drive a Technology Brand: Zipcar
  32. The Single Strategy to Use for Zipcar: Car Sharing Alternative for Daily and Hourly Car Rental
  33. Market Segmentation: How Zipcar Segments a Million Members
  34. Zipcar: Refining the Business Model
  35. From Avis to Zipcar: What’s Driving Change in How We Get Around
  36. How Carsharing Can Help a City: The Impact of Zipcar in Baltimore
  37. Corporate Car-Sharing Market Likely to Enjoy Explosive Growth by Zipcar, Arval, Sixt
  38. The Zipcar Story: Strong Leadership, Savvy Marketing, and Key Hiring Enables Rapid Growth
  39. Zipcar Acquisition by Avis: Why Zipcar’s Founder Didn’t Get Rich in the Deal
  40. 4 Ways to Crush Digital Marketing Like Zipcar

❓ Zipcar Research Questions

  1. How Does Zipcar Company’s Business Model Differ From That of Traditional Car Rental Companies Such as Hertz or Avis?
  2. How Does Zipcar Segment Its Market?
  3. What Is an Example of Zipcar’s Main Marketing Opportunity?
  4. Does Zipcar’s Customer Service Outrage Its Users and Draw Backlash?
  5. Which Type of Targeting Strategy Is Zipcar Pursuing?
  6. Has the Sharing Economy Already Left Zipcar Behind?
  7. What Are the Critical Success Factors for Zipcar?
  8. Is Zipcar Cheaper Than Renting a Car?
  9. What Are Zipcar’s Emerging Competitive Advantages?
  10. How Does Zipcar Drive Explosive Growth?
  11. Who Is Zipcar’s Target Market?
  12. How Does Zipcar UK Use Social Campaigns to Increase Traffic to Its Website?
  13. What Overriding Benefits Does Zipcar Provide for All Users?
  14. How Is Referral Driving Success for Zipcar?
  15. Who Is Main Zipcar’s Competitor?
  16. Is Zipcar the Best Car Share Company?
  17. What Type of Data Does Zipcar Use to Make Decisions on Behalf of Its Customers?
  18. What Are the Challenges Faced by Zipcar on the Way to Success?
  19. What Makes Zipcar Unique?
  20. What Is Zipcar’s Business Model?

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