Organizational Analysis – 3 Levels of Analysis & Free Essays on Business

Would you like to know more about organizational analysis? Well, you’ve found the right page! Here, we’ll tell you about the analysis structure, its levels, and how to conduct it. Keep reading to find out more!

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  5. EasyJet Strategy in Change Management
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🔎 How to Define Organizational Analysis

Organizational analysis allows a company to identify its weaknesses and growth opportunities accurately. Learn more about it below.

What Is an Organizational Analysis?

Organizational analysis is a process that assesses both internal and external factors affecting a company’s operations and evaluates their positive and negative effects. Companies can better understand the feasibility of their goals and plans by conducting this analysis. Using tables, charts, and diagrams to record data might be helpful. The stages of organizational analysis can help improve the work environment and business operations or facilitate the restructuring of a company’s systems and structures.

What Are the Three Basic Levels of Analysis in Organizational Behavior?

Organizational behavior is the study of the workforce and relationships within a company structure aimed at improving productivity. It uses a cause-and-effect analysis to identify underlying issues. This analysis is divided into three levels: individual, group, and organizational. The individual level focuses on individual behavior and attitudes, while the group level analyzes group dynamics and communication. The organizational level examines how the company structure, culture, and leadership impact behavior and performance.

🧠 How to Write an Organizational Analysis

In this section, we will explore how to write an organizational analysis. Feel free to follow these steps when writing your paper.

1️⃣ Pinpoint key factorsThis step highlights the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and covering all aspects without providing static descriptions is essential. Rather than a generalized list, it’s better to make critical selections, which may include management, personnel, accounting, finance, marketing, and other factors that can impact the organization.
2️⃣ Assess their importanceThis step requires evaluating the contribution of each factor to the company’s goals and determining their relevance to the organizational structure, nature, and external indicators. To do this, you need to assess the future impact of each factor’s efforts on achieving the company’s objectives. This process helps to prioritize the factors that will have the most significant impact on the organization’s success.
3️⃣ Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the critical aspectsThe third step involves identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the key aspects of the company. It can be done using two traditional methods: hierarchical and comparative. The hierarchical method involves ranking the factors based on their level of influence, from most to least important. Weaknesses are identified as obstacles to achieving the organization’s objectives. The comparative method involves comparing the company’s performance indicators to those of competitors to evaluate the effectiveness of its methods.
4️⃣ Create a profile of organizational capabilityOnce the strengths and weaknesses have been assessed, a report on the company’s performance capabilities can be created. This profile provides an evaluation of different approaches and their level of impact, whether positive or negative, on the company’s results. It can include various quantitative measurements to help develop an overall understanding of the situation and facilitate planning.
5️⃣ Relate the organizational capability to strategyThe final step is to relate the company’s capabilities to its overall strategy. Although this step is not technically part of the analysis, it’s closely associated with it. The analysis should inform management decisions that align with the company’s strategic goals and focus on the necessary activities. When the organization’s capabilities are aligned with its strategy, it’s better equipped to handle external factors. The company can achieve long-term success by making strategic decisions that leverage its strengths and minimize weaknesses.

📝 Three Levels of Analysis in Organizational Behavior

We’ve previously briefly mentioned organizational behavior. Now, let’s take a closer look at the three levels of analysis in it. Organizational behavior examines the human element within a business, such as relationships between people and group dynamics. Understanding the three levels of organizational behavior is essential to conducting a successful analysis:

Individual Behavior

The individual level of analysis in organizational behavior focuses on studying the behavior of each employee. It involves scanning information about their motivation, personality, values, ethical characteristics, and more.

Paying attention to human psychology is crucial for creating a functional environment. Personality profiles directly impact a person’s compatibility with the position and the organization, and cultural and social features are also considered.

After analyzing each individual, management can create an approach that works best for the team by selecting personnel based on their experience, personality traits, knowledge, and psychology.

Group Behavior

It’s necessary to study how the group interacts and functions as a unit to analyze group behavior. This level includes examining group norms, communication patterns, leadership style, and decision-making processes.

It’s also essential to understand the group’s goals, tasks, and context to identify the factors that affect performance. Effective group behavior depends on good communication and cooperation among its members, a positive atmosphere, clear roles and responsibilities, and shared goals.

When analyzing group behavior, it’s crucial to consider the dynamics that emerge when people work together, including power struggles, conformity pressures, and social influence. By analyzing group behavior, a company can identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance group performance and effectiveness.

Organizational Behavior

At the organizational level of analysis, the entire structure of the company and its interactions with the external environment is considered.

Drawing from theoretical knowledge in political science, anthropology, and sociology, experts can understand how to manage all levels of the organization effectively. It requires decisions on methods, motivational programs, project opportunities, and career prospects that contribute to the growth of the company’s potential.

It’s crucial to ensure organizational stability, prevent employee turnover, and avoid project stagnation and unmotivated employees. Overall, the analysis of the organization as a whole enables management to make informed decisions that drive the company’s success and maintain a healthy organizational culture.

To summarize, organizational analysis provides tools for structuring business operations. It helps study the business from the inside, understand it, and ensure its development in the long-term perspective. Don’t forget to read our essay samples below. We are sure that you’ll find them worthwhile!

🎓 Simple Research Paper Examples with Organizational Analysis

  1. Atwood and Allen Consulting Company: Training Plan
    Business essay sample: Atwood and Allen Consulting Company’s target market was analysed by scanning the internal and external environments to collect the necessary information.
  2. Introduction to Management
    Business essay sample: For the purpose of this paper the organization ‘Starbucks Corporation’ is chosen to analyze the factors of motivation and performance of the employees and the teamwork being employed in the corporation.
  3. Organizational Analysis: Term Definition
    Business essay sample: From a formal point of view, the structure of an organization is a determinant of the present hierarchy within such an organization.
  4. Evaluation of Starbucks’s Organization’s Competitive Structure
    Business essay sample: Organizational analysis of Starbucks corporation (human resource strategy, organizational culture), technology and management of Starbucks, leadership and motivation.
  5. Work Life Balance Programs in Organizations Analysis
    Business essay sample: Work Life Balance (WLB) is an individual’s control over all the interactions and conditions between and in their family, workplace, community, friends and self.
  6. General Civil Aviation Authority's Customer Satisfaction
    Business essay sample: The paper analyzes the GCAA that regulates the aviation-related operations and activities that take place in the UAE and neighboring countries.
  7. Shrm Application Tool Organizational Analysis
    Business essay sample: The use of strategy in human resource management has become a new cornerstone in business. Human resources basically determine every organization’s success.
  8. Analysis of Organizational Management
    Business essay sample: The success of any business initiative lies in the ability of its managers to balance core business focus with the CSR, particularly during this period of economic hardship.
  9. Yahoo’s Development. Organizational Research and Theory
    Business essay sample: This case study shows how Yahoo developed from its inception and the business changes that the company is undergoing due to the fast-changing business environment.
  10. Aichi Corporation Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: Aichi has managed to set itself apart from the competitors, following its unique business model and product design which uses vertically integrated manufacturing.
  11. XYZ Company: Training Needs Analysis
    Business essay sample: The TNA is a systematic investigation of which parts of a company need training. XYZ company suffers some problems in managing employees, which can be solved due to training.
  12. ChevRon Organization Analysis
    Business essay sample: The objective of this report is to analyze the local Chevron branch using the Nadler-Tushman congruence model.
  13. Enhancement of the Employee’s Career Development Through Company’s Training
    Business essay sample: One of the essential linkages implies training's enhancement of the employee's career development, which is dependent on the changing career landscape and properly designed training.
  14. Training & Development. Specifics of Learning Organizations
    Business essay sample: The current business environment is highly competitive, so businesses operating in diverse spheres try to use various opportunities to enhance their performance.
  15. Training and Development: Fastlab Case Study
    Business essay sample: For companies to achieve their objectives, they are required to have a functional system to ensure that the different operational needs are met for client satisfaction.
  16. Amazon Company: Internal & External Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper discusses the Amazon industry, the discussion includes the internal organizational audit, external stakeholder analysis, and strategic plan of the company.
  17. Advance Auto Parts Inc.'s Company Analysis
    Business essay sample: This paper provides an analysis of Advance Auto Parts in the automotive industry, its performance challenges and development strategy.
  18. CD Projekt S.A.: Business Report
    Business essay sample: CD Projekt S.A (CDR as noted in a stock market exchange abbreviation) is a Polish company that operates in the video game development industry.
  19. Equal Employment Opportunity Analysis
    Business essay sample: The compliance with the principles of EEO is essential for maintaining organizational values and accomplishing its mission.
  20. Consultative Change Recommendation
    Business essay sample: Providing consultation to a healthcare organization or to its managers is a process that includes a wide range of activities that help solve some issues.
  21. The Training Program for HR Professionals
    Business essay sample: The main objective of the training is to reorient HR professionals’ criteria for corporate recruitment, considering new modified circumstances, related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  22. Researching of Toyota’s Organizational Politics
    Business essay sample: From the course, the need to have a positive organizational culture that supports innovation and invention in a company has come clearer.
  23. Model for Organizational Effectiveness
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to address the issue of informal organizational culture being contrary to the official agenda of the organization.
  24. Amazon's Organizational Performance & Systems Thinking
    Business essay sample: The study evaluates the role systems thinking plays in organizational performance based on the analysis of Amazon’s organization’s work process.
  25. Organizational Analysis of Nike
    Business essay sample: This paper explores branding strategies, internal processes such as teamwork culture and collaboration, and how they help Nike achieve sustained brand relevance.
  26. Organizational Analysis: Power-Share & Decision-Making
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes how the work setting is organized, whether power is shared, decision-making, and the strengths and weaknesses of the author's organization.
  27. Evaluating a Corporate-Societal Relationship Preparation in the Nike Company
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the aspect of corporate social responsibility in the context of Nike, one of the world's leading sportswear manufacturers.
  28. Analysis of GM’s Organizational and Leadership Cultures
    Business essay sample: The case study is about GM, and their company has a severe cultural dysfunction that threatens to tear it apart if not urgently addressed.
  29. Strategic Analysis and Operational Considerations
    Business essay sample: An adequately prepared strategic analysis of an enterprise allows it to make informed management decisions and reduces the risks affecting its position in the industry.
  30. Effect of Organizational Integrity and Leadership Behavior
    Business essay sample: The paper reviews the article “Effect of organizational integrity and leadership behavior on organizational excellence: Mediator role of work engagement” by Hadi AL-Abrrow et al.
  31. Carnival Corporation's Organizational Analysis
    Business essay sample: Carnival Corporation, the world's most prominent leisure travel firm, offers amazing holidays at an incredible value to customers worldwide.
  32. Analysis of the Organization's Efficiency
    Business essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to analyze organizational efficiency and offer solutions to an issue as well as the study of organizational behavior
  33. Being an Amazon Employee: Organizational Analysis
    Business essay sample: There are numerous organizational analysis theories, and four diagrams among them explain a range of critical social concerns.
  34. The CarMax Car Dealer's Organizational Analysis
    Business essay sample: CarMax has found a number of successful ways of integrating modern approaches into its practices and stayed ahead of its competition because of it.

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